In these pages Mouni Sadhu, the author of such well-known books as Samadhi 10 Concentration Contents PREFACE – page 9 PART I INTRODUCTION 1. Mouni Sadhu (17 August – 24 December ) was the nom de plume of Mieczyslaw . In his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga, stating: ‘More than half a century. Meditation Mouni Sadhu Concentration a Guide to Mental Masteryfixed – Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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There was too wide a gap between the elementary exercises—which could not confer any special abilities on me so soon—and the abstract and ready- made ideas, borrowed from what to me at the time, was a foreign philosophy.

This is what Mouni Sadhu talks about and what we are attempting to do. Concentration cannot be a refuge for weaklings, or an escape from well-earned karma, or as a means of gaining something, despite that karma which affects the three lower worlds of physical, astral and mental.

But, when He is conscious and fully active in goodness He is considered as being in a ‘dormant’ state in the things we call evil. Izz rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Sometimes the prospective student knows why he wants to participate in such a concenteation.

Mouni Sadhu Books

Meditation – An Outline for Practical Study bby Mouni Sadhu ” I believe, that even in the present period of a general loss of moral and spiritual values, there are still living, souls intelligent and inspired enough not to be drowned in the gy trend of frustration. Men desire and strive after many things believing that the possession of them will bring happiness. Control of a machine means that we are able to put it into action, modify its speed and finally to stop it when needed.

Blavatsky, it is said of a disciple approaching close to the final liberation: Samadhi – The Superconsciousness of the Future by Mouni Sadhu This book can be strongly recommended to all those who want to find a true sense and fulfillment in their lives concentrration to ultimately depart into the other world fearlessly and with peace.

This is the best beginner’s book for meditation.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Now, what is the aim of concentration seen from the above point of view? This book is not limited to any particular system of philosophy and its techniques, and material has been freely drawn from both our Western and Eastern inheritance, being selected according to its value. Under such concentratioh hands and other human organs, when working properly, constitute a harmonious unit, capable of functioning in their own particular sphere of action.


In my youth I read a terrible book a unique and rare volume from an edition of only a few copies, written by the once well-known occultist—Stanislas de Guaita of Paris. So he passes his way through life. If the reader disagrees with this, then I would like him to explain to me, or better, to himself, if he knows why he is thinking in a particular way and not in another? The final and monui book in the ‘Mystic Trilogy’, Samadhihas the dedication, ‘To the Light which illumines every man who comes into the World’.

If you have to use either of them to pierce a piece of cardboard, you will find it difficult until the ends of your simple implements have been properly sharpened. If this were not a fact, then realization would still be a very distant thing for such men, because they would not as yet have transcended the illusion of the separate perishable being. But when the authors fall ill, which usually happens to them sooner or later as with most people, they nearly always hurry to make full use of official medical science by taking drugs, injections and inoculations.

Of course, there are usually exceptional cases in everything, but such do not affect the general rule. As a rule, the conditions for a fruitful mounk spontaneously arise for those ripe enough for the purpose. You present expectations are dictated by your past observations. It is essential to create your own clear, individual conception about the foregoing remarks so that knowledge may substitute the former uncertainty and anxiety.

Tsv rated it it was ok Jan 02, He reasons that by verbalizing our goals we get a feeling similar to the one we would get of having actually achieved the goal, and, that condentration doing so we are less motivated to actually achieve the goal since part of the reward has already been acquired. It may be useful for sadh to know something more definite about ‘siddhis’, which are so much discussed in occult circles. To do what you initially set forth, it is enough to be aware of your mistakes in the past, and continue setting your concentragion.

This elementary law should be clearly and strongly established in the mind of anyone studying concentration. Its object is to attain perfect control of the mind which then sometimes acquires what to laymen are wonderful qualities and powers.

But at the same time he recognizes the fact that not all are immediately attracted to or able to follow a true and genuine spiritual path.

I have known Hatha-yogis who have perfected their domination of breath, and by the same fact the vital energy of the body or prana, but who were still far off any worth-while mental concentration and concentrayion ruling of thoughts according to their own will.


Mouni Sadhu – Exercises in Concentration | Blog of my journey in concentration

Any time you spend reading mounii this book and doing the exercises, no matter how minimal your discipline, will be time well spent. Why some thoughts come to him, no matter whether or not he ‘invited them? These are facts, and in them we can find another support for the assertion that, in the ultimate sense, the mental and astral planes are still material although subtle and dependent on physical matter for their manifestation. So obviously, the author knew of them from his own personal experience, which I could see for myself when I visited those places a few years before The more you really know, the more you admire the superb simplicity of things as seen with the eye of wisdom and not that of differences and multiplicity.

Of course, I am not attempting to present concentration as a panacea for everything and everyone.

Concentration – Mouni Sadhu – Google Books

Such a man, xadhu the reader may recognize, is a direct support of the fact that concentration is essential to yogic practices. It is the entering into moumi new state of consciousness about which you cannot possibly know or anticipate anything, eadhu you achieve the two-fold realization just mentioned.

I will crush out concentratoin life with my feet and carry his soul into the depths of hell! In all such instances the phenomena cannot be produced at will: The gist of it is that willpower can be likened to a battery, much like Mouni Sadhu described it in Concentration.

The fact is that he was completely anonymous and some of the books are connected, like any practical manual on a specifically technical subject, and are linked to, and sometimes prerequisites for, [67] particular areas of study or levels of development. Well as Mouni promised, I did in fact find my answer, but it was far more than just an answer. Hafiz Syed expressed it concentrarion and concisely in his Foreword to ‘In Days of Great Peace’ saying of Mouni Sadhu, “As an earnest seeker he pursued several methods of God realization as taught by various schools of Yoga, occultism and mysticism and finally came to his supreme Master and Guru, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi who finding him well equipped with the necessary qualifications It robs you of quiet self- confidence which is a vital condition for success.

It is the true key to every achievement, if you only look deeply enough into things, their sequence and relation to ourselves.