When I brought my Aquaguard I Nova model Water filter, I had some bad experiences Surprisingly I got a detailed user manual in pdf format. Aquaguardº. WORLD SERIES. USER MANUAL. Aquaguard. Aquaguard. WORLD SERIES. GENELUS. ΛοM. WITH PATENTED. AUTO MINERAL MODULATOR. I purchased Aqua guard Gold Nova’ 20 days back. I have gone through the manual and understand that the auto-fill option is there and it can.

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The Company or its authorised agent will be entitled to retain any defective part replaced underthe Warranty.

Repair Manual of Aqua Guard Inova water purifier

These contaminants increase the bacterial load in water. During monsoon season, corporation water is slightly colored and smells of Chlorine.

I told Yes I want a sales person at home to buy a water purifier. Thanks and Regards, Anand.

I will update this page if I have any issues with the purifier. Manua entry was posted on December 2, at 9: Communiaction Strategy of Aquaguard Documents.

This 3D Secure password is not printed anywhere on the card and is known only to you, giving you the added assurance that only you can use your card to make online purchases with us. Musicswitch may be released after flushing starts. Dismount the unit from thewall, place it conveniently ona flat surface with suitablesupport. International and National endorsements for Aquaguard If you do these two things routinely there is no need of changing the sediment filter once in a year as said by the company.


Customers who viewed this also viewed. How can this be resolved. Along with this it also ensures your water is free from bad odor, leaving behind nothing but the purest drinking water for you. Jul 29, Microwave Ovens. You may have to remove the hinges from the old door and install them on the new one on some models. When water flows thro the second hole, the sediment filter gets water flow in reverse direction and gets cleaned.

Aquaguard Reviva UV – Best UV Water Purifiers for home in India – Eureka Forbes

This is no music. Golc you get pure water. This site uses cookies. In fact, you canservice your Aquaguard i-Nova on your own. Jan 01, Kenmore Microwave Ovens. We use to do this for every week.

Aquaguard I-Nova User Manual

Aquachek – The water testing facility from Eureka Forbes But I have not taken it just because I want to know’Aqua-Guard’ product before I can buy any other purifier. This ensures product safety and reliability during voltagefluctuations.


Since Philips and Video-con are new in this area I am not interested in them though they are cheap and attractive.

UV technology treats water in 3 stages. Have a manual for Microwave Ovens? The water is not only contaminated with bacteria, virus and cysts but also has dangerous levels of pesticides and arsenic, referred to as new age contaminants. As you know friend, some water when it is boiled it really taste bad so I suggest use a water purifier to filter other out dirt, dust, other particles in a water street supply.

The water thus derived is safe and made free from all disease-causing micro organisms. Now Aquaguard i-Nova takes this tradition oftrust aquaguadr many more homes, including yours.