Sin City Volume 6: Booze, Broads, & Bullets (3rd Edition) [Frank Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Sin City graphic novels are. Sin City, Vol. 6 has ratings and reviews. Algernon said: [7/10]It’s not like I didn’t know what to expect. It’s right there in the title: vio. The Sin City graphic novels are among the most widely acclaimed comics in history, but Frank Miller is also a master of the quick and dirty yarn. Collected.

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That set the tone for my comics habits for the next few years. He does introduce a pretty interesting character in Delia.

The two stories take place on the same night, with the second taking place minutes after the first. It left my brains on the wall.

When a stranger starts to bullrts up with a butcher’s knife the women he lures into his bed, the hookers set a trap for him and let tiny Miho teach him a lesson in the use of sharp blades. Bob doubts Ava considerably now, while Mort, who is still sleeping with her, becomes more on-edge towards his partner.

Sin City, Vol. 6: Booze, Broads, and Bullets by Frank Miller

May 11, Foad rated it it was ok Shelves: Dwight is knocked out of his upper story apartment window to the street below, where he blacks out momentarily. When they’re done, she snaps his neck and throws him off the train.

Some new characters, some recurring.

Marv draws two pistols and kills the pair of henchmen, then executes the woman, the only time he kills a woman in all of his Sin City appearances. The silence rules, as bokze of the actors utters a word until almost the last panel, and I dodn’t think the story needed any.

List of Sin City yarns – Wikipedia

After questioning the last surviving kid about him being called ‘Bernini boy’ it was the name of the brand of coat he was wearinghe slits his throat. And it’s not like the previous five albums were dealing with a different subject matter. He awakens to see Manute driving off with Ava. Hartigan rescues her, but only after severely wounding Junior and sending him into a coma. These people gotta die because Dwight and the girls need to prove a point.


While sometimes the sto While I’ve loved the rest of the Sin City series, the last volume consisting of short stories is an unfortunate let down. When the man outside threatens to break down her door, Shellie reluctantly opens it while Dwight hides in the bathroom. This is probably one of the more interesting Sin City books due to it being a collection of short stories. Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories.

He explains that he is a used car salesman named Phil, and she understands. It comes close, but this last dame appears to be in real distress, when our old acquaintance Dwight discovers her hiding in the bathroom of an apartment where one of his friends has just been murdered.

When he finds him in his office, he beats him to death. Hello, my name is Algernon and I like to look at pictures of naked ladies with chains, and swords and guns and stuff!

The story is one of three from Sin City related in the film Sin City. Sep 11, Algernon rated it liked it Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. And this is a collection of short stories, a glimpse at the essence of the series, not deep but emblematic of what he thinks the genre is all about: I was out of my depth.

After killing Jim, the Colonel appears – he was the ‘hitman’ who had been following Jim. Dwight goes home, but cannot sleep. Miller is writing in the tradition of Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane, Dashiell Hammett, and numerous others, albeit in a heightened manner as to almost parody the genre. Daddy’s Little Girl continues the trend of whimpering, scantily clad ladies causing troubles for the men they set their eyes on.

It seems like they made it just to sell more.

Dark, Attractive, good story and strong imagination. I read it after I watched the movies, and I see how faithfull they are to the stories. The timeline is also interesting, as it offers a different take of the key moment from “That Yellow Bastard ” when Nancy meets Hartigan in Kadie’s Bar. On a rational level, I tell myself it’s the nod to all the classic hardboiled novels to come out of the Great Depression and groads Prohibition.


Sergio Aragones, who I knew from Mad. Wrong Turn and Wrong Track are one story that for some reason was split into two unequal parts. It was good enough, but not really for me. April 15th, at The story begins as Dwight McCarthyworking as a photographer for a grossly overweight man named Agamemnon, saves one of the Old Town prostitutes from one of her customers, whom Dwight was investigating on behalf of his wife; he broadds drives her back to Old Town.

Dark Horse Comics

Ava arrives late as she often used to and tries to persuade Dwight to take her back, claiming brosds her life is “a living Hell”; Dwight refuses to listen. They interrogate Agamemnon, who tells how Dwight is an upright man who went clean after being a wild alcoholic with a short temper in his younger days. Dwight with his new faceaccompanied by Gail and Briads, poses as Wallenquist’s man from Phoenix. This is when Miller was a master.

I knew they had actual nudity, rather than the fake nudity of superheroines.

Sin City: Booze, Broads and Bullets Volume 6

Moral of the story: Nothing terrible, but nothing new or exciting either. Aug 06, Katherine rated it liked it. I read them booxe they fell apart, and up until getting screwed over in a move a few years back, they were the oldest comics I owned.

Tumblers clicked into place, and I was introduced to what would later become my favorite thing. I couldn’t decide if the lady is clothed or not.