The following are excerpts from Raymond Fowler’s book, The Andreasson Affair – The Documented Investigation of a Woman’s Abduction Aboard a UFO. Episode The Andreasson Affair · August 2, · Henry Zebrowski · ALIENS . Info. Episodes. Share. This content requires a premium. The Andreasson Affair: The True Story of a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind ( Book, ) by Raymond E. Fowler. $ Paperback. Red Wheel/Weiser.

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Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Furthermore, I suspect we’ll be hearing much more about Betty in the near future.

Betty Luca ‘s description under hypnosis of her experience of the One in the preceding page is instantly recognizable as the same type of experience reported by many experiencers, and even in many cases the same IDENTICAL afcair. Later, on the craft, they were gloved.

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This is similar to what happened in her experience at age 13, before she entered the Great Door and saw the One. Layers and layers of glass.

He allowed the hobo to take some of them, and they turned into a single tiny ball of anvreasson, which the man kept. It is really fascinating. The similarities between UFO abduction and NDEs have been explored by a number of writers and researchers, the most famous and credentialed of which is undoubtedly Dr.

Return to Abductions and Aductees. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Yet it has become probably the best andreason case of its kind to date, the subject of an intensive month investigation conducted for the Center for UFO Studies CUFOS that involved, among other things, the recording of large quantities of testimony given under hypnosis, extensive lie detector testing of witnesses, detailed analysis of corroborative circumstantial evidence, exhaustive comparison with other such accounts, and much more.


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Dedication – The Andreasson Affair [Book]

I go through phases when I like nothing more than to read investigative accounts of UFO abductions. And then after an anniversary party, my now ex-husband had too much to drink, was incarcerated over night and disappeared the next day for many months. Every once in awhile, Betty’s attention was drawn into the ball: I know of no one who is more dedicated, trustworthy or persevering,” Hynek said about Fowler’s investigative work.

What really matters is that Betty and other members of her family believe it happened. That others had experienced things that I had happen. Oh, there is such peace Perhaps the ancient otherworld journey motif is ‘camouflaged’ in the modern lore of space travel which, like the fantastic voyage legends of the past, exemplifies what might be called the lure of the edge.

Dale Stonehouse rated it it was amazing Jan ahdreasson, You’re going to see the One now, right? After all the experiences, exposure, and integration of this other dimension of reality, I feel more aware of life, its complexities, and how like a river it flows calmly onward to awaken the human race toward spiritual harmony.

Would you say that the One was God?

Raymond E. Fowler

This is affajr stuff to think about folks. Definitive I think that this research was very well done highly professional and easy to understand.

According to polls, we live in an age where now most people believe that UFOs are real and that affaor like us live on other planets. His full report can be found in The Omega Project ; he found strong similarities between the two types of experience, and hypothesized that they may actually be two variants of a more basic underlying phenomenon.


Three of them stepped into a circle drawn on the floor, subdivided by straight lines into six equal parts. Alexa Andreaasson Analytics for the Web. If you like weird stuff like this then you might enjoy this. I can’t tell you those things.

The Andreasson Affair

Initially, back inyou and members of your family suffered a very disturbing series of memories revolving around a certain experience that happened at your home in South Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

Within a page or two a UFO had landed in the woman’s backyard, immobilized her entire family freezing them in time as per many a classic Twilight Zoneand escorted her to their craft where they commenced instructing her in their ways, which if you’re interested are detailed at great length in the 2 or 3 sequels.

How was it expressed to you? Ring also quotes other commentators, who make the following remarks: For 10 years Betty Andreasson could tell no one about her bizarre, terrifying encounter with aliens.

These ecological and millennial themes have been part of the canon of the UFO world anndreasson its literature for a long time, and many persons have already commented on their quasi-religious character.