British Standards (BS) and American Standards (ASTM) relating to magnetic flux ASTM E Electromagnetic (eddy current) testing of seamless copper and. ASTM-E Standard Practice for Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Examination of Copper and Copper-Alloy Tubes – electromagnetic (eddy current) testing; NDT . Standard Number, ASTM E – Title, Standard Practice for Electromagnetic ( Eddy Current) Examination of Copper and Copper-Alloy.

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We offer 1, different lineset combinations for quick, cost-efficient field installation of split system air conditioners and heat pumps.

In response to the demand for a quick, efficient and economical field method of installation for field connect split system air conditioners and heat pumps, Cerro offers a proven product. Cerro offers over 1, different lineset combinations based on: Individual linesets are packaged in cardboard inserts and packaged in a master carton.


See Price Sheet for packaging multiples. The illustration above shows a standard lineset with suction line insulated see chart for available insulation thickness.

ASTM Electromagnetic Inspection Standards

The liquid line is normally not insulated, but can be special ordered to be asfm. All of our standard linesets are purged with dry nitrogen and capped to ensure a clean and non-oxidized tube prior to installation.

Our standard end finishing is available in three different options see chart.

For your special needs, we can charge brazed fitting linesets with the refrigerant that will be used in your application see chart for refrigerants that are offered. Quick, efficient and economical field installation Increased system efficiency using factory applied insulation Correct lengths for reducing waste Quality, consistency and economy All CerroSet tubing tested in accordance with ASTM E and provided with no detectable defects.

Individual packaging and bulk packaging available.

PDF Format For technical references and information on applications and proper installation procedures, please see the Copper Tube Handbook.


Available from 10” using 5′ intervals Other lengths are available upon customer request. Split system air conditioning Chilled water systems Warm water system.

Currently there is no ASTM specification for insulated copper tube. Swaged end 90 degree bend Plain end.

Split system air conditioning Ice makers Chilled water systems. Brazed fittings – with or without refrigerant charge Flared ends Standard D243 Specialty Linesets. R A R RA.