It appears you are located in United States of America. Stay on SAP Training Shop United States of America or choose another country or region. To learn more. BIT SAP NetWeaver Process Integration SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Participant Handbook Course Version: 74 Course Duration: 5 Day(s) Material. Operations of SAP Process Integration. Using the Runtime Workbench; Using the Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home; Using the SAP NetWeaver.

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Interface determination in the Integration Directory You can find the interface determination in the Integration Directory under Interface Determination on the Objects tab page.

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In the monitor, check whether your mapping has been executed. Now, select the application component with the action Create or Change Material.

Unit Objectives After completing this unit, you will be able to: The benefits of a Process Integration scenario are as follows: Message monitoring is also the basis for end-to-end monitoring. Business blt400 from all Integration Directories involved in the transport can only be correctly assigned to each other if you use transport targets.

PI Message Mapping

You make the settings for the configuration view in the Integration Directory. All lower-level fields with the same name are then assigned to each other.

The super-admin role gives the user full control of reading and writing. You will also find Java system reports and all types of logging data. This allows you to experience seamless navigation while keeping the same UI concepts and operating techniques during the administration and monitoring of these functional units. You can also define in the receiver determination what happens when a valid receiver cannot be determined.

SAP Process Integration

Which pipeline steps have been completed for the message? XML validation allows you to check the structure of an XI message payload. Logical routing objects and communication agreement objects Lists scenario-specific configuration objects, which include logical routing objects receiver determination, interface determination and communication agreement objects proces agreement, receiver agreement. DateTrans When you need to map date fields, use the function DateTrans to define transformations that transform one date format to another.


Assigning Business Systems When you implement a business process in a distributed system landscape, you determine the business system in which the particular process steps will run and which software component will execute them. However, the fields Language and Nerweaver must be copied to a separate target integratiion for each source node.

Icons in Body Text The following icons are used in this handbook. Display the requested interface determination and go to the change mode.

For each receiver, the message with the structure of the sender outbound interface is mapped to the structure of the receiver inbound interface. The server inbound interface contains a target message for the query and an outbound message for the response. Pipeline Technical Routing As the last step of the pipeline, the technical routing defines how the receiver message is to be sent to the receiver. integratiob

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When validation takes place in the Integration Server, a message is set to the error status in the event of an error and can be processed by the administrator in the Runtime Workbench. Select the connection between the application components. Note the following two examples: Logical Routing The receiver determination determines from the configuration the valid receivers for a sender communication component with a sender interface.

Depending on the selected components, you can perform the following activities: Logical Routing Task 1: This is a graphical tool in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository that enables you to define the structure and value mappings. A receiver with an inbound interface is available.

To select the format, double-click DateTrans. In the case of an incoming message, the pipeline then evaluates the Receiver Determination object first.

To avoid naming conflicts for object names in later deliveries, save your objects in a separate namespace. Which mapping program is used? How many application components are involved? To do so, choose the function type Date and in the menu bar choose DateTrans. Assigning Business Systems and Analyzing Business Processes You want to map business processes in a distributed system landscape, and you want the mapping to be independent of changes to the “real” servers of the systems involved.


The chosen proxess for distributing the master data will not be tied to a specific technology and the material master data will be sent to all dependent systems. Detailed data is available for each procwss processing step of every instance. Configuration Objects in the Integration Directory Hint: To ensure that the message splitting remains traceable, the message ID of the original message is saved with each new message.

Choose New Technical System to create a new technical system. At runtime, it may happen that at some time there are more inbound messages for processing than defined work processes. If you need this expression in several conditions, then you must type it or copy it in every time. You will configure this business system as a receiver in later exercises. Operation Mapping In the operation mapping, you can usually reference a neweaver interface of type Outbound, an IDoc type, or an RFC interface as the outbound interface.

It is important that transport targets are correctly defined so that objects can be transported from the Integration Directory.

A successful data transfer message is displayed and you see the system in the SLD. This means that the messages that are sent to the pipeline are processed in a work process. Testing procews Message Mapping To test a message mapping, navigate to the Test tab page. If the source fields belong to a node with multiple instances, you need to define which instance of the source structure the field values are to be copied from, and which instance of the xap structure they are to be copied to.

In integraiton first step, an XML file is created for another third-party system. Note that not all of the listed tasks are available for every component. Where can you find the information about the sender communication components and quality of service?