Revision date: 01/01/ COMBILIFT LTD. Co. Monaghan. Ireland. Tel. + 47 COMBILIFT – MODEL C -SPECIFICATION-. Features include. Gallinagh,. Co. Monaghan,. Ireland. Tel: + 47 Fax: + 47 E- Mail: [email protected] Website: CPM-EN (c). Mascus has these Combilift c special applications, port and container equipment for sale.

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But now, with the brand notching Find exactly what you want using the search function on the left sidebar. Save your favourite search dombilift so that you can quickly revisit them later.

Used CombiLift C Diesel Forklift For SAale

Combilift finds needs in the market and plugs them with innovative solutions. The logistical handling of long loads has always presented headaches, especially when it comes to extracting the freight from racking and manoeuvring it round a warehouse or a yard and onto a truck. The problem was solved once it was recognised that the trick was to turn clmbilift wide load into a long load.

The main difference between the C-series and the more recognisable CB series is the addition of a platform on which to rest your load.

The answer — I was slightly surprised to learn — is not much. At first glance the C looks big and not exactly dainty. But what it lacks in aesthetics it more than makes up for in productivity.


With good reason, too. As the C is designed to spend a lot of its working life inside, the lack of fumes and noise that battery-electric gives is a strong selling point, especially for operators. I first saw the C at the recent CeMAT exhibition, and was immediately struck by its size, and the fact that its mass is supported by only three wheels.

With a regular counterbalance forklift, you must take into account the space it takes to spin round. If you drop down in capacity to the C the length reduces to mm, making operating in two metre aisles possible.


Used Combilift c4000 special applications

At a time when cost pressures mean maximising all available space is paramount, every millimetre matters. North-south is what you might call regular forklift combilifh, with the two smaller front wheels fixed and the much bigger rear doing the turning.

Driving in this mode feels natural for anyone familiar with a regular forklift, and the machine responds quickly and smoothly. One handy thing is the cab is offset to the left of the mast, meaning vision is not obstructed when travelling forwards. Your big wheel is now fixed east-west in line with the rear of the machine and the front wheels doing the turning. According to Mostert new operators become adept at using the machine in five minutes. In normal, narrow-aisle operation you would navigate the aisle in east-west mode, extend the tines out beyond the platform, pick your load off the racking, retract in and lower the load onto the platform, maximising stability, before moving out of the aisle.

Resting the load on the platform gives a low centre of gravity and eliminates the need to carry long loads high above the racking. A useful optional extra is guided rails in the racking. I like the thinking. All three wheels are driven, which is nice touch, too.

One surprising thing about this machine is its off-road capabilities.

You can throw it around in the mud and all manner of uneven surfaces it has an IC rating of What you get instead is an inching pedal, much the same as the left hand side pedal on a regular forklift. The handbrake is operated by depressing a red button, which for some reason brought to mind an emergency stop button on a rubbish compactor. A high degree of accuracy can be achieved when approaching and picking up a load, and the load lift is stable throughout the lift height.

Be careful not to accidently move the toggle to east-west mode if your front wheels are hard up against anything, as they kick out when rotating, increasing the overall width of the forklift and potentially causing damage to unsuspecting racking. Under the hood the internal combustion C is powered by a three litre General Motors engine. First service comes after hours, then every hours after that.


Combilift C4000

I like the simplicity that Combilift adheres to, right down to the combilitf that the controls inside the cab are instantly recognisable throughout its range. Getting used to the expansive range of movements afforded by the C is both daunting and exhilarating.

Mostert instructs me to do something bewildering, to demonstrate how the machine can dance.

Mostert stays standing right beside my cab, along the left hand side of the machine. Mostert likens understanding the range of movements that the C offers to going from combilivt a Cessna to a jet. What Combilift excel at doing is identifying a need in the market and plugging it with innovative and simple solutions.

In fact, one of the joys combiliff getting this machine would be experimenting with its range of uses. Read the full article in this month’s ATN. The item you are attemping to add to compare is a different subtype to the items s in your list. Trucking keeps Australia going. The uncertainty principle Victorian quarry operator fined after truck Transport Industry News Events News.

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From the ground up. More freight, less wait Snapped! T and T break cover. Kenworth Mack Isuzu Freightliner Mitsubishi. Combilift area sales manager Mike Mostert and the C The Combilift C in east-west travel mode.

The Combilift C shows its platform for cradling loads. Only items of the same subtype may be compared.