G. R. Driver & L. Hodgson, The Bazaar of Heracleides, newly translated from the Syriac and edited with an introduction, notes & appendices. only surviving full-length work, the Bazaar of Heracleides.1 The publication of the Syriac text in , together with a French translation in the same year, is of. It is called indeed the Bazaar of Heracleides, for this is evident that it is the bazaar of spiritual knowledge; but it is not evident who Heracleides [was]. This is .

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What urgent need then was there for this foolish invention? Parts of the Church of the East’s Eucharistic Service, which is known to be among the oldest in the world, is contributed to with prayers attributed to Nestorius himself.

For Satan hoped that after all this love of God towards man, if heraceides he should make him transgress the commandment of God, God would be angered by all means to destroy him and that he would have no cause to turn and heracleodes healed.

Nestorius, The Bazaar of Heracleides — now online

If sometimes we are tempted to og the quest as hopeless, it is well to remember that even if we give up our Christianity we do not thereby remove our difficulty. The likeness of the servant belongs unto the divinity and the likeness of the divinity unto the humanity.

The rival parties go home, the Orientals accusing Cyril of having won his case by bribery. And ‘He who begins and gradually advances and is brought to fullness is not God, although he is so called on account of his revelation which [was made] little by little.

I ought fully to treat two things: Things which should properly be received with faith you accept with ‘natural logic’ and reduce them to impossibilities. But if we decline the hypostatic union as being either incomprehensible or as unseemly, we fall into predicating two sons: But Ambrose also has said the same and not strange things concerning the union of God and of the flesh: For the staff of Moses, when it became truly a serpent, was a serpent as well as a staff; and the waters of the Nile, which became blood, became the nature of blood as well as of water.

Nestorius, The Bazaar of Heracleides — now online – Roger Pearse

What knowest thou of him who was by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary, who began and gradually advanced and was fulfilled? For I have said that the name of ‘Christ’ and [that] of ‘Son’ are indicative of the two natures, of the divinity and of the humanity[a thing] with which there is nothing equal in o things which have been saidin such wise that it is not right to take heed of the name but of that which it indicates.


Thou hast supposed to thyself that the judges speak unto thee and persuade thee to instruct us and those who are like us, because we know not; and if not, instruct the whole Council. In chat case our fall remains untended as a paralytic man who tends himself and remains incapable of walking, but for whom the attendant walks or whom he carries, saying not to him: The heathen indeed are not content to name Christ God because of the suffering of the body and the cross and the death, and they consider that the miracles were [accepted] 8 in error.

But what meanest thou by ‘uniquely’? Or has the spirit without body and without soul been clothed in the likeness of him of dust, [who is] body and soul and who urges us to become the likeness of spiritual beings, that is, spirits without soul and without body, although indeed it is not heracleidees affair but [that of our] Hercleides Anglican Book Centre, p As, after running and flowing water is frozen and becomes solid, we say that it is nothing but water which has become solid, so God truly became flesh though he was by his nature God; and he was in everything and he acted as God.

The Bazaar Of Heracleides

How then would he have made the Incarnation a stumbling-block by mixture, or by confusion, or by natural participation, so that he might not be supposed [to be] God nor even man, but one who is of them both and is neither simple nor undivided? For he 48 who was honoured with the honour which he gave him and rendered not unto him his [due] honour for the honour which he received showed that he had lost the honour wherewith he had been honoured.

He also writes to various Eastern bishops, bidding them stand fast. If therefore the union of God the Word with the humanity was in one nature, although those natures remained without confusion but in a union of the nature, the Maker and that which was made would be constructed by a change either willingly or unwillingly since they have been so styled and it 31 is made and created.

Or [dost thou not speak] as one who distinguishes, saying that as a result of their diversities the natures which have been united are diverse; and [then] rush headlong into thy profession that thou introducest not a semblance of separation?

Nestorius, The Bazaar of Heracleides () pp. Book 2 part 1.

Again thou usest proofs like these because, as I suppose, thou art bewildered. But there are no hedacleides whereby the ousia which was should cease to heraceides nor whereby that which was made should become unmade, nor again [are there any means whereby] that og is not should become an eternal 27 nature and be with the eternal; nor again whereby a nature which was not should come into being nor whereby that which is not eternal should become eternal either by a change of nature or by confusion or by mixture; or whereby from the ousia of the eternal [should come into being] that which is not eternally.


For through this we are both far removed from blasphemy about the divine nature and about the dispensation, and we are brought nigh unto knowledge through his manifold mercies. For thou first layest it down and thou sayest that we ought to agree thereto in words and in faith; but thou adherest not at all thereto and hast not even observed oof order of the text nor begun whence the fathers began, and in addition to these things thou hast referred [to God the Word] all those things which have been said by them.

He it is who came down, he it is whom the Father has sanctified and sent into the world.

I know not therefore in what sense thou predicatedst the hypostatic union in such wise that it is incomprehensible or unseemly, in order that I may admit or not admit [it]; and has he for this reason been defined and called solely man by the title or by the honour of a son, and then again apart the Word which is from God, to which belongs naturally sonship and name and title? The bread indeed is one, wherefore we all are one body, in that we are the body of Christ.

Thus this man 78 also makes use of God the Word in all of them, both in the body and in the intelligent soul, that he may suffer the sufferings of the body and perform the activities of the rational soul, [making them] the manner of life and conduct of God the Word.

Count John tries to persuade them to confer with the Orientals. All the human things, which now men are ashamed to predicate of him, the Evangelists were not ashamed to heraclfides, those which without being ashamed they 5 make over to 93 the divine nature through the union of the natural hypostasis: Syriac Orthodox Church It is called indeed the Bazaar of Heracleides, for this is evident vazaar it baazar the bazaar of spiritual knowledge; but it is not evident who Heracleides [was].

Now God indeed perfected the dispensation, nor came it about by means of any other lest, when he fell into such contempt and weakness, his commandment should be considered worthy of scorn and further lest jealousy should straightway be aroused against man.