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House I corresponds to the vitality, the disposition, the mentality, the will and the ways of the native; of the physical experiences acquired by the perceptions; it dominates the head and face and corresponds to the sign of Aries.

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House II corresponds to the financial perspectives, the monetary affairs and all inanimate objects of value racinoal, silver, domestic goods, etc. House III corresponds to blood relations, especially brothers and sisters; of the minor trips, studies and education and of the intellect; dominates the shoulders and arms and corresponds to the sign of Gemini.

House IV corresponds to the parents, the environment of the native and their conditions in the last period of life; also allows for interpretations relative to the transmitted trends hereditary mass ; It dominates chest and stomach afolfo corresponds to the sign astrologai Cancer. House V is corresponds to children, the generative force, sensations and emotions coming from the senses, and from earthly enterprises; dominates the heart and back and corresponds to the sign of Leo.

House VII corresponds to marriage, partnerships, public affairs, open fights and enemies; It dominates the hips and kidneys and corresponds to the sign of Libra.

House VIII corresponds to all transitions of conscience, first and foremost, of death and related matters, such as testimony, legacies, etc. House IX corresponds to religion, philosophy, metaphysics, in sum of spirituality and, in addition, of relations with foreign countries; dominates the thighs and corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. House X corresponds to the profession, honors and dignities, prestige and renown, earthly activity and moral responsibility; It dominates the knees and corresponds to the sign of Capricorn.

House Racioonal corresponds to friends, acquaintances, desires and hopes; of the profits from the profession; it corresponds to the sign of Aquarius. House XII corresponds to secret enemies, adofo, privations, hidden tendencies, the psychic inheritance of the past life; dominates the feet and corresponds to the sign of Pisces.

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His interpretations are brief and to the point. A lot of factors go into interpreting the planets in the houses, for example, the cosmic condition of the planet and its ruler, other planets aspecting said planet and how the planets connect the houses with each other.

The power to exercise responsibility; in general: Monetary success due to companies; help from superiors. Influence of relatives on the life of the native; earnings for intellectual matters and travel. The last part of life is the most important. Ambition to improve the vital conditions. Earnings by people who are at the service of the native. Life is very influenced by others. Recognition and prominence in some period of existence.

Benefits for collaborators; gains by wills and legacies. Success in philosophy and religion. Elevation of tango and social position. Faculty of directing, planning and controlling. Influence of acquaintances in life. Benefits from friends and protectors. The ability to rise by overcoming all obstacles, in spite of this, a greater tendency to remain unknown than to gain fame.

Aspiration to director roles. Gain by public affairs. Influence of the relatives in the life.

Many experiences in the home life. Many changes in the last period of life. Attractions to pleasures and diversions. Many experiences in the sentimental life. Frequent changes in the employments of the native who, in turn, would be more apt to serve than to lead.

Astrología racional

Popularity in good or bad sense. Many changes and setbacks in life. Very influential existence through union and in partnerships. The life of the native is very influenced by death. The death itself is more or less public on the street, travel, etc, etc. Whimsical intellect and always looking for something new in higher domains. Many changes in the conditions. It happens many times rqcional there is a feminine influence over the career. Accentuated friendships, familiarities and feminine influences of short duration and very changing character.

Lack of recognition Danger of involuntary isolation or withdrawal. Ascended by faculties and intellectual performances; active life, full of vicissitude. Many trips and changes. Earnings by intellectual activity. Life is noticeably affected by family matters in the sense of many rcional. Especially in the final period of life. That It will be very active. Many experiences for children and entertainment.


Numerous astrologiq difficulties in matters of speculation. Many obstacles and difficulties in the works themselves; in addition, lack of recognition.

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Numerous, though unimportant, oppositions; small struggles and difficulties in public life; multiple changes in unions with the other sex. Minor difficulties in financial matters astrolovia to marriage and social participation. Earnings from travel and foreign affairs.

A lot astrloogia activity in the domain of spirituality. Many changes of social position and occupation. Profit from relations with intellectuals.

Numerous secret enmities; sorrows and disappointments in connection with the intellectual activity, which is denied recognition. Earnings by art or activity linked with entertainment.

Pleasant relationships with relatives. Much joy and happiness in home life. Multiple successes in old age. Earnings and profits related to artistic activities.

Astrología racional (Book, ) []

Experiences in the sentimental life and with children. Bad health due to excesses. Successes in legal matters. Financial gains by marriage and shares; legacies; Pleasant end. Favorable for travel and foreign affairs. Love of beauty and spirituality. Public recognition and popularity. Profit from artistic activities. Great number of good friends. Noble wishes and hopes. Secret love affairs that provoke jealousy and feminine enmity.

Dangers due to recklessness and impulse. Ability to achieve good income, but inclination to waste. Intellectual energy Struggles and losses from literary astrokogia.

Dangers in minor trips. Many disputes with relatives. Disputes in the home. Tendency to violence and great struggles in the last period of life. Impulsive affections and speculative activity. Many experiences in sensual life. Disputes in the service itself.

Bad experiences with servants or co-workers. Predisposed for acute diseases of febrile and inflammatory nature. Unhappy marriage; fights and lawsuits; open enemies.

Obstacles of all kinds in public life. Danger of violent death.

Difficulties in inheritance and dowry. Disposed for the philosophical and religious beliefs. Danger in travel and discrepancies in foreign lands. Successes in military facional profession full of struggles; danger of scandal, hostility and slander. Disputes with friends and acquaintances. Many anxieties, disappointments and enmities.