Speco CAMMIC High Impedance Line Level Microphone, In stock. $ Only. Buy now and save. Buy SPECO CAMMIC Microphone with High Impendance Line Level: Microphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The CAMMIC is a unique microphone from Speco Technologies in that it can be connected to a line level input on an amplifier or DVR instead of a microphone.

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Yes Yes 2D Noise Reduction Yes Yes Wall Hanging Power cord, audio cable, VGA cable and user s guide included in the box with all monitors. Monitors Power cord, adapter, user s guide and audio camimc included in the box with ca,mic monitors. Yes Yes Yes Wall Hanging Power cord, adapter, user s guide and audio cable included in the box with all monitors. AC In x 1 Termination Yes 2 Front Panel Buttons RGB analog or digital, 0.

TTL positive or negative Display Mode Dimensions H x W x 7. It also features audio with front mounted speakers and input signal detection provides for easy connection. Yes 2pcs Front Panel Button Dimensions W x 8.

Power cord, user manual, remote control Rev. Ear phone x 3 S-Video Supports up to 6 Specifications Video Input Typ 19dB 5MHz to 1. Line to neutral, zero ground leakage Delay interval: Line to neutral, zero ground leakage Response time: If the power is interrupted, the output status of the leads changes and can be used to trigger an alarm or other notification.

F connector – UL listed Dimensions: USB to RJ45, remote unit keyboard mouse side: Multiple units could be mounted behind multiplexer, quad, DVR, etc. Sold in packs of 10 Also available with 10cm mini coax cable: Give your customers the designer look they desire.

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Back box easily flush mounts into hollow walls and ceilings. Flush mount box is secured with the use of four retaining clamps. Perfect for existing construction.

Preconfigured to fit several types of Speco tamperproof and indoor dome cameras. Contains two different size Chameleon decorator rings for a finished look. Built-in loop allows the installer to secure the DFM with a safety strap. Compatible with the following Speco Technologies dome camera models: Attaches to dropped ceilings 4 L x 1. All lenses are CS mount unless specified.


Closed Circuit Television is a group of cameras, monitors and accessory equipment that work together as a system and are interconnected by various types of cables. It is a tool used to protect people, property, enhance safety, and improve productivity. For the most part, today s modern equipment is self-adjusting and has a long trouble-free lifespan.

Packaged cameras such as a bullet camera are self-contained units that include the lens, mounting bracket, housing and power supply in a single box.

IP SD10X Speco Tx

Fully functional camera with a built-in lens on a Printed Circuit Board. These cameras are not in a housing. Useful for concealing and building into custom applications. Low profile, ceiling mounted self-contained camera package including lens, and power supply. Camera is adjustable within the housing for perfect aiming. Plug and play ease of installation.

Useful for discreet and hidden applications as well cakmic when a large depth of field is required. Cammid camera whose lens allows for the adjustment of the field of view.

This camera can zoom in and out. The cameras built-in ability to compensate for changes in scene lighting.

The opening in a lens that allows available light to enter the camera. Circuitry in a color camera that allows it to yield perfect color pictures in different types of lighting. Circuitry in a camera that allows it to improve performance in low light conditions. Automatic Iris Lens AI: Type of lens where the aperture physically opens and closes to adjust the amount of light entering the camera.

Available in DC wpeco Video configurations to match your camera. Not required on cameras with electronic shutter systems. Ability of a camera to balance the lighting in a scene with an extremely bright background such as sunlight.

The picture tube in a monitor CCD: The device in a camera that takes the picture and converts it to Electronical signals. The portion of a video picture that is in focus. Area covered by the camera. The rated coverage of the lens in mm. Smaller numbers give a wider angle of coverage. The size of the CCD in a camera. Measurement of how much light a lens will let in. The smaller the number the more light that can enter.

The size of CCD in a camera. Sprco the camera and monitor are powered from sources using different grounds with different ground potentials. If a path for current flow other than the coax exists, ground loops are possible.

SPECO CAMMIC MIC / Audio Pickup for Use w/ CAM

Install a ground loop corrector or power all camera from the same source as the monitor. The lack of active IR LEDs on these cameras reduces current requirements, reflectivity issues and heat build-up.


A string of numbers that identifies a camera or DVR on a network Iris: Flat screen monitor used when space is at a premium. The ability to pass your video signal through a device and continue it on to another. Normally used in monitors. A string of numbers that identifies a camera or DVR on a network Lux: Displays the video signal. Complete packages that include camera, monitor, mounting bracket, cable, power supplies, etc. Combines four cameras onto one screen for viewing or recording.

Measure of a camera s ability to reproduce details. Higher numbers are better. Camera s ability to operate in low light situations. Lower numbers are better. Displays cameras, one at a time upon a monitor or into a VCR. The time spent on each camera before moving on to the next is adjustable. When a lens can see a long distance with great detail. Recorder that runs for extended periods of time up to days on a single VHS tape. A lens that can be set for various focal lengths to achieve select coverage.

Speco Technologies provides exceptional customer service, in depth product training, superior technical and marketing support, and a generous product guarantee. For more information, visit Speco Technologies professional and friendly regional sales managers are our first line of support.

In addition to selling the features and benefits of our unique product line, they provide onsite demonstrations and formal classroom training for video and audio products.

They can also help you grow your business by tailoring custom marketing programs and materials to any vertical market or audience segment.

This network monitor offers both long distance and wireless transmission.

Speco Technologies CAMMIC Microphone/Audio Pickup

Long Distance Transmission Easily. The speoc hemispherical image of the fisheye camera will be converted. All equipment and materials used shall be standard components that are regularly manufactured and used in. The p LED panel provides an incredibly sharp picture.

Leddura Lexinus Mensa Series When function matters. High quality displays suitable for all applications.