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The soil conservation and natural resource preservation aspects should be maintained through government or other financing given the serious erosion and degradation of vegetation in this area. While PRODAM did thus enable the most destitute members of the population and the repatriates to have access to the Walo, its approach to land use models for the Senegal River valley requires further study in order to establish its economic sustainability.

Project evaluations

Given this background, the primary thrust of the strategy was to introduce a development approach that was technically appropriate, culturally sensitive and institutionally effective.

Approximately 1 of them should receive funding for a total of some million CFAF and just training. Two issues are critical in assessing the performance of IFAD; the acceptance of an appraisal document with features that were clearly inappropriate for UWR and an inadequate response to design and implementation problems which surfaced during the course of UWADEP.

The number of dams functional by the closure of the project was small and the irrigated area limited. The policy of working with NGOs in outreach activities should be extended. Design changes during implementation include the setting up of the Bunyoro Toro Development Company BUTOa limited company jointly owned by the five districts, to take over the running of the rural finance component. Dams, irrigation, water and roads.


However, the districts are adept at compiling financial records and component-specific data by hand. Project design should consider sequencing much more carefully.

The provision of micro credit for poor households constituted the main instrument for implementation. The Uganda Women’s Finance Trust was selected for the implementation of the rural finance component, including the creation and guidance of groups and the management of the credit fund.

Project evaluations

The total cost for the “development of livestock production” sub-component was SDRexcluding support and infrastructure costs. However, a clearer definition of roles and responsibilities with regard to the institutional management of this infrastructure is needed in order to ensure its sustainability.

Healthcare workers should submit the results of medical check-ups to the township PMOs who, with the assistance of the hospitals, can investigate the causes of reingenieriq rates of disease in particular villages and tailor the healthcare training accordingly. Since the outset, However, activities were not as a whole designed according to the prescribed approach, i. Financial sustainability depends very much on the participating banks profitability, which is based on financial income, operational cost and loan loss provision.

UWADEP illustrates that there is a very significant need on the ground for quite conventional projects that deliver services and inputs to impoverished farmers. Extension activities included field visits, advice on equipment, demonstration, visits for the exchange of experiences and review benchmarkin to take stock of progress.

Eighty-two Parish Headquarters have been constructed for use in revenue collection and as community centres but implementation has been slow. The intensity of monitoring is not the same for all rural micro-enterprises, but about fifteen per agent receive more regular monitoring, about two visits per month.

In terms of social cohesion, the desired impact seems to have been achieved, with Data on the incidence of disease is not effectively utilised. Although they do offer agropastoral resources, there is isolation and chronic underdevelopment, especially in Tambacounda and Kolda. Attention to gender issues has been limited throughout the components. The task of the Completion Evaluation mission has been to evaluate the DDSP and to make recommendations concerning IFAD’s future strategy and approach in Uganda, with a second phase or follow-up programme as possible options among others.


While the potential sustainability of sole-proprietor micro-enterprises is strong, very few production groups will be able to survive, as their usefulness for most of their members is much more of a social nature than as a viable economic unit.

The scale and direction of the new investments will require assessment by district and by component and the conduct of a fresh baseline survey. These are major accomplishments, and their impact on living conditions for many households is far from negligible.

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Consequently, the centrepiece of the evaluation process was an innovative participatory evaluation workshop, which was complemented by a desk review and a comparative anthropometric survey of the nutritional status of children and their mothers in the PRODAM area. Project-supported activities to create and strengthen management skills among women, and particularly girls, have generated new revenue sources and an enabling environment for the emancipation of girls.

The original components were: Con menor frecuencia se ha dado la compra de un lote adicional de tierra. Per capita income and grain availability have been the main impact indicators utilised by the project.

Innovation, scaling-up and replicability. The second major recommendation has to do with consolidating PDARI achievements, by means of the following in particular:.

The major investment has been in borehole construction, which is complete in Hoima, Kibaale and Kabarole.