for an overview of the Caterpillar series, see: Caterpillar The Caterpillar B is an off-highway, ultra class, two-axle, mechanical powertrain haul truck. T1 Conversion Kit® for. Cat® B, B, B VIMS Haul Trucks. Immersive Technologies’ T1 Conversion Kit provides the ultimate in training realism for. Search & compare CATERPILLAR B listings for the best deal. ‘s of CATERPILLAR B for sale from dealers, auctions and private inventories.

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This site uses and sets “cookies” on your computer to help make this website better. You can learn more about these cookies and general information about how to change your cookie settings by clicking here. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more about cookies on Cat. Whether you’re hauling copper, coal, gold, iron ore or overburden the F provides you with the best in class cost per unit of production.

Cat® 785B, 789B, 793B VIMS Haul Trucks

Including the improvements in safety, productivity, serviceability and comfort you will see why the F is the industry leader of its class. Combine these features with unmatched dealer support and you will see why more mine sites choose Cat Mining Trucks czterpillar their production needs. Cateerpillar F has a Cat C quad turbocharged air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine that has enhanced power management capability for maximum hauling caterpillaf in your most demanding mining applications.

The C is a cylinder, four-stroke design that uses long, effective power strokes xaterpillar optimum efficiency. Is compliant with U. Environmental Protection Agency emission requirements. The 20 percent net torque rise of the C provides unequalled lugging force during acceleration on steep grades and in rough catdrpillar conditions. Torque rise effectively matches transmission shift points for maximum efficiency and fast cycle times.

High displacement, low rpm rating and conservative horsepower ratings mean more time on the haul roads and less time in the shop. The Cat Common Rail Fuel System is an electronically-controlled system senses operating conditions and regulates fuel delivery for optimum fuel efficiency. This precise and flexible fuel system gives the engine the ability to meet emission regulations without sacrificing performance, reliability or durability.

You have two starter options: The tank on the standard air start system is ground level serviceable, while the electric start option allows the air system to be totally removed from the truck.

The F gives you the fastest truck on grade in its class. The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides you unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions and on haul roads with high rolling resistance.

The Cat six-speed planetary power shift transmission is matched with the direct-injection C diesel engine to deliver constant power over a wide range of operating speeds. The proven planetary power shift transmission is built tough and is designed for the higher power of the C engine. A dedicated oil tank and circuit provides cooler, cleaner oil for maximum performance and longer component life. Combines maximum rimpull and cushioned shifting of torque converter drive with the efficiency and performance of direct drive.

Cat final drives work as a system with the planetary power shift transmission to deliver maximum power to the ground. Built to withstand the forces of high torque and impact loads, double reduction final drives provide high torque multiplication to further reduce drive train stress. Developed for uphill hauling applications, this arrangement is designed to extend wheel life and hauling performance on long, uphill hauls. Extended life wheel stations are built with larger, more durable components, including larger spindles, wider wheel bearing spacing, a larger braking surface and additional discs in the front for longer brake life and more time between overhauls.

Developed for downhill-loaded applications, this option typically delivers an extra gear of retarding capability or 25 percent more speed on downhill grades. Additional retarding is achieved by adding larger brakes and additional brake cooling capability.


This option requires the use of Extended Life Wheel Stations. Reduces operating costs through electronically integrating machine computer systems to optimize overall power train performance, increase reliability and component life. Regulates engine rpm during shifting to reduce power train stress and clutch wear by controlling engine speed, torque converter lock-up and transmission clutch engagement for smoother shifts and longer component life.

Regulates engine speed during directional shifts to prevent damage caused by high speed, directional changes. Prevents the transmission from shifting above the pre-programmed gear without the body fully lowered. The transmission control electronically senses engine conditions and automatically up-shifts one gear to prevent overspeeding. If overspeeding occurs in top gear, the lock-up clutch is disengaged.

Transmission top gear maximum can be set using the Cat ET service tool to help the operator maintain speed limits. Prevents engine overspeeding by keeping the transmission from downshifting until engine speed reaches the downshift point.

Caterpillar B – Wikipedia

Reliable performance and control in extreme haul road conditions is important for operator safety. The Cat oil-cooled braking system provides this.

Integrated systems combine the service, secondary, parking brakes and retarding functions for optimum braking efficiency that does not burn fuel while retarding. Cat four-wheel, forced oil-cooled, multiple disc service brakes are continuously cooled by water-to-oil heat exchangers for exceptional, non-fading braking and retarding performance. Cat oil-cooled disc brakes are designed with large discs and plates for reliable, adjustment-free operation and performance.

Brakes are completely enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and reduce maintenance. An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs.

This design absorbs the braking forces by shearing the oil molecules and carrying heat away to extend brake life. Oil-cooled, spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake is applied to all four wheels for superior parking capability on all grades up to 15 percent. Hydraulically activated, automatic retarder control system electronically controls retarding on grade to maintain optimum engine rpm and brake system performance.

ARC is now adjustable in each gear. The F frame uses a box-section design, incorporating two forgings and 14 castings in high stress areas with deep penetrating and continuous wrap-around welds to resist damage from twisting loads without adding extra weight. Steel Structures – Mild steel used throughout frame provides flexibility, durability and resistance to impact loads, even in cold climates and allows for easy field repairs.

Castings – Castings have large radii with internal reinforcing ribs to dissipate stress in areas of high stress concentration. Castings move welds to lower stress areas for greater frame life. Resiliently mounted to the main frame to reduce vibration and sound, the catrpillar ROPS is designed as an extension of the truck frame.

Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride. Front – Front cylinders with preset caster and camber are mounted to the frame and serve as steering kingpins for a tight turning radius with excellent maneuverability and low maintenance. Rear – Rear cylinders allow axle oscillation and absorb bending and twisting stresses caused by uneven and rough haul roads rather than transmitting them to the main frame.

The Four-bar Link Suspension directs stress to be more evenly distributed than caterppillar A-frame design and allows more service area around the transmission. Hydraulic steering control system is designed for exceptional smoothness and precise control. A separate circuit prevents cross caterpil,ar for long life.

You have three body options with the F: These bodies are specifically designed to work with the Cat frame for superior structural catsrpillar. If you have a new mine or are caterplilar contract miner the X Body is designed for you. It uses the Cat Mine Specific Design process to create a body that is properly sized and configured to meet caterpillae specific requirements of heavy-duty applications.

The X Body design offers a larger volume with no weight penalty. The MSD II bodies are intended cateripllar established mines and are customized to suit your specific mining applications based on a mine site evaluation. The MSD II is the best lightweight body ever built for mining applications and achieves excellent payload performance. The Gateless Coal Body is intended for dedicated coal haulage applications.


It can be loaded to achieve target payload across the caterpiplar range of coal densities. The third generation VIMS monitoring system provides you with critical health and payload data in real-time to keep the F performing at top production levels.

Data from VIMS can be used to lower your operating costs by improving the effectiveness of scheduled maintenance programs improve machine availability and improve the effectiveness of scheduled maintenance programs.

Sensors throughout the machine enable VIMS to quickly exchange and monitor information from all systems. Users can view up to 10 different machine parameters at a time. Your service technicians can quickly download data by caterpillae directly to the system or through its own web address and generate reports in the office, shop or cab.

External lights signal loading tool operators when to cease loading for optimum payloads without overloading. Optional payload displays with digital numeric monitor are available. Optional system monitor your haul road conditions by measuring frame rack, bias and pitch to improve cycle times, frame life, tire life and fuel efficiency.

An Off-board software reporting program that allows caterpiplar service personnel to download a complete record of machine health and productivity data. Health and payload reports can be generated for more effective machine management, which reduces downtime and lowers operating costs. The Advisor display provides real-time machine performance and basic trip, maintenance and diagnostic data. Various machine parameters can be viewed on caterpillat display including coolant temperature, oil pressure, current gear selection, current payload and more.

Optional software allows your mine personnel to easily manage and interpret VIMS data for optimum fleet management and productivity. You now have the choice to select vaterpillar cab with the features you desire.

There are three choices based on popular arrangements. To minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity the all new F Series operator station is ergonomically designed for total machine control in a comfortable, productive and safe environment.

Controls, levers, switches and gauges are positioned for ease of use.

Cat | F Mining Truck / Haul Truck | Caterpillar

Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area offers exceptional visibility, allowing the operator to maneuver with confidence for high productivity. The air 79b have been relocated to the front of the truck, allowing the operator increased visibility. Cat dealers offer a wide range of solutions, services and products that help you lower costs, enhance productivity and manage your operation more efficiently.

From the time you select a piece of Cat equipment until the day you trade or sell it, the support you get from your Cat dealer makes the difference. Cat dealers provide the level of support you need, on a global scale.

Dealer expert technicians have the knowledge, experience, training and tooling necessary to handle your repair cwterpillar maintenance catdrpillar, when and where you need them. When Cat products reach the field, they are supported by a worldwide network of parts distribution facilities, dealer service centers and technical training facilities to keep your equipment up and running. Every piece of Cat equipment is designed and built to provide maximum productivity and operating economy throughout its working life.

Cat dealers offer a wide range of service plans that will maximize uptime and return on your investment, including: Your Cat dealer can arrange training programs to help operator’s improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce operating costs and enhance safety. Operating and maintenance costs are influenced by many application and site-specific factors, such as: Your Cat dealer can provide you with an understanding of the effects application characteristics and operating techniques have on maintenance and operating costs.