View and Download Canon DC20 instruction manual online. DVD. DC20 Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Dc View and Download Canon DC20 instruction manual online. DVD Camcorder. DC20 Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Dc Manuals and User Guides for Canon DC20 E. We have 7 Canon DC20 E manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual, Software Manual, .

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Should you need to replace the compact power adapter, please return it to the responsible nearest Canon Service Center and please replace it with the same type number CA The Adapter can be used with a power supply between and V AC.

For areas where V AC power is not used, you will need a special plug adapter. Preparing the Power Supply Using the Wireless Controller Adjusting the LCD Screen Changing the Display Language Setting the Time Zone, Date and Time Playing Back on a TV Screen Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference.

Should your camcorder fail to operate correctly, refer to the Troubleshooting table Write down the number and other information here and retain this book as a permanent record of your purchase to aid identification in case of theft. Recording reminder Number of still images available on The camcorder counts from 1 to 10 the card seconds when you start recording.

This is flashing in red: No card helpful to avoid scenes that are too short.

No more images can be Preparing the Power Supply Preparations The camcorder can be powered by a battery pack or be connected to a household power outlet.

Charge the battery pack before use. Attaching and Charging the Battery Pack 1. Turn off the camcorder. The following recording and playback times are approximate and vary according to the charging, recording or playback conditions. Typical Recording Mode Playback Time Using a Household Power Outlet Connect to a household power outlet to use the camcorder without worrying about the battery power.

You can keep the battery pack attached; the battery power will not be consumed. Mqnual on the camcorder and keep the LCD panel closed.

Canon DC20 DVD Camcorder download instruction manual pdf

Adjust the dioptric adjustment lever as necessary. Press the tab in the direction of the arrow and pull out the battery holder. Press the MENU button to open the menu. In such case, recharge the built-in lithium battery and set the time zone, date and time again.

You can also change the date format Inserting the Card 1. Make sure the card access indicator is not flashing before you turn the camcorder off. Loading a Disc Preparations: Use only 8 cm 3 in. Use a soft lens-cleaning cloth to remove any fingerprints, dirt buildup or smudges from the disc surface.

You need to initialize the disc before you can start recording. It will not appear when inserting a disc already initialized. In that case, you can start recording once the record pause indication appears. In order to save power when the camcorder is powered by a battery pack, the camcorder will automatically shut off if left without any operations for 5 minutes Recording Still Images Before using a memory card for the first time, be sure to initialize it with this camcorder Zooming The zoom is available when recording movies or stills.


When recording moviesin addition to the 10x optical zoom you can also use the x digital zoom Tips for Better Recording Holding the Camcorder For maximum stability, hold the camcorder firmly with your right hand and keep your right elbow pressed against your body. If necessary, support the camcorder with your left hand. Be careful that your fingers do not touch the microphone or lens. Playing Back Movies Playback 1. Open the LCD panel. The scene index screen appears with the selection frame on the first scene.

Skipping Scenes During normal playback, push the omni selector to skip to the beginning of the next scene. Viewing Still Images 1. If necessary, change the media for the still images using the procedure described in the Recording Still Images section Image Jump Function You can also quickly locate a specific image without having to browse all of them one by one.

The number in the upper right of the screen indicates the number of the current image out of the total number of images. Push the omni selector and keep it pressed down. Adjusting the Volume While playing a movie: If you use the LCD screen for playback the camcorder will play the sound using the built-in speaker. If you close the LCD panel the sound will be muted. Magnifying the Image While viewing a still imagethe playback image can be magnified up to 5 times.

Zoom lever Omni Selector 1. Move the zoom lever toward T. Displaying Additional Recording Data The camcorder keeps a data code containing the recording date and time and other camera data such as shutter speed and exposure f-stop. Using the Recording Programs Advanced Features Recording Programs Auto The camcorder adjusts focus, exposure and other settings automatically, allowing you to just point and shoot.

Selecting the Recording Program Mode switch Set the camcorder to a recording mode and use the mode switch to choose one of the following recording program categories: Using the Program AE Mode The camcorder automatically adjusts the aperture and shutter speed according to the subject to achieve the best exposure conditions. In Program AE mode, you can point and shoot as in Auto mode, while still enjoying the option to manually adjust some settings.

Using the Shutter-Priority AE Mode You can select a shutter speed, and the camcorder automatically sets the aperture setting most appropriate for the subject. Select a high shutter speed for recording fast moving subjects, and a slow shutter speed to add a motion blur to moving objects, enhancing the feel of movement of the image.

Using the Aperture-Priority AE Mode You can select an aperture value, and the camcorder automatically sets the shutter speed most appropriate for the subject.


Use low aperture values large aperture to blur the background for a portrait, or high aperture values small aperture to achieve a broad depth of field for recording landscapes.

Manually Adjusting the Exposure More Recording Options Adjust the exposure when a subject is underexposed for example, when backlit subjects appear too dark in the image or overexposed for example, when recording subjects under very strong light and they appear too bright or glaring in the image. In such case, focus manually. Center point Out of the nine frames available, the center AF frame is selected to focus. Recording in Widescreen Set the camcorder to record movies 2. Using the Mini Video Light You can turn on the manul video light assist lamp at any time regardless of the recording program.

Using the Flash You can use the built-in flash for recording still images in dark places. The flash is equipped with the manial reduction function. We recommend not using the flash when the optional Wide-converter or Tele- converter is attached.

Connecting the DC10 and DC20 DVD camcorders to a television/VCR

Their shadows appear on the screen. The flash mode cannot be selected when the exposure is locked, manial after the first still image in Stitch Assist mode.

The red-eye reduction mode cannot be used in Stitch Assist mznual. Using the Self-Timer The self-timer can be used when recording still images or movies. Set the camcorder to a recording mode When recording movies set the camcorder to record pause.

Available menu items vary depending on the operation mode. Default settings are in boldface text. For details on each function, see the reference page. Changing the Metering Method You can select the light metering mode. The camcorder divides images into several zones for light metering and evaluates complex lighting conditions in order to achieve the optimal exposure of the subject.

Setting the White Balance You can choose one of manuap preset settings camon reproduce colors more accurately, or set a custom white balance to obtain the setting best suited to your specific recording conditions.

Canon DC20 Instruction Manual

Settings are automatically set by the camcorder. The symbol of the selected setting appears. In general, we recommend using the [AUTO] setting for outdoor scenes. Applying Image Enhancing Effects You can record with different color saturation and contrast effects.

For the number of frames per second, High-Speed Continuous Shooting refer to the manusl on the next page. Maximum number of continuous shots at one time: Creating Panoramic Images You can shoot a series of overlapping images and merge them on a computer into one large panoramic image using the supplied software PhotoStitch.

PhotoStitch detects the overlapping portion of adjoining images and merges them. Try to include manula distinctive item landmark, etc. Record the next image so that it overlaps a portion of the previous one.