: Assimil Language Courses: Le Persan (Persian for French Speakers) Book plus 4 Audio Compact Discs (French and Farsi Edition). : Assimil Language Courses: Le Persan (Persian for French Speakers) Book only (English and Farsi Edition) (): Assimil: Books. I’ve studied up to lesson 34 of Le Persan sans Peine. It’s my first Assimil experience. I don’t know French, so I’m not sure how good the.

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What a carefully put together book. It has wit, it has scrupulous editing, it has excellent pacing. Assimil is kind of a hole in my language-learning experience. Their stuff could keep me busy for the rest of my life! Assimil, as I have mentioned before on this site, offers products through all kinds of base languages, so you can study Arabic via German, or Swedish via French, or Russian via English, and so on.

If you are serious about language and serious about Assimil, though, you are best off learning French, as that is the base for the largest number of Assimil products.

Assimil, a French company founded inis a language stalwart in the teach-yourself realm. They have a long history. Their books are not full of cutesey bullets and silly games.

My Assimil Persian book does have cute little drawings, though, whose artistry I am appreciating. And there are audio files to go with the book, though the CDs containing them are languishing on the floor at the moment. I will extract them from the ppersan and install them soon.

When you study one language in another, I am realizing, the transliterations can be a bit confusing. Names for Persian diacritics and other features are of course different from language to language.


In the Assimil practice exercises, one great thing is that I am regularly being asked to translate Persian into French. That way I get to practice two languages at once! I was a little concerned that reading about a difficult-ish language in yet another language that was not native to me would feel like a chore. How wrong I was. Quite the opposite, in fact. I am more interested in reading about language in French than I have ever been interested in reading about anything else in French in all the time I have studied it.

I am totally sucked in. They are the big U. By the way, alongside the books I am using, I have been doing tons of Pimsleur walks in Central Park and now have just 1. It has been beautiful study-walking weather. I still go to sleep with Pimsleur, too. I took a nap yesterday, falling asleep to Finnish, which was totally relaxing.

Then last night I fell asleep to Pimsleur Swahili.

I Love Assimil for Persian! | Blog

The first one is the written pronunciation and the second one is the spoken. The pronunciation of a lot of words including the verbs changes when you speak. First, I must say I sincerely applaud your great effort and nonpareil enthusiasm.

Persian is my native tongue but I know a peran of other languages, six actually!

Persan Assimil – Mots nouveaux – Memrise

However, I have learned them solely for academic purposes, I must confess I never enjoyed learning a language. I may thank you for that! As Nazanin almost implied it before, in colloquial Persian usually different aspects of words change, their pronunciation, their grammatical register and even sometimes their meaning, the case here of course is an instance of a slight alteration in pronunciation. A very common sentence from colloquial Persian that you might hear in Tehran everyday.


I myself am considering to learn Persian from Assimil. Came across your blog and it kinda motivated me more. My hobby is learning foreign languages on my own. I ordered Egyptian Hieroglyphics of Assimil in French. I hope to learn the language within this year.

Assimil is really the best source for learning the foreign language. I am living in Seoul, Korea. Unfortunately there are no Assimil books here at all. Even the largest Kyobo Bookstore does not have it.

So I had to order it thru internet.

Persan Assimil – Mots nouveaux

Persian is becoming very popular here in Korea as the sanctions were dropped against Iran and the business between the two countries is booming! We have a lot of persian words in my native Azerbaijani language. So it would take 3 months of everyday study to complete Assimil Farsi, I hope.

I wish you good luck, hodahafiz! I am so glad there are people like you who are enthusiastic about Persian. Comments are moderated for relevance and for abusive or profane language.

Please note that it may take some time for your comment to appear. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Now studying Persian via German, French, and English.

I Love Assimil for Persian!

Such challenges are trivial, however, and can easily be overcome. I woke up with the imprint of an iPhone on my back! Post a Comment Comments are moderated for relevance and for abusive or profane language.