burmester uelzenn – burmestter audio per ubrmester surround back burmestre phono ie paul burmester tst cd end burmester joockey club brumester preisliste. Burmester showed its C Concept—a huge aluminum-bodied loudspeaker with an MTM on the front panel and four side-mounted woofers. Dez. Size: 87 KB 19th Dec Grado | Size: KB 6th Dec Audia- Flight | Size: KB 28th Nov AVM | Size: 73 KB.

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Even a quick glance will tell you that — visually at least — the Burmesters are serious high-end audio bling. Every switch and control knob on the Burmester feels exquisitely manufactured, and is chunkily precise in use.

The is derived from the company statement preamp, which was launched all the way back in The internal layout is are logical and packed with enviably high quality components, and the preamp has some novel features, not least of which are a self-balancing phono stage, designed to handle any channel inequalities in phono cartridges, and a module slot, which provides a line burmexter as standard but can accept a range of plug-ins to expand the flexibility. Our sample was fitted with an on-board digital-to-analogue converter, but other options include an unbalanced line level input and moving-magnet or moving-coil phono stages.


40 Jahre Burmester Audiosysteme

It sounds good too, delivering far greater dynamics and detail than our Apple Macbook can manage. There’s also a straight-through connection designed to be used with the front channel outputs of a surround processor, allowing the to be integrated into a home cinema system, no shortage of balanced XLR line level inputs, andf even twin headphone outputs.

As well as its design, Oreisliste takes servicing seriously, too — as far as possible, it will maintain every unit it has made during its year history, and upgrades can usually be retro-fitted, too. We wish more high-end firms had such an attitude.

These control minor operations such as the brightness of the display or preamp phase play with it — it makes a difference in some systemsbut each switch does more than one thing depending on whether you press down or push up.

Burmester review | What Hi-Fi?

And a joy to listen to: Even from the first second of music, the listener is well aware of a splendidly silky refinement and an ability to uncover the tiniest of details.


The sound is large scale and fluid from the get-go, too. Refinement takes a notable step up and the sense of muscularity, particularly in bass frequencies, gets better. In other words, rather than sound rough when cold, the Burmesters are a little polite, if massively informative.

Given time, though, that character fades, leaving just exceptional transparency and smoothness. The system never sounds rushed or stressed: Bass textures are rendered just as light a touch as subtle vocal inflections.

That these big, powerful and pricey amplifiers produce a sound packed with scale, authority and composure comes as no prwisliste.

They even have a decent sense of timing. Such a sky-high price tag leads to massively high expectations when it comes to build, finish and performance. Our Verdict An awesome price for an awesome bit of kit.

If you can afford it, buy it right now. For Intricate, powerful sound terrific dynamics and volume exceptional build.