BGI 511-2 PDF

I I I I I о BI “2 16 II. I I l I I I I I I I I I l l о о l I I 8 В PURCHASING AGENTS AND BUYERS (NIEICI). I в. I I I 83u 7“ I 3ц6 II MANAGERS’ OFF’LS’ AND . Accident book DIN A4 according to BGI , (50 sheets) · hol_jpg Manual First-Aid BGI Booklet DIN A 6. Items 1 to 30 of 61 total. Sort By. Name . Cowp. — 2 H. BI. –2 Esp Rep. —6 Mod. —l Burn, J. 26th ed. – usual and proper form of action, for the reasons stated, ante, , note. 1 Salk.

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DIN Refill for operating aid kit, cabinets, piece. Add to Wishlist Out of stock. The self-adhesive foil bag by Holthaus Medical is used to preotect bandage books. The Asid Bonz inhalation masks are made of especially soft, medical PVC and possess a safety tube with stern lumen. Oxygen cannula are used to supply patients with oxygen through the nasal passage and can be worn comfortably over longer periods of time.

First aid cabinets serve as secure and easily accessible storage spaces for fist aid materials – different sizes and versions available.

Please feel free to contact our service team for further information considering first aid equipment. It is a two-chamber bag with inner bag for bacteria protection, to keep the body part dry and to allow space for the ice-water mixture. The range of first aid equipment covers the basic demand of rescue services or ambulances and contains first aid materials and kits for companies, social institutions or for private use at home or big travelling.

Holthaus Medical Rescue Cloth, Red, x80cm. The first aid miniset by Holthaus Medical contains 3 plasterstrips, 1 skin cleaning towel und 1 sterile quick bandage. The rescue sign by Holthaus Medical shows the escape direction. Holthaus Medical Warning Triangle Mini.


The rescue sign by Holthaus Medical shows, where the next defibrillator can be found. The operating aid kit of Medicalcorner24 is equipped with a DIN-filling and is available in 3 different versions. Depending on the version, first aid refill sets include e.

Ratiomed resuscitator with mask, incl. DIN Refill for first aid bag, first aid bag.

megro – Accident book DIN A4 according to BGI , (50 sheets)

It does not adhere to wounds an is available in sterile, single packages. Plum rinsing station for 1x1L with wall mount and pictogram. This refill set is certified according to DIN and can be used to refill our 27 x 19 x 9,5 cm first aid kit.

All available suitcases and bags, as well as the corresponding refill packs include different collections of plasters, bandages and other first aid materials.

The range of first aid refills includes refill sets suitable e. Add to Wishlist Add to Cart. The MOUSTIClick first aid for insect bites, is small, helps mosquito, wasp and bee stings by piezoelectricity and is also suitable for children.

This small first aid bag is ideal for travelling, leisure activities, holidays and sports. Holthaus Medical tooth rescue Dentosafe, 48 Hour, nutrient solution. Many attractive offers, including first aid kits in different sizes, empty or filled according to international medical standards. The blanket is x cm large and blue. The rescue seat by Holthaus Medical is suitable to transport injured people over narrow stairs or through corridors. Eye rinsing solutions clean the eyes from irritating substances or foreign matter.


The lockable cabinet Famulus Association of Holthaus Medical, is a 1-door plastic first aid cabinet with 7 compartments and 3 door compartments. First aid bags are easy to transport. The container for fire blankets by Holthaus Medical is made of galvanized sheet steel. DIN Refill, great for businesses, detectable plaster set.

The first aid refills are available in different versions, filled according to DIN-standards e. DIN Refill for Cars aid kits, 41 section.

Accident book DIN A4 according to BGI 511-2, (50 sheets)

Plum eye wash or emergency department in wall box, Duo or Easy. Besides first aid suitcases, we are also offering handy first aid bags as travelling equipment as well as resuscitator bags, inhalation masks and other equipment.

Holthaus Medical splinter forceps Feilchenfeld, 9 cm, 1 item. The wool blanket by Holthaus Medical is made of soft blended wool facric and 51-12 washable bbi 40 degrees Celsius. Holthaus Medical Filling Assortment Enterpr. Holthaus Medical Rescue Sign.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This websites use cookies. The attachment cards bvi patients by Holthaus Medical are on a pad with 5 cards ggi are suitable for filling assortments according to DIN 13 and 13 Holthaus Medical Tourniquet 2,5x80cm.

Hot and Cold Compress, 1 item. The cases are available empty or filled according to DIN regulations. The amount and the composition of first aid material variies according to size and type of first aid kit.