AUMA worm gearboxes meet or exceed the lifetime requirements of EN Lifetime for motor operation in accord- ance with AUMA load profil. Duty class. Consult AUMA’s entire AUMA actuators and valve gearboxes catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Search in AUMA catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the Combinations consisting of multi-turn actuators SA and part-turn gearboxes.

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They are suitable for both manually operated and motor driven valves. Due to their wide torque range, their modular design and potential for use in combination witih electric multi-turn actuators, the gearboxes can be used for the most varied applications.

Conventional power plants coal, gas, oil: Solar thermal power plants: Biogas power plants Water sector: Tank farms Industrial and special solutions: Vessel and submarine shipbuilding: It can be used as the basis to determine whether a device is suitable for the chosen application. For detailed product selection refer to the separate data sheets, dimension sheets and price lists. On request, AUMA engineers within field service and within our subsidiaries can help you find the correct device for the application.

A long lifetime with very low maintenance, even under high loads, are the benefits of this sophisticated gearbox range. The latest detailed information on the GS part-turn gearboxes can be found on the Internet under All documents, including dimensional drawings, and final inspection records for supplied gearboxes are available on the Internet in digital form.

AUMA s first generation of GS part-turn gearboxes was introduced in Ever since the gearboxes have been continuously improved; two features, however, remain unchanged: Subject to change without notice.

The product features and technical data provided do not express or imply any warranty. Depending on the application, butterfly valves, ball valves or dampers with diameters ranging from a few centimetres to several metres are to be opened or closed and controlled either manually or electrically. AUMA meets the various requirements with their modular product range. A key element is the GS part-turn gearbox type range that can be adapted to various valve requirements. Furthermore it can be combined with other AUMA products which expands its wide range of various applications.

Manual drive From a certain valve size on, a gearbox is required to operate part-turn valves manually.

The reduction ratio within the gearing reduces the required input torques. Additional primary reduction gearings and handwheels with various diameters allow adapting the gearboxes to your particular requirements.

Part-turn valves with high torque requirements can be automated by using these combinations. The largest combinations provide torques up toNm. SA multi-turn actuators are also available in explosion-proof version.

The GS gearboxes are therefore approved for the installation in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX. Shutting off, positioning, controlling The duty type is an important selection condition for gearboxes used in combination with a multi-turn actuator. Is the valve to be used as shut-off device open-close duty or is the valve to be positioned in mid-travel positioning mode or is the valve a control valve where the valve position is to be changed at short intervals, i.

These are essential factors for sizing the valve, but also for actuator and gearbox as the load may vary considerably depending on the operation mode. Gearboxes which are to be used for modulating duty need a worm wheel made of bronze instead of the standard worm wheel made of spheroidal cast iron.


Versions There are clockwise and counterclockwise closing valves; both versions can be used within a single plant. However a uniform closing direction within the entire plant is required. For this reason GS gearboxes are available as clockwise closing and counterclockwise closing versions. For example, you close a counterclockwise closing valve with a clockwise rotation at the handwheel.

To be able to consider the different mounting positions in your installation, we offer gearboxes with input shafts either on the left side or the right catapogue. In total, there are four versions. Combining an SA multi-turn actuator with a GS worm gearbox results in a part-turn actuator.

Contrary to the version for manual operation, the input of the worm gearbox includes an actuator mounting flange. The multi-turn actuator is mounted with a screw connection to the gearbox which can easily be removed for maintenance purposes.

LL, on the other hand, means an input shaft shaft on the left, the direction of rotation at the input is reversed at the gearbox output. This enables to further reduce the required input torques and to operate relatively large valves manually.

For motor-operated applications, a rather small and more cost-effective multi-turn actuator can be combined with a large worm gearbox using a primary reduction gearing. It has to be verified whether the increased operating time caused by the additional gexrbox is acceptable.

A housing made of spheroidal cast iron can be used if it is likely to be exposed to quma external catalouge, e. In the basic version the worm wheel is made of spheroidal cast iron. As an option the worm wheel is also available made of bronze which is used for control valves. The significant advantage of the AUMA design: Only the comparatively low input torque acts on the fatalogue stops, not the high output torque. Thereby a high level of safety against damage due to overload is assured.

On request, the coupling is supplied with a suitable hole. The coupling with bore is placed on the valve shaft and secured against axial movement. Subsequently the gearbox is fitted on gearrbox valve flange refer also to page They can be used for manually operated and motor-operated gearboxes. The handwheels are available with various diameters.

The pointer cover follows the travel, continuously showing the valve position and can also be used as running indication. For high enclosure protection versions, we recommend replacing the pointer cover with a protection cover.

Auma Benelux bvba – Exhibitor catalogue / PUMPS & VALVES , Antwerp – Easyfairs

As an option, sealed gearbkx covers are available for high catalogje protection versions or for horizontal outdoor installation. AUMA devices have to operate reliably and for a long time under any conditions without requiring major maintenance work.

For this very reason, AUMA has focussed on making AUMA devices resistant to the most unfavourable conditions and have adapted their protective measures to the state-of-the-art technology. AUMA gearboxes work reliably in all climate zones worldwide and under extreme local conditions. IP The worm gearboxes GS Buried service Cataloguw gearboxes are suitable for buried service if they are equipped with a protection cover instead of a pointer cover. Depending on the application, additional corrosion protective measures may be required.

This is suitable for outdoor installation and for slightly aggressive atmospheres with a low level of pollution.

Case study. Automation of Auma document flow

KS AUMA recommends this corrosion protection class for installation in occasionally or permanently aggressive atmospheres with a moderate pollutant concentration. Explosion protection For the installation of valve gearboxes in potentially explosive atmospheres, special protective measures are required. AUMA gearboxes are approved for installation in potentially explosive zones. They comply with the regulations stipulated in European standard EN gearboz seqq.


AUMA certifies this in a declaration of incorporation. Colour The standard colour of the finish coating is silver-grey similar to RAL Other colours are available on request.

In ccatalogue basic version, gearboxes GS and above are only supplied with primer coating. A finish coating is available on request. For an irrigation project in Malaysia large multi-turn GS gearboxes without end stops are used. The illustrated plant shows how the position of the weir penstock is controlled. A very special solution.

Two series-connected GS gearboxes are operated via one common multi-turn actuator to change the setting of a dual butterfly valve synchronously. Further marginal conditions must be observed, e. It is expected that the gearbox fwill function over a long period of time and in all climatic conditions.

Furthermore installation and commissioning should be easy and the maintenance requirements low. The high demands on availability and ease of maintenance can only be met by a sophisticated design. The GS gearbox range is an excellent example of this. Limitation of the swing angle In general the end stops limit the swing angle within the valve. However, there are valves that do not have any internal end gearbbox, e. If such a valve is operated manually, it can be positioned precisely in the end position by approaching the end stops of the GS gearbox.

This is particularly important if the position indication at the valve or the gearbox is not visible. For motor-operated valves the actuator is equipped with limit switching which trips the actuator when reaching the end position, before reaching the end stop. During commissioning the end stops should be set shortly after the switching points of the limit switching. The end stops are used for safety reasons if the limit switching fails.

Some valves require other swing angles. For this reason, the GS gearboxes have different swing angle ranges. Gearboxes Swing angle ranges Comment GS Option Swing angle adjustable within the ranges indicated Swing angle adjustable within the ranges indicated Swing angle adjustable within the ranges indicated GS gearboxes with primary reduction geabrox and with SA multi-turn actuators in a desulphurisation unit of an Australian power plant.


During commissioning, only one end stop has to be set; the other end stop will automatically be set via the preset swing angle. High safety against fracture Due to the special AUMA design, the gearboxes have a high end stop strength, which is several times the maximum input torque.

For motor operation, excessive input torques are avoided by the overload protection function within the actuator. Extreme input torques can occur during manual operation, if e. Changing the swing angle Only if the swing angle set in the factory is not correct and has to be adjusted, have the two end positions to be set separately. This is not possible in quma basic version for gearbox sizes GS