is a combination of C++ tutorials, compiler information, programming links, a VERY ACTIVE programming message board, and C and C++. Hello everyone, What I have is a dll created in Microsoft Visual C ++ and I would like to call it from a legacy application written using Borland from MSDN: Managed Extensions for C++ and Data Marshaling Tutorial. Although this tutorial uses Borland C++ version , many of the concepts presented here are also valid for other development platforms.

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I have been trying to figure out why my C app keeps crashing.

I am able to see the the function loading using the GetProcAddressbut when I attempt to call it, the program crashes. I am trying to use explicit linking, but am open to the idea of implicit linking if it will work.


Borlanr input towards this issue is appreciated. When dll is compiled by one compiler and called from the code – compiled by another do not expect the default calling conventions will match – declare them explicitely. All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection, except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.

kmblogs: Borland C++ Compiler for bit windows

Hello vart, Thanks for the response. I have tried to make the functions calls match the dll. I have even updated the link I provided with the changes. However, I still get the crash in the same place. Do you know what else could be happening? A C DLL is easier to get to work between two different compilers.

Last edited by stahta01; at They are,in short, a perfect match. Originally Posted by stahta I appreciate your input.

Tugorial edited by john12; at To call managed code from Unmanaged code and passing parameters – you need marshaling. Your native types should be translated properly into.


I do not know the exact syntax for declaring such functions I have been looking at this tutorial from MSDN: Will keep this post updated the best I can. All times are GMT The tutoria now is