Aparatura chemiczna i procesowa: materiały pomocnicze. Mieszalniki i separatory, Part 2. Front Cover. Piotr Wesołowski (chemia). Wydaw. Politechniki. Czasopismo Inżynieria i Aparatura Chemiczna publikuje artykuły, których tematyka bezpieczeństwo procesowe oraz obliczenia i projektowanie aparatów w. Click here to get your free novapdf lite registration key 2 egzergia. The aim of this paper is to present investigations of the influence of geometry of the pendulum.

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The student will be able to: Replace describe aparaturs understand the processes: Replace describe and understand the structure and principle of operation of selected equipment in the food industry. Assessment in the form of three questions related to the theme of lectures.

The aim and scope of the topic, basic definitions, requirements concerning investments, operation and design. Loading and unloading of raw material. Storage of gases, liquids and solids.


Gasholders with water tanks for gases and dry gasholders. Loose material storage bins. Centrifugal and propeller fans. Strand conveyors band, link-belt, drag and bucket conveyors and strand-less conveyors screw, gravity, pulse and oscillating conveyorsdiagrams, efficiency, energy demand.

Katedra Inżynierii i Aparatury Procesowej

Conveyors with an intermediate agent pneumatic, hydraulic. Preparation of raw materials for processing. Washing of raw materials and packages. Classifiers, separators and trieurs. Separation of heterogeneous mixtures.

Technologia Chemiczna WEiP

Separator of suspensions and emulsions: Dorr decanter, filters filter frame and chamber press, filter with granular filter medium, Kelly and Sweetland filter, drum-type and plate filters. Batch, semi-continuous and continuous centrifuges, centrifuge drum wall thickness, power demand. Equipment for mixing dhemiczna a gas phase.

Equipment for mixing in a liquid phase: Mixers for solid bodies. Principle of operation of shell- shell-and-tube, heat exchangers with heated walls, plate exchangers,double-pipe heat exchanger.

Batch and continuous equipment for rectification, types of plates in rectifying columns, types of packings and packed columns. Aparatura Chemiczna i Procesowa, Oficyna Wyd.