Selepas 3 Hari Ayah Pin Meninggal Dunia, Sesuatu Yang PELIK Tiba-Tiba Anggaran jumlah pengikut-pengikut ajaran sesat ini ditaksirkan. and yet Ayah Pin was treated as a deviant cult when it could well be . dan kapsul yang disumbat dengan najis ketua ajaran sesat Ayah Pin.

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Ayah Pin, the most Honourable Man. He brings peace and love to us in the world. Teach us about human rights and respects to religions of the world.

I have missed him. We are the supporters and friends to Ayah Pin. We respect his ideology to educate moslems people in Malaysia and the world. To teach Moslems to respect the people’s right and not to take the law into their own hands like Talibans.

We hate Talibans and the people who supporting them View my complete profile. It has brought many races together, living in peace and harmony in one village in the middle of the Islamic state of Malaysia. Living there for several weeks has given me the insights of the true teachings, which has humanitarian values and equality in religious practice of each individual.

The profile is written auah seek support from all races to help preserve the holy land of Kampung Batu 13, JertehTerengganuMalaysia.

ajaran sesat by shamsul kamal on Prezi

Ayah Pin who is the self-styled spiritual leader known to thousands of followers in Malaysia and internationally, has received revelations seesat he was aya little boy. At age of 7 and 10, the holy angel, Gabriel, had visited him several times. However, he only took the task seriously when he was married at age 14 years old. Ayah Pin has been brought up in the native village and never learns in school. He earns his living by collecting woods from the mountains nearby atah house.

At his very young age, his has gone for meditation at the nearby mountains for several days and weeks and came back to his house with several woods collection.

Ayah Pin received continuous revelation at age of 16 years old and it has sseat him an impact to his life. Ayah Pin started his soul practices with chanting and praying. He follows several friends including Tok Ayah Hassan one of the deviants leader to meditate in many caves and mountains. During his exploration to discover the beauty of Islamic rituals, he has received continuous visions and revelations. Since then, it’s a long story and the details don’t matter, but I’ve been dead 17 times and each time have come back to save the lives of all people, of any religion,” says Ayah Pin — reported by the StarOnline.

He earns minimum of 20 visions a day. Most of his pi have exposed him to the mystical places and legendaries people of the world. Sometimes he ate less than a bowl of rice in a month and fasting in most of the days. His outlook is fit, simple and yet mysterious. His language is very difficult to understand as that proofed he has never learnt in school.

Not many people could easily receive his teachings as sedat speaks only one language of his seat traditional dialect. While he is very unusual and unpredictable man, he could still attract many visitors of different races and cultures to seek for his advise and to listen to his talks. Ayah Pin is considered a very talented self-styled spiritual leader who has idealistic concept of unity and equality in all religions.


He has been brave to stand out in the middle of the Islamic crowd and hold his new ideology of many paths one god, many names one God and one sky kingdom for all religions. The village has about 30 houses built by the followers who are living on the 6-acre qjaran. The land status was an agriculture land, which was previously covered with bushes and rubber trees plantation 10 years ago. Some of the land area was cleared in where the villagers decided to build some houses for living.

The first structure built was a small well used to supply clean water for the villagers. The village itself is supposed to be a replica of what people calls the Sky Kingdom the heavenly abode.

It is aimed at promoting universal unity. The teapot signifies the purity of water and its medicinal values. It is associated with all major religions, Nearby is the Umbrella, a tall orange structure adorned with a bright yellow canopy. The giant structures are linked by walkways of polished tiles, interspersed with Roman pillars, balustrades, wood and plaster carving lining the twists and turns of the path leading from one to another.

The umbrella is a place for people to take shelter beneath God and it can also be associated with the nine planets in Hinduism. Refer to diagrams of holy structures meanings. Among all, in average of followers will be coming every weekend for group gathering at the village.

Teach the people to view things in broader scope. No more fanatic human behaviors such as envy of other religion, fight to convert people or proud of own religion. From my observation, the followers are mostly among the professionals, arts background and people with some religious foundation. Many of them can be considered as people with open paradigm who can accept new ideology and perception towards spiritual beliefs.

The group has no fanatic value towards religion and willing to tolerate to discover more about what they have embraced in.

They are open to find more similarities in major world religions than differences. They have learnt to discover about different way of praising God and different ritual practices in search of God. The best scenario to describe the openness of the group is when four of the group members had declared apostasy.

It has given Malaysian a deep thought of Freedom in Religion the government has never dealt before. Two of them were the religious teachers who have tertiary education in Islamic teachings from University of Al-Azhar, Messier. This was very chaotic to know how the religious teacher could renounce Islam while still be living in the middle of Islamic state and had been jailed for their declaration. The four made headlines in the late s when they renounced Islam through a statutory declaration. They finished serving between two and three years imprisonment in late for contempt of court.

Lawyers for the four members who lost their appeal in the Federal Court are studying the possibility of filing for a review of the decision.

According to Haris the lawyerthey were disappointed after having waited so long for the decision.

In this qjaran case, the appellants had sought the Federal Court to consider if an adult Muslim is aysh to sexat Islam under Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion to every citizen. The court was also asked to declare void any restrictive law or one that fettered the right of an adult Muslim to renounce Islam. As conclusion in Malaysia, anyone trying to leave Islam faces loss of inheritance, family support and work, and banishment to a legal limbo where the religious label on one’s identity card becomes a life-defining fact.


Some people may consider the statues or holy structures as a work of art but some Talibans found it very offensive. The action by our Malaysia authorities with regard to the Sky Kingdom commune however, is downright arrogant and draconian and a blatant violation ajah basic human rights. The world will remember the Taliban for this action of theirs. History has already recorded their action, and the sin committed against humanity. The people in Terengganu who initiated this destruction of Sky Kingdom have showed to the world how insecure they are.

Ajarsn empty Sky Kingdom commune in Besut will be a reminder to us in Malaysia – and possibly to other countries – of the primitive state of mind amidst us.

It is a crying shame that some can be threatened by a few concrete structures. They may have destroyed the giant replicas of a teapot, umbrella and various other marble-and-concrete structures which were merely that – structures. But to the world, they have created an incident that’s comparable to the one involving the Talilban. If beliefs are that strong, they should zesat be threatened by structures erected by those of other beliefs.

‘Sky Kingdom’ cult leader Ayah Pin dies

Let the injustices in Malaysia be addressed today!! OU, Malaysia Kini Aug 19, 05 God did not create religion. The reason why there are so many religions is because each of us are at a different level of spiritual development and understanding. The various religions are necessary because there are people who need what these religions teach. I am sure Ayah Pin understood this concept very clearly.

Religions are man-made to control man. Man does not need religion if he could turn within himself. Every religion has its own explanation. I believe there is a Creator who gave us intelligence. Use it with logic to seek the truth and not be blinded by faith and emotion.

God made many different kinds of people, why would he allow only one way to serve him? Ayah Pin could certainly agree with that. Here are some quotations to ponder: But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.

This was done in complete disregard of the legal process. It is an act of contempt and must be punished by law and in civil damages. These artifacts cannot be replaced.

It may be presumed that the authorities qyah know full well that any court action in the future would only be realised in the form of damages to property and not rebuilding. It is a callous act, essat by ajarsn authorities. I am also surprised that Suhakam has refused to visit the site. Perhaps the commissioners know something we don’t?

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The menteri besar of Terengganu should be vicariously liable for these acts of lawlessness. The police are misbehaving as usual despite all the hullabaloo following the report of the police royal commission. Keganasan Islam dan bencana alam tidak dapat mengubah mata auaran manusia untuk merenung dan berfikir tentang Agama dan Petunjuk dan perbezaan antara keduanya.

You are one of the messengers, advocating the right path. A revelation from the Almighty, most merciful.