Aliran dalam Ilmu Kalam(Qadariyah dan Jabariyah). – Diakses tanggal 14 Maret Harkaman. Teologi Jabariyah dan Qadariyah. PEMIKIRAN ALIRAN AL-NAJJARIYAH SEBAGAI SEKTE JABARIYAH MODERAT . Lailatul Maskhuroh STIT al Urwatul Wutsqo. Keywords. The word comes from Jabariyah Jabara said in Arabic that means force and On the origins and roots of the emergence of Jabariyah flow is not separated . ALIRAN JABARIYAH A. PENGERTIAN JABARIYAH Sebelum kita.

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Understanding of the etymology of the word above it is understood that the said Jabara is a compulsion in doing every thing. Explained that the belief in destiny is not contrary to the belief that humans have the desire and choice in his actions and his ability to carry it out.

‘kopral Jontit –

Jabariah is a growing opinion in the Islamic community to break away from all responsibility. Although the Qadariyah and Jahmiyah has disappeared, but his teachings are still preserved.

What is destined to them will happen. So they alifan it and are willing to it. Muawiyah then find a way to strengthen his position.

Further in the hands of these notions Mu’tazilah refreshed. In other words, man is likened to an inanimate object that only moves and is moved by God the Creator, according to what they want him. Jabariah opinion applied in the kingdom Ummayyah AD. Namely in the security situation has been restored to the achievement of an agreement between Muawiyah with Mabariyah bin Ali bin Abu Talib, who could no longer deal with the power of Muawiyah.

Such a mabariyah, the Arabs did not see a way to change things around them according to their own keingianan. Reaffirmed in a variety of reference put forward by the ash-Syahratsan that understand Al-Jabar mean eliminating human actions in the real sense and leaning it to God, in other words, people do act in a tight squeeze.

In this regard, Ibn Taymiyyah said that as a follower Mu’tazilah is Jahmiyah but not all Jahmiyah is Mu’tazilah, because Mu’tazilites disagree with the Jahmiyah the problem Jabr servant to do out of necessity. Because the second heir Mu’tazilites understanding and adopting the principal teachings of both of them.


Life of the Arabs contained by sahara desert a major influence in the way of life. We can conclude that the flow is a flow Jabariyah group of people who understand that every action they do is an element of compulsion was due to God’s will is determined by making up ‘and Qadr God. For God did not give the nature of which properties may also be given to humans, because it means that Allah resembles jabariyh properties of it.

Understand Jabariyah attributed to bin Safwan Jahm therefore the Jabariyah referred to as the Jahmiyah, But others say that the person who first pioneered the understanding jabariyah is Ja’ad bin Al-Dirham, he also referred to as the man who first nabariyah that Al-Quran creatures and negating the attributes of God.

That humans do not have any freedom and initiative, all good deeds are evil, bad or good only God alone who decide.


They argue that humans have to do all their deeds and will have no power to influence the action, even a man like uabariyah feather in the wind. So they take it for granted tyranny dzalim people and the damage done by the destroyer, because what they have been destined and willed by God. This is indicated by the arguments of both Shari’a and reasonable. Before we understand and know more about the history of the emergence of this Jabariyah flow, should I lay out the sense of the word itself Jabariyah, both etymologically and sacara terminology.

So there is no difference between men with one another in this area, because it is only a mere knowledge while knowledge levels did not differ. Here he plays a devious politics. He was beheaded by the governor of Kufa killed that khalid bin Abdullah El-Qasri. Believing that all human nabariyah who are destined to be hits, do not need someone to do business because it did not change destiny.



Let the man uses his reason for such purposes when there is not an awareness of divinity. Faith is the knowledge of mere belief. Jabariyah group are those who exceed the akiran in determining their destiny to rule out altogether the power of man and deny that man jabariyha do something and do something for business.

Then the man was quiet and escape from the effort to choose what he wants himself. Then the man is likened to another creature quiet and free from actions that could be accounted for.

Besides, it also denies the existence of the Jahmiyah ru’ya see eye to eye God in the afterlife. The flow was spearheaded by the Jahm bin Safwan, the flow is also called Jahmiyah. Belief that this kind of impact damage on the rejection of the human ability to make repairs. Jahm bin Safwan, who initially said the man stuck, do not have any freedom, all human actions are determined only to Allah, there is no human intervention.

Diposting oleh Kasanah Dwi Cahya Kurniasari di Qadariyah called because they inherit the content of their understanding of the rejection of the existence of destiny, and attribute all human actions to yourself without the intervention of God.

Their dependence on nature have given rise to fierce desert surrender attitude toward nature. Thus they do not do anything because berhujjah to fate. The scholars Ahlu Sunnah wal pilgrims have been denied the opinion of those who lost it with the cancellation and denial of their opinions. In reference to English, Jabariyah called Fatalism or Predestination.

That heaven and hell is not eternal, and will be destroyed and perish with the residents, because of the eternal and immortal is God alone.