Naomi Iizuka’s brutal and beautiful play Anon(ymous), a powerful retelling of Homer’s epic Odyssey, explores ancient themes of identity, coming-of-age, and the. Anon(ymous) (A Play) [Naomi Iizuka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. GENRE: Drama LENGTH: Full-length, 90 minutes CAST: 6 females. Anon(ymous) has been brilliantly directed by John Blondell in a free and dynamic post-modern idiom. It is set in the present, and its central.

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Noman is my name, Noman do they call me—my mother and my father, and all my comrades as well. Tired and hungry and far from home, cast adrift by angry powers, the hero escapes monsters, navigates hostile lands and struggles to reunite with beloved family.

The Cyclops becomes a butcher; the nymph Calypso becomes the debutante Calista; Nemasani, echoing Penelope, sews clothes and fends off unwanted suitors. Structured as a series of 25 vignettes.


PAD presents Naomi Iizuka’s ‘Anonymous’ | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis

Along the way, Anon — like Odysseus himself — discovers that identity can be a slippery thing. But when you push a little, and put it before an adult audience, things quickly get weird.

Juliette Hourani is Calista. Cassie Roberts is Mr. Zyclo, the one-eyed sausage-maker; Elan Reisner and Hourani are his son and bird.

Anon by Naomi Iizuka

Zachary Schultz is Mr. Jeanneret is also the bartender Serza. Rogan and Emma Quirk-Durben are a pair of sewing ladies. Rounding out the cast and snon a variety of additional roles are Kapeller, Jeanneret, Hourani and Talk.

Scenic and costume design are by Robert Mark Morgan, senior lecturer in drama, and Bonnie Kruger, professor of the practice in drama.

PAD presents Naomi Iizuka’s ‘Anonymous’

Lighting and sound are by David Levitt and Jon Zielke. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct.

Saturday and Sunday, Oct. Stage manager is Abby Mros. Props are by Anna Joo. For more information, call