View and Download Comdial DX user manual online. Digital Executive Telephone. DX Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: View and Download Comdial DX installation & maintenance manual online. DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download Comdial DX installation and maintenance manual online . DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download.

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Alarm Clock — Extension Overview The Comdial DX is a fully digital hybrid key telephone system. The DX delivers a vast array of office productivity features and telephone use enhancing features including Caller Identification required Telephone Company subscription in the standard package.

However this term is too generic to accurately describe the options xx-80 and how they might be applied. The optional Voice Processors that can be added to the DX are fixed system resources that do not require peripheral device ports analog or digital.

The AAM is then capable of handling four calls simultaneously. Various other announcements are also included for caller processing see Automated Attendant in the Features section of this manual for more details.

The other two ribbon cables located at the upper center and oriented in a vertical position. RJ connectors along the bottom edge of the module. If one of the voice processing systems are installed, routing to the modem extension is automated.

The Super Twist LCD eliminates the need for contrast adjustment and enhances angled viewing position clarity of displayed data. This feature requires a subscription from the servicing telephone company. Each equipped DSS Console requires one digital port therefore the total number system capacity of speakerphones possible is reduced by one for each DSS console installed.

Use this chart comdizl calculate the Amphour requirements of the DX system based upon its configuration. This information is typically used to apply UPS battery requirements.

Component Current Draw Quantity Extended Use the figures above for each unit installed or to be installed and calculate the total for this system configuration. Route telephone and CO line port interface connections through the appropriate KSU opening lower left corner and connect to them to the interface port. The DX system must be installed in a climate controlled environment.

When equipped with optional voice processing modules, the system takes on the manusl of a mechanically driven computing storage device. Standard punch-down terminal block s 66M type as required. Select a suitable location for the KSU1 considering that the expansion KSU2 may be installed at the same time or sometime in the future.

Comdial DX Tech Manual Vol 2

From this connector block – ports are extended to station cables using standard jumper wire. Using quality modular connectors and crimping tool, each terminal cable can be connected directly to the port required.

A cable restraint clamp is provided and may be used to secure cables exiting the KSU. See Diagram X as a reference of the various interface connectors. Modules are mounted using standoff posts. Two standoff post sizes are used in the DX The APM4 modules must be installed using the nickel color 2. All other modules use brass color 2.

Proper use of standoff is imperative to assure proper system operation. These modules expand the DX system extension capacity to a maximum of 24 comdiql ports in each KSU 48 total digital ports. The AA Module adds automated attendant functionality to the DX system with 10 integrated announcements.


The AAM does not provide voice mail functions. Music On Hold and Background Music.

Optionally, an internal musical tune or tone can be used for callers on hold. Power-up Initialization Proper operation of the DX system requires that the system be initialized at the time of start up. The installation of the DX is complete only when this critical operation is performed. Occasionally it may be required to perform this initialization process after the original installation, but this is rare.

Features Manhal DX system has a variety of features designed to provide maximum call dx-08 efficiency and flexibility. This section details these features, which appear alphabetically. The program title page displays. Please refer to the Programming Guide section of this manual to learn more about this procedure.


Eight 8 intervals are available for predetermined operation. The LCD is very useful for sending and receiving preprogrammed messages.

Since Caller ID is a standard DX feature this valuable identification feature if subscribed from the local telephone company will greatly enhance the way outside callers are handled. The LCD enhances many system features as well; The standard Digital Speakerphone will serve as the attendant telephone.

When assigned as attendant, this extension supports general system functions like Line Recall, Forced Incoming ICM Call Forward and manual evening or alternate service mode operation. The console has 60 programmable buttons that can be used for easy access to the DX systems many CO lines, extensions and features. The default password is Please refer to the Programming section condial this manual to learn more about this procedure.

The AAM provides four ports to handle four 4 simultaneous callers. The system will not allow any digit to be assigned to more than one function. You may continue programming other CO lines for automated attendant use or exit the programming mode.

The programmed comdiial switching of ringing modes is flexible and can be broken down into individual tenant groups. For instance, if you are currently on comdiaal call on line 1 and you press line 2, the call on line 1 will be placed on Exclusive Hold automatically.

Similarly, if you are currently on an intercom call and talking with another DX extension then press a CO line button, the intercom call will be placed on Exclusive Hold. The system permits dx-08 extensions to have the Automatic Recording capability.

Voice Record button must be pressed prior to pressing Hold. Operation co co co co When a Digital telephone is idle and this feature is activated, you can monitor background music BGM through the telephone speaker. Press Confirmation tone will be heard, and the display will read Confirmation tone will be heard and the display will read: If the extension you are calling is in Tone Ringing Mode, the display will show: This feature is normally used to control outgoing call traffic.

The display will show: The display will read: Calls to your extension will ring at this extension. The directory number of the CO Line is sent to the VM system so that automated attendant handling can be customized for the CO Line to be answered. Call Park is very similar to Transfer except there is no ringing at the park destination. The DX Call Comdail method eliminates multiple call park codes by using the same code followed by the user extension number for multiple calls parked to one extension number.


Up reviews the list from the most recent. Down reviews the list from the oldest recorded. The bottom line on the display changes to When this feature is invoked users may be routed over CO Line groups that they did not necessarily access.

This feature is useful in high traffic environments when the use of secondary and tertiary CO Line selections may periodically be required. The DX system allows the assignment of CO Lines to extensions in a matrix fashion such that complete flexibility is possible. Lamps for the same CO Line that you are using will light steady red at all other DX digital telephones. Busy CO Lines may be queued for use. Reference CO Line Queuing. The DX receives the disconnect signal from the telephone company and forces the CO line on-hook to release the system resource for other uses.

Comdial DX-80 Installation & Maintenance Manual

The DX system allows the Receive Assignment of CO Lines to extensions in a matrix fashion such that complete flexibility is possible. When this feature is used, the specific ring type assigned to the CO Line is the ring type heard when that CO Line rings.

The conference controller also has the privilege of establishing an Unsupervised Conference. Manul this connection is made, it is possible to connect to the DX system processor and download receive DX database Once this connection is made, it is possible to connect to the DX system processor and download receive DX This breakdown of the connection will occur automatically if the connection path cable or modem connection is interrupted or when PC-DBA is exited while the link is active.

The optional modem may be purchased allowing remote administration of the DX system database.

The default directory number of the modem is Some working knowledge of modem operation and connection is useful. It is possible to program the DX system while the telephone is in use; however, certain button operations are changed for the purposes of programming and cannot be used for telephone call processing.

Access to DX system resources for out-calling is secured by means of verified passwords against the assigned extension number. Use of system resources is accomplished only when a valid extension number has been entered and when the password entered matches that stored for the extension number manua.

Comdial DX-80 User Manual

Refer to each feature description for specific operations. Default Settings System Resource — You can activate DND while your telephone is idle or busy.

Extension Feature Status Check The Digital Speakerphone user can quickly determine the status of all user-controlled features. As an Extension of a Pick Up Group, you manyal retrieve calls ringing at another extension within the same pick up group.