Explains how to install and use the software on the Canon. Digital Camera Solution Adobe Reader must be installed to view the PDF manuals. Checking the. Manuals and User Guides for Canon PowerShot A IS. We have 4 Canon PowerShot A IS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual. View and Download Canon Powershot A IS user manual online. Canon Powershot A IS: User Guide. Powershot A IS Digital Camera pdf manual.

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Read when canonn want to connect the camera to a printer and print. Software Starter Guide Read when you want to connect the camera to a computer. Troubleshooting tips for common problems. Hints for getting more out of your camera.


Warning Against Copyright Infringement Please note that Canon digital cameras are intended for personal use and should never be used in a manner that csnon upon or contravenes international or domestic copyright laws and regulations. What Do You Want to Do? Table of Contents Chapters 1 — 3 explain manhal basic operations and frequently used functions of this camera.

Chapters 4 — 9 explain the advanced functions letting you a2000is further as you read them in order. Checking the Package Contents Changing the Composition to Shoot Focus Lock Always ensure that the camera is operated correctly.

Doing so may cause malfunction or damage the LCD monitor. This chapter explains how to prepare for shooting and shooting in A mode, as well as how to play back, erase and print images. Inserting the Batteries and Memory Card Insert the included batteries and memory card into the camera. Can any other batteries be used? We cannot recommend the use of any other batteries than those listed above because performance varies widely.

Since the date and time recorded into your images are based on these settings, be sure to make them. Turn on the camera. Changing the Date and Time You can change the date and time as needed. Setting the Display Language You can change the language displayed on the screen menus and messages. Set to Playback mode. Display the language menu. Pressing the Shutter Button The shutter button has two stops.

To take images that are in focus, be sure to first press the shutter button lightly halfway to focus, then take the shot. If you just press the shutter button fully without pausing halfway, the images you take may not be in focus.

Taking Pictures The camera can automatically make all settings so that you can shoot simply by pressing the shutter button Auto mode.

Indicator AF Frame Turn on the camera. The start-up sound will play, and the start- up image will appear. Use the qr buttons to select [Off]. Viewing Images You can view the images you have taken on the screen.

This mode is recommended for beginners, who are not familiar cwnon cameras. Easy mode Set to Playback mode. Erasing Images You can select and erase images one at a time. Please note that erased images cannot be recovered. Exercise adequate caution before erasing an image. The last image you shoot will appear. Select an image to erase. Printing Images You can easily print the images you have taken if you connect the camera to a PictBridge compliant printer sold separately.


Refer to the Direct Print User Guide for details on printing, including printing with direct print compatible printers.

Canon-Brand PictBridge Compliant Printers Sold Separately By connecting your camera to one of the Canon-brand PictBridge compliant printers below, you can print your images just like photos without having to use a computer.

Shooting Movies Setting the mode xanon to E Movie allows you to shoot movies. Recordable Time Indicator Set to Movie mode. Compose the shot of your subject. The camera will start shooting the movie.

Viewing Movies You can view the movies you have shot on the screen. The last image or movie you shot will appear. The connection between the camera and computer is now established. Transferring Images with the Camera Transferred images will be sorted by date and saved in separate folders in the My Picture folder for Windows or the Picture folder for Macintosh. Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended.

This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Separately Sold Accessories The following camera accessories are sold separately. Some accessories are not sold in some regions, or may no longer be available.

Components Guide a Zoom Lever Shooting: Indicator The indicator on the back of the camera p. Colors Status Shooting preparation complete p. However, the Simple Information will not display. The settings that you can choose from the FUNC. The menu items are organized under categorized tabs, and the displayed tabs and menu items change, depending on the Shooting p.

For more information on the tabs and menu items, refer to page Resetting the Camera When you have mistakenly made a setting, you can reset the camera to the default settings.

Are there functions that cannot be reset? Formatting Memory Cards You should use this camera to format a new memory card, or a memory card that has been used with other devices, before using it.

Formatting a memory card erases all data on the memory card. You cannot retrieve the erased data. Changing Sounds You can silence the sounds of the camera buttons or adjust the volume of the camera nanual.

Mute Setting Adjusting the Volume Display the menu. You can change the length acnon time the images display. Shooting Special Scenes This chapter explains the for beginners convenient Easy mode and how to shoot various scenes with optimal settings. Other common functions, such as the flash and the self-timer, are also explained.

PowerShot A IS Support – Firmware, Software & Manuals | Canon Australia

The camera automatically sets the optimal settings so that you can shoot worry-free in any shooting condition. Shooting Various Scenes The camera manua make the optimal settings for the scene you wish to a2000os when you set the mode dial to a matching mode.


Select a shooting mode. Shooting Special Scenes The camera will make the optimal settings for the special scene you wish to shoot when you select a matching mode. When you attach the camera cxnon a tripod, you are recommended to set [IS Mode] to [Off] to shoot p.

Turning the Flash Off You can turn the flash off for shooting in places where using a flash is prohibited. What if the indicator blinks orange and manua flashing appears?

When you press the shutter button halfway in low light conditions where camera shake is likely, the indicator will blink orange and a flashing screen. Q Using the Self-Timer Use the self-timer when you want to appear in the shot you are taking. You can change the delay time and number of shots to take p.

Press the p button. Zooming in on Far Away Subjects The digital zoom can zoom up to 24x and capture subjects too far away for the optical zoom p. The images may appear rough, however, depending on the recording pixel setting p. This enables manuual faster shutter speed and less chance of camera shake than just using zoom including digital zoom at the same zoom factor. The images may appear rough, however, depending on the combination of recording pixel p. Inserting the Date and Time The date and time an image was shot can be recorded in the lower right corner.

Once inserted, however, they cannot be deleted. Be sure to check beforehand that the date and time are correctly set p. The focusing range from the end of the lens is 1 — 50 cm 0. G Shooting in Program AE The camera automatically sets basic functions, z2000is unlike in A mode or shooting various scenes, you can freely make your own settings. If a correct exposure cannot be obtained when pressing the shutter manuak halfway, mankal speed and aperture value are shown in red. W Continuous Shooting You can shoot continuously about 1.

Shooting until the memory card becomes full If you use a low level formatted p. Changing the Image Quality Compression Ratio You can choose manuall 3 types of image quality, in order from high to low: SuperfineFineSelect the recording pixels. Automatically sets the optimal speed, not only for shooting mode and shooting condition, but also for subject or camera motion. Depending on the scene, the speed may be set higher than in ISO Auto, resulting in less subject blur and camera shake.

Canon Powershot A2000 IS User Manual

Auto Automatically sets the optimal white balance for the location. Daylight Fine weather condition, outdoor shooting. Cloudy Cloudy, shady, twilight conditions.