JOHN BEDINI’S BOOKS & VIDEOS & BOOKS & VIDEOS BY OTHERS THAT ARE BASED ON HIS WORK. 20 Bedini-Bearden years Free Energy Generation. Free Energy Generation by Tom Bearden, with John Bedini, is said to be a must- have for researchers attempting to harness the Tesla type radiant energy forces. This marked one of Tom Bearden and John Bedini’s first cooperative ventures, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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This book celebrates the twenty-year bearden-bedii of energy beaden-bedini John Bedini with conceptualist Tom Bearden, whose creative forces have been focused towards bringing a marketable, engineered, free-energy solution to publics throughout the world.

Free Energy Generation contains the ideation, theory and their latest joint patent for the generation of this energy from the vacuum. Energy from the Vacuum is the culmination of 30 years of original thinking and looking with fresh eyes at concepts that are presently considered to be foundations of science? With the development and ubiquitous deployment of free-energy mechanisms, the bbearden-bedini vulnerabilities of centralized power systems can be eradicated, and the run-away degradation of the biosphere reversed.

And there is suddenly a viable antidote for the perpetual poverty of under-developed nations. Also contained in this book are the true stories of inventors who, over the past years, have pioneered some of these processes?

Bearden rigorously analyzes more than 40 embodiments that can produce this free energy, including some capable of bearden-nedini at the high-school level. Bearden does an excellent job of describing scalar technology at least the theory aspect.

This book is written in the attempt to bring scientists and EE closer to the truth on what is missing in physics to unify the three fields: For myself personally, Bearden has showed me gook path that no one has done before.

For myself coming from a Tesla background Bearden goes a step further and describes how physics was side tracked and how to get back on the right track through the many many references that is cited, all coming from a man that beardrn-bedini his life for science. This book is a must for the pioneer in physics. What the Soviets knew.

World War III is raging. Developing an electromagnetic cure for AIDS. Conditional criterion for identity and the 4th law of logic. List of selected incidents.


A Scandal in the Politics of Science. The present electromagnetic theory has several flaws, and it is these errors that have hidden the long-sought unified field theory.

Free Energy Generation: Circuits & Schematics

The explanations presented by the author provide claity and understanding to related Tesla writings and patents. Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated that his wave was non-Hertzian, and that his wireless transmissions did not fall off as the square of the distance. The author has found that the wave which Tesla was using is a longitudinal scalar wave, capable of many times the speed of light.

When coupled with another scalar wave, the resulting vector bdarden-bedini can be the source of electromagnetic energy for electric power, a protective force field, or a destructive weapon. The book is well illustrated with special drawings by Hal Crawford. The bibliography includes corroborating information on all major points.

Part II presents reprints for the entire subject matter of selected articles from the bibliography, plus additional references of importance. Also included are nine patents by James Harris Rogers which were the basis of successful wireless communication. These principles of underground and sub-sea beardenn-bedini were based on Tesla’s discoveries. Bearden’s solutions are truly a major breakthrough, and an absolute necessity to the understanding of existing Tesla writings.

Tom Bearden – Free Energy Generation book

Why read a book on martial arts written by a man who has not practiced the art for over 30 years, who is best-known for illuminating the foundations of physics as they apply to free energy? In an almost magical dance, the attacker goes cartwheeling through the air while, paradoxically, the defender seems nearly stationary. Going beyond ebarden-bedini merely physical, he bearden-bedin touches on states of consciousness, meditation, and how these affect our ability to perceive and use subtle energy.

Thus, the information is of interest not only for its application to the physical world, but also to the unseen world of ki. The same concepts apply equally across the broad spectrum of human activity? Some of his wry observations about innate human reflexes? Other observations on self-development pass along authentic insights that carry on a centuries-old Oriental tradition founded in Zen meditation.

The functioning of the conscious and unconscious mind, the training of habits and reflexes, and insights into the nature of Self, are all addressed in this book. A sandanor third-degree black belt, is hard-won in any martial art and is the culmination of many years of sustained effort.


You will see a different side of Tom Bearden? Whether you are a martial arts practitioner, an athlete, a scholar, a person interested in spiritual development, or simply a curious reader who has found inspiration in Tom Bearden?

Energy from the Vacuum: The Final Secret of Free Energy. Tesla Book Company Year: The moderately technical reader will learn the real secret of tapping vacuum energy, using almost any source of potential – battery, electrostatic generator, elevated wire, solar panel – enabling construction of hundreds of different kinds of devices. It took Tom Bearden thirty years to discover the simple “magic principle” revealed in this book.

Bearden claims in this work that the Soviet Union developed scalar electromagnetic technology during the Cold War.

Member | Natural Philosophers Database

He discusses how Nikola Tesla originally elucidated the theory of scalar electromagnetics at the turn of the century, but was largely ignored in the west. The Soviets however, saw the utility of Tesla’s theories and applied them to the development of weapons of mass distruction heretofore unseen in the western world. The author explains both the theories involved and details about the successful Soviet weapons projects.

From the Publisher It is the beardwn-bedini contention that Maxwell’s original electromagnetic theory incorrectly deleted scalar terms in the equations of electromagnetics. He then re-introduces these terms, and explains the arresting consequences that, according to Lt.

Bearden, only the Soviet Beardej-bedini was privy to during the Cold War. The Emerging Energy Science: Tesla Book Comapny Year: The long-searched for Tesla secrets have been solved by Tom Bearden. Part I contains the specific description of the solutions to Tesla’s secrets and the Soviet Tesla weapons. Strawberry Hill Press Year: Look into the fascinating and mysterious world of paranormal phenomena and the interaction of mind and matter in terms of the new physics.

In this quintessential guide, Tom Bearden uses a sampling of paranormal phenomena that demand explanation to drive a theoretical framework that enables us to understand psychotronics, UFOs and psi phenomena.

The book also covers new military appliactions of psi research, and Soviet phase-conjugate directed-energy weapons.