Ruhi Book Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. (Book) Ruhi Book Teaching Children’s Classes, Grade 1 Ruhi Book The Covenant of Baha’u’ llah. To understand that teaching is an act of particular spiritual significance and to appreciate that effective teaching involves both “being” and “doing”-attention to. This one-volume collection of 3 basic spiritual foundation courses of the Ruhi Institute includes chapters entitled Understanding Baha’i Writings, Prayer and Life.

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The name says it all!

They are about to release a new album based on Ruhi book 6 as well, so keep an eye out for that too! This nifty little iPhone app will help you memorize your Ruhi book quotes in a jiffy. The app helps you memorize by using a word omission tool, and not only does it include quotes from other booka, but it also lets you add your own quotes as well.

The app is also available for the iPad, and in both online and desktop versions as well, so check it out. Want to learn how to make a rotating booklet or a woven star?


5 Great Resources for your Ruhi Book

This should be an obvious one, but I think it often gets overlooked. The official Ruhi Institute website offers some great reference materials like songs and videos, and it directs you to other resource links bpoks are great for your study circle.

Naysan is the editor of Baha’i Blog and he has worked in various avenues of media for two decades. A Sacred Experience” videos.

The Ruhi Institute – Programs and Materials

Thanks for a great article, Naysan! Just thought to let you know that iMemorize is now also available for Android phones. Yes, where has the wonderful website Ruhi resources gone to? I miss Ruhi Resources too!

It seems to have morphed into http: I meant to say, that when you type in http: So i wanted to know how to make a refresher of book 5 an interesting one as in my locality people get bored easily with too much of reading and explaining.

So what can i do additionally to make it interesting?? Hope my question is quite relevant for this blog…. Wondering whether anyone knows of any place I can find ideas for activities to engage my Book 3 study circle participants in? I found the website of the Aotearoa Institute of New Zealand.


They include arts manuals for tutors produced by the Training Institute for England for some of the Ruhi books and these manuals have suggestions for arts activities you can do with your study circle participants in order to help them become more engaged with some of the concepts covered. Here is the bxhai Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Share This Post With bxhai World. Discussion 10 Comments Thanks Nase! Just started co-tutoring a Book 1 and we can definitely make use of these tools!!!! Do you know what happened to Ruhi Resources? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.