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VCC1 is a power rail Double letters cc refer to power supply voltages. I want to clear a few things to avoid killing this awesome tv set. It’s part number isn’t close to any other Jungle ICs either. And what exactly did you do wrong there?

Get your multimeter and do a continuity test between pin 2 and some main ground points on the chassis. Wed Dec 06, 5: Mon Dec 31, 1: JS for Sony For the blanking pin you don’t need a pot as your set should have a diode in place so just run 5v from your set or scart and keep the pin in circuit. I think your right bobrocks. For your tubes, if it does work you’ll get a few good years out of them, mb, but they’ll fade back to where they are now much faster than the first time.

Sometimes audio grounds are separated from video but that’s a separate issue really. Fri Jan 15, 5: But no, penny pinching was applied to the US market in the extreme Two totally different standards, as well as video signals. If I were to do it all over again id wire 5v and ground to a 10k pot and the middle leg directly to the l2fil pin, with the pot turned mostly towards the ground pin but not all the way. Stay away from the neckboard, and stay away from the anode cup. I used to have an LXI one.


Mon Dec 25, 3: Of course, you can use whatever you want. Also the higher the Pot the safer it gets, right? I was a bit unsure what pin im supposed to feed 5v to to turn the rgb lines on. Are you using ” 0.

I have marked in green the points that I believe should be used for this mod. Category Does not fit in any category. TV RGB mod thread. Page 50 seems to show the csa2154as logic of the Jungle IC, but I really don’t understand all the info.

You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Why do chips matter? Yeah, well that’s only when everything’s relative like on an NTSC signal. Thank you for the info. The only time the picture gets good it starts triggering the overload light and turn itself off. I just don’t know what point you were getting at exactly? You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

Take them out of circuit, and tie 75 ohm resistors to ground to match impedence for the 75 ohm load, and add a. It is currently Mon Dec 31, 1: I can’t remember the model but one of the older PVM’s I used to have required I undo the screw clamp on the neck before I could adjust the rings. If you push too far there’s no warning, the tubes will just die like falling off a cliff. As for stealing sync, at least on this set I recommend using S-video’s luma line, because that has a different H offset that is exactly what is needed, without any fucking around.

Vast expanses of waste metal Anyway, I’ll look at that diagram some more later to see if I can’t figure out a bit more. The schematics ask for 4. My consoles are using a combination of csync and cvbs mostly csync. I’m curious if this model in the thread KVS42 is what people would call the best consumer curved Trinitron?


Page 47 of Fri Dec 22, 2: I bet you’re way ahead of me on this but I decided to finally give it a careful look. Now I can do a simple writeup and maybe allow others to try something similar for themselves.

CXA2154AS Distributor

But the data-sheet is not yet standardized by an Icecat editor. Datasheeg have little experience with cxa22154as diagrams so I might be wrong, but it’s a pin package on my TV and is probably doing more than you might be assuming. I dont see any other chips on the diagrams with lots of things hooked up to them like this one.

I’m not sure how you expect anyone to help when you haven’t even given us the model of your tv set. I don’t know why they should have bothered given that most people using prerecorded VHS tapes already faced copy protection schemes like Macrovision, and the format is lossy to begin with.

CXAAS Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Depending on satasheet the value of the resistor is you may be able to modify it but im pretty sure the sets ive worked on only had the pin grounded via a ceramic cap. It is currently Mon Dec 31, 1: The bell of the CRT is relatively safe to bump.

Never trust those old rubber seals. I do know, however, that entertainment lobbying forced the “analog sunset” for HD output of Blu-Ray players no new players sold after cxa2154ass HD across analog connections.