Great book! The author’s teaching experinece shows in every chapter. –Efim Zelmanov, University of California, San Diego Vinberg has written an algebra book. A Course in Algebra. Front Cover. E. B. Vinberg. American Mathematical Society A Course in Algebra · Ėrnest Borisovich Vinberg Limited preview – A Course in Algebra has 9 ratings and 0 reviews. Presents modern algebra. This book includes such topics as affine and projective spaces, tensor algebra.

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A Course in Algebra

Graduate Studies in Mathematics Volume: This is a comprehensive textbook on modern algebra written by an internationally renowned specialist. It covers material traditionally found in advanced undergraduate and basic graduate courses and presents it in a lucid style.

vinbfrg The author includes almost no technically difficult proofs, and reflecting his point of view on mathematics, he tries wherever possible to replace calculations and ciurse deductions with conceptual proofs and to associate geometric images to algebraic objects.

The effort spent on the part of students in absorbing these ideas will pay off when they turn to solving problems outside of this textbook. Another important feature is the presentation of most topics on several levels, allowing students to move smoothly from initial acquaintance with the subject to thorough study and a deeper understanding.


Basic topics are included, such as algebraic structures, linear algebra, polynomials, and groups, as well as more advanced topics, such as affine and projective spaces, tensor algebra, Galois theory, Lie groups, and algebrra algebras and their representations.

A Course in Algebra – Ėrnest Borisovich Vinberg – Google Books

Some applications of linear algebra and group theory to physics are discussed. The book is written with extreme care and contains over exercises and 70 figures. It is ideal as a textbook and also suitable vvinberg independent study for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

This is a masterly textbook on basic algebra. It is, at the same time, demanding and down-to-earth, challenging and user-friendly, abstract and concrete, concise and comprehensible, and above all extremely educating, inspiring and enlightening.

Vinberg has written an algebra book that is excellent, both as a classroom text or for self-study.

Altebra starts with the most basic concepts and builds in orderly fashion to moderately advanced topics … Well motivated examples help the student … to master the material thoroughly, and exercises test one’s growing skill in addition to covering useful auxiliary facts … years of teaching abstract algebra have enabled Vinberg to say the right thing at the right time.


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A Course in Algebra Share this page. The author’s teaching experience shows in every chapter.

A Course in Algebra by Ernst B. Vinberg

Zelmanov, University of California, San Diego Vinberg has written an algebra book that is excellent, both as a classroom text or for self-study. A Course in Algebra. Author s Product display: Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. Graduate Studies in Mathematics.

Publication Month and Year: Online Price 1 Label: Print Price coutse Label: Online Price 2 Label: Print Price 2 Label: Online Price 3 Label: Print Price 3 Label: Dual Price 1 Label: Dual Price 2 Label: Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and research mathematicians interested in algebra.

Algebraic Structures Chapter 1. Algebraic Structures Index Index.