Get this from a library! Directory for the pastoral ministry of bishops: Apostolorum successores. [Catholic Church. Congregatio pro Episcopis.]. Here is a translation of the Vatican press office’s presentation on the new “ Pastoral Directory for Bishops, ‘Apostolorum Successores,’”. AS Apostolorum successores, Congregation for Bishops, Directory for the Pastoral ministry of Bishops (February 22, ). Vatican City: Libreria Editrice.

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It is good, moreover, to call upon them for meetings or study commissions created to examine matters in which they have particular competence.

Every Bishop should fulfil this responsibility with the greatest solicitude. Guidelines are given for the diocesan pastoral plan and for spiritual assistance, giving particular care and attention to some sectors and categories: Inspired by a profound love for the Church, he should be vigilant that the activities of the Conference are always conducted according to the canonical norms.

“Apostolorum Successores”: New directory for Bishops

He should furnish his home in such a way that it never appears unapproachable, so that no one, even the humblest, is ever afraid to visit it Fully convinced that nothing he can do serves any purpose unless he be with Christthe Bishop must be in love with the Lord.

He should gladly communicate to others a sense of responsibility, both individual and collective, and he should encourage this in those who hold office in the Church, showing them his full confidence; in this way they will accept and fulfil with zeal the tasks that fall to them by virtue of canon law or their vocation.

The Bishop should set a fine example of fraternal charity and of a truly collegial spirit, offering loving care and support, both spiritual and material, to the coadjutor, the auxiliary and apoxtolorum Bishop Emeritus, to the diocesan presbyterate, the deacons and the sccessores, and particularly to the poor and the needy.

Set on fire with this charity, the Bishop is moved to devout contemplation apostolorm imitation of Jesus Christ and his plan of salvation.

In exercising his ministry, the Bishop relates to his priests not merely as a ruler towards his subjects, but rather as a father and a friend The Directory covers to the whole ministry of the Bishop, both in the universal as well as the local Church.

His knowledge of current theology also enables him to monitor the conformity of new apostoloruum ideas with the content of Tradition, countering objections to sound doctrine and correcting any distortions.

Directory for the Pastoral Ministry of Bishops “Apostolorum Successores”

The American Life League applauded the U. The responsibilities on apostplorum bishop’s shoulders are great, as are those of society.

Christ has endowed all the members of this people with hierarchical and charismatic gifts, established them in a communion of life, charity and truth, and invested them with priestly dignity cf. Diocesan priests, in fact, are the principal and irreplaceable co-workers of the order of Bishops, invested with the unique and identical ministerial xpostolorum which the Bishop possesses in its fullness.

It should be arranged in such a way that each one has time for an authentic and personal encounter with God and for reflection on his personal life and ministry.

Project MUSE – The Teaching Ministry of the Diocesan Bishop and Its Collaborative Exercise

In particularly grave circumstances, including those of a personal nature, wuccessores Holy See may appoint an auxiliary Bishop with special faculties The Bishop should take care to apostolprum intellectually gifted priests to undertake further studies in ecclesiastical universitiesso as to ensure that the diocese has an academically well-prepared presbyterate, sound theological teaching and priests who are suitably qualified to exercise special ministries.


The latter two functions, in fact, by their very nature natura sua can only be exercised in hierarchical communion, since otherwise they would lead to invalid acts.

The Bishop should recognize and accept the great diversity that exists among the faithful, their different vocations and charisms, taking care not apostolodum impose a rigid uniformity, and avoiding unhelpful constraints or authoritarian measures. As a member of the Conference, certain fundamental duties pertain to the Bishop:. In the exercise of sacred power, the Bishop must show himself to be rich in humanity in imitation of Jesus, the perfect man.

Its tasks would include carrying out the initiatives that the Bishop himself has indicated, fostering a spiritual apoatolorum in the diocese, preparing resources for the ecumenical formation of the clergy and the seminarians 61and supporting parishes in their ecumenical activity.

In view of its nature and mission, the apostokorum seminary could well become a significant successorrs point for vocations promotion in the diocese, with suitable formative experiences for young men seeking to discover the direction of their lives and their vocation, and for those who have already decided to set out on the path to ministerial priesthood, but successorea not yet ready to enter the major seminary.

If the circumstances of the diocese so suggest, the Bishop should establish a secretariat aplstolorum a commission charged with proposing measures aimed at promoting Christian unity. The Bishop will realize that he too has a duty to attend to his ongoing formation, a duty he shares with all the faithful whatever their age or condition in life, whatever their level of responsibility in the Church Moreover, the Bishops are free to invite other clerics, religious and laypersons, but should ensure that their number does not exceed half the number of those present by right Obviously, succesosres holiness to which the Bishop is successkres requires the practice apostolormu the virtues, first and foremost the theological virtues, because by their nature they direct man towards God.

When sucvessores judges that he has assembled sufficient proof of the facts which gave rise to the scandal, he should proceed formally to correct apostollrum admonish the accused He should show equal care and attention to every priest, because all of them, while their gifts will be many and varied, are engaged in the service of the Lord as members of a single presbyterate.

All together new is Chapter 9 on the Bishop Emeritus, which lists his rights and duties in regard to the universal Church and the local Church. Moreover, he is urged to promote and support in his particular Church the Pontifical Missionary Societiessecuring the necessary spiritual and financial aid If the diocese is not able to support its own seminary, the Bishop should combine his resources with those of neighbouring dioceses in order to establish an interdiocesan seminary, or he should send his candidates to the seminary closest to his diocese In order to meet these objectives, particular councils have power succeesores governance, especially legislative power, on the basis of which the Bishops establish the same norms for their different Churches, thereby providing for more effective pastoral activity in tune with the needs of the times.

Chapter IV successsores several basic principles that must guide the pastoral governing of the bishops, such as the principles of truth, collaboration, respect for jurisdictions, of the right person in the right place, of justice and legality. The Conference has certain pastoral apostlorum of its own, which it exercises through collegial acts of government, and it is the most suitable vehicle for promoting all kinds of joint pastoral initiatives for the good of the faithful The duties of the Bishop are recalled as the first person responsible for evangelization and catechesis, as well as his sensitivity and attention to the different realms and means for the spreading of the Gospel.


In the same Directory, the Bishop will also find suggestions and useful guidelines for the organization and direction of different methods of ongoing formation.

In conformity with this principle, the Bishop should exercise his authority in such a way that the people can accept it as paternal care and not as an oppressive yoke: As a particular form of apostolic action in the international sphere, the Holy See participates as a full member of the principal international organizations and actively contributes to the various Conferences held under their auspices. Also entirely new is Chapter IX which regards the bishop emeritus, whose rights and duties are outlined with respect to the Universal Church and the Particula r Church.

A special responsibility for the unity of appostolorum Church falls to the metropolitan Archbishop in his relation to the suffragan dioceses and their Bishops The priest should not be deprived of whatever is necessary to maintain a fitting apostolorym worthy quality of life, and the faithful in the diocese should be aware that it is their responsibility to provide for this.

This Report should provide the Roman Pontiff and the Roman Dicasteries with first-hand information — accurate, synthetic and precise — of great value for the exercise of the Petrine ministry. The ecclesiology of communion requires the Bishop to involve all Christians in the one mission of the Church.

The Church has a mission to proclaim and to spread the Kingdom of God to the utmost ends of the earth, so that all may believe in Christ and so come to eternal life The Metropolitan may wear the pallium in all the Churches of his ecclesiastical province, but he may never wear it outside the province, not even with the consent of the diocesan Bishop. Through these priests, older dioceses contribute effectively to the apostoloruk of newer Churches, and receive, in their turn, freshness and vitality of faith from the younger Christian communities The apostolicity of the Church is the guarantee of fidelity to the Gospel received and to the sacrament of successords, which perpetuates the apostolic office.

The visit has great importance also for the Successor of Peter, who welcomes the Pastors of the particular Churches and discusses with them issues concerning their ecclesial mission. The principal sources of this Directory are the documents of the Second Vatican Councilas well as more recent pontifical teaching and the Code of Canon Law.

In fact the Bishop has ultimate responsibility for the admission of candidates to holy orders. Otherwise, he may confirm that the term of office has expired and appoint the person concerned to a new responsibility.