Thu, 18 Oct GMT adns avago adns datasheet pdf -. ADNS datasheet,. ADNS circuit,. ADNS data sheet: AVAGO. The sensor technical information is contained in the ADNS Data Sheet. # Technical Data Sheet. LED. Information on the LED is con- tained in. ADNS Optical Mouse Sensor. Description The is a low cost optical sensor used to implement a non-mechanical tracking engine for computer mice.

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The ADNS is a low cost.

It is based on optical navigation. The sensor is housed in a pin.

Optical Mouse Cam

The output format is two channel. The current X and Y. Default resolution is specified as. Resolution can also be pro.

ADNS 데이터시트(PDF) – Agilent(Hewlett-Packard)

The part is programmed via a two. The ADNS is based on. It contains an Image Acquisition.


Processor DSPa two-channel. The IAS acquires microscopic.

It is based on optical navigation technology, which measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images frames and mathematically deter- mining the direction and magnitude of movement. There are no moving parts, and precision optical alignment is not required, facilitating high volume assembly. The output format is 20511 channel quadrature X and Y direction which emulates encoder photo- transistors.

The current X and Y information are also available in registers accessed via a serial port. Default resolution is specified as counts per inch cpiwith rates of motion up to 14 inches per second ips.

205 Resolution can also be pro- grammed to cpi. The part is programmed via a two wire serial port, through registers. These images are processed by the DSP to determine the direction and distance of motion.