P.S Mishra, C.J:— Heard. Learned Counsel for the Appellant. Disputes were raised under the A.P Shops and Establishment Act, , by some of the. The Andhra Pradesh Regulation and Penalization of Unauthorizedly Constructed Buildings and Building Constructed in Deviation of the. Andhra Pradesh Shops& Establishment Act – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read THE Andhra Pradesh SHOPS AND COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS ACT, AP Shops & Establishment Act.

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No, there are rules and laws to be followed in this as well. The laws which are to be followed have been enlisted in the Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishment Actt. This article provides an overview of the same. There are a few provisions discussed which make the Act stand out. Establishment of a shop in Andhra Pradesh sounds easy, but is adt the case? The scope of it was hence widened in The Act was established to ensure maintenance of certain basic standards with respect to the working conditions of an employee.

The Act limits the powers of employers, thereby making it easy for employees to work in a healthy environment. The Act is also necessary to keep a record of registered shops and establishments so that the government has a fair idea about the number and presence of such businesses.

The significance of this Act, should not be undermined by taking it as just another mandate by the state. In an age, where everyone is looking for maximum profit out of minimum expenditure, exploitation by the employer is an inevitable evil.

The Act comes in handy here, as its provisions s.p.shops the scope for exploitation of the employees. The core idea behind the Act is prevention of the exercise of arbitrariness by employers. Before discussing the provisions of the Act, a question which arises is, how exactly does the Act come as a relief to the employees?


There are a few provisions, which should be appreciated for the focus they place on details. The chapter dealing with shops lays down mandates, prohibiting anyone to sell goods outside, in open, near an established shop, before and after the closing time of the shop.

This provision has an intricacy. Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act exempts newspapers, pans, flowers and vegetables, shops from such a provision. Chapter 5, is an area completely dealing with the employment of Women, Children and Young Persons. Young Persons for the purpose of this Anr, are people above 14 years of age but below 18 years of Age. Whereas, children a.p.shopd people below 14 years of age. Section 20 clearly prohibits a child to be employed in a shop or establishment in A.p.shpps Pradesh.

Further, Young Persons are allowed only from 6 a. Similarly, women too have only specific working hours given in the Act.


Mandating maternity leave without loss of pay is a provision, worth mentioning here. It provides young mothers time to take care of the infants without fearing loss of pay. Health and safety provisions of the Act keeps a check on cleanliness and ventilation of the working area. Employees are also to keep first aid provisions and check for other safety requirements. While provisions for wages, insurance scheme and holidays are expected provisions in this Act, the inculcation of conditions for termination, suspension and terminal benefits is to be commended.

There is always a scope of disputes and misunderstandings regarding wages. Chapter 9 takes care of the same. Such dispute resolving powers is given to an authority appointed by the government. This means, the decision would be a non-biased one, which would ensure fair play.


All you need to know about Andhra Pradesh Shops and Establishments Act

Finally, the provisions end with providing penalties for offences committed and for atc with this Act. The things which have not been given any specific chapters are given in the end in a separate chapter called miscellaneous. Actt Act is not a very huge Act by itself, but it holds great importance in the lives of private employees. Working with Government will provide one with some basic standard, which the private sectors fail to provide. The existence of such an Act ensures such standards are named and maintained.

The matter which the Act deals with looks impressive and has a lot of significance to it. The manner the Act is framed is equally impressive. There is a balance between comfortable work environment and mandates to ensure that the work is done on time which is the best thing about this Act. Log into your account. Login with your social accounts: Enforceability of Non-Disclosure Agreements in India. Did you find this blog post helpful? Subscribe so that you never miss another post!

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Andhra Pradesh Shops And Establishments Act, 1988

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