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Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering SUMMARY of CHANGE. AR – Dictionary of United States Army Terms ( Short Title: AD). This change– o Adds new terms and definitions. AR (OBSOLETE): Dictionary of Army Terms [Department of the Army Headquarters] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Posted on Mar 1, Is it “Fall out” or “Dismissed” when only terminating a formation? According 31025 FM chapterfall out doesn’t terminate the formation, it only tells the soldiers they are allowed to move around in the immediate area temporarily until the command “fall in” is given again.

Dismissed, as I am reading it, is the only command the terminates a formation, and doesn’t end the duty day unless otherwise stated. It also mentions ARwhich is a book of terms.


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AR has also been rescinded. You’re entirely correct that “Dismissed” only terminates the formation, and not the duty day.

The caveat is that the leader can put out instructions which indicate that the command “Dismissed” will terminate the duty day as well as 31-25 formation, however. What this really means is that “Dismissed” can accomplish either.

Next up is “Fall Out,” which is typically used to instruct Soldiers on their next course of action and to begin the reshuffling that leads to such. For instance, “On my command, form a horseshoe around me.

Is it “Fall out” or “Dismissed” when only terminating a formation?

There is an Other that should be considered. More often than not, when I release a formation, I am turning over the troops to subordinate leaders with a “Team Sergeants in 310-255 casetake charge of your teams.

Sgt Aaron Kennedy, MS. Fall out is a “stand by” but can later lead to a dismiss. It is often used ag dismiss though, because the platoon will reform in a school circle or other ad hoc formation before actual dismissal. Here is the link: Sign Up with Facebook.


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AR 310-25 Dictionary of United States Army Terms (Short Title: AD)

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