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Hello, I am wondering about UBS’s investment bank and how it is performing these days. Has anyone here worked at UBS recently as an analyst or summer analyst?

What is the culture like? Does anything happen there anymore? Are people leaving now and do analysts have good exit ops? Sorry for the barrage of questions but if you can answer even one of them, I would greatly appreciate your time. Improved a lot this year, and groups such as Lev Fin are generating more revenue then pre-crisis.

The bank is still a good place to be, despite what WSO thinks. Interesting article on Bloomberg: Culture is group dependent, very fun people that like to go out and get their work done. Group softball filetypd and intern outings the whole summer were awesome.

People are definitely filetypf leaving and the analysts depending on group still have great exit ops. Overall the senior leadership in the investment bank are very enthusiastic about the future and talk a lot about being a nimble advisory firm. I had a great experience and will be going to start my career there.

I think UBS is a really good place to be.

Reinventing their IB business while stabilizing the balance sheet as a whole through their cealogic management platform. Orcel riletype do a good job and the firm will be a great place to be for awhile. UBS needs to adopt a philosophical change in strategy. For the past 10 years, UBS has always pursued scale whether it be in wealth management or trying to compete for every deal in every sector.

Breadth and size is great but it comes at a cost This worked when UBS’ Swiss aura and mystique wasn’t tarnished and the market continued to climb. Once the veneer came off, they simply didn’t have a competitive advantage in anything and it was obvious. I think it would be a lot smarter for UBS to unwind and pursue excellence in a few specific niche markets so that it remains agile and flexible. UBS still has a world-class franchise in wealth management and some dominant banking platforms i.

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But it is obvious that it needs to shed non-performing areas such as its decimated Houston energy practice I like UBS but the franchise has always lacked leadership. I hope UBS can find a true leader amidst this mess. If I were a betting man, I don’t foresee it falling out of the bulge bracket any time soon. I believe the biggest headache of UBS right now is the direct or indirect pressure that has been put from Governments and Politics regarding deposits of i. On top of ipoo, you have the 2bn losses of one trader.

Too much pressure on this bank, and ofcourse the ibanking unit has adversely been affected. Hoping Wells Fargo will overtake them as a BB in the near future. Would buff my resume and credibility passively!

  HIOKI 9669 PDF

Does anyone know what the story is with UBS Investment bank?

UBS Investment Bank Status Report

This recent release has me a little concerned:. If anyone could offer some insight on what the implications of this may mean for UBS Investment Bank, I’d appreciate it.

Nobody including senior management has any clue. The annual meeting should be very interesting. To be honest everyone from an MD to intern should be worried. If this article is factually correct, UBS IB is pretty screwed no matter what their supposed time frame is as it will be near impossible to retain any talent.

FYI read the financial times article from Monday. I don’t have a link but its called Corroded to the Core. Check out the “Shareholder Report on Subprime Losses” – absolutely the most disclosure you will find anywhere on how all aspects of the business have been negatively impacted, and a good primer on how a bank actually operates for college students who want to get in to the business.

I think you are right that it will be tough to retain talent in the meantime. But it isnt like the other banks are in full hiring mode, so many people may not be able to leave for awhile. In the long run, I’m not so sure that a spinoff of the investment bank would really be that terrible a sale would be a different story of course if they had good leadership at the new bank Moelis left primarily because of the hoops he had to jump through to land deals at a huge firm like that, which would be less of an issue in a standalone bank.

I agree its the uncertainity that causes the most harm. If the bank is sold that is a different story altogether and plausible depending on HSBC’s role. However, the phrasing in the article seem to point to an unwinding and dismantling over a sale. All the bank stocks were up today, and UBS was down.

Maybe brokerage, or changing something about the PWM situation in the Americas? I’ve read the articles that talk about the rumors so no need to point out what the articles in the press lately have said I worked there for almost 3 years and everyone I know who is still there is worried but saying UBS IBD is over is a bit apocalyptic don’t you think?

It is probably going to have less emphasis placed on it from now on if that is even possible but it is a solid revenue generator. Why would they chuck it? Their underwriting services might be scaled back, but considering that they are were 1 in equities placements DCM probably would be worse hit than ECM. But I’m pretty certain that they’ll massacare their prop desks – especially FI.

I agree with your reasoning but they don’t really have any prop desks dealoogic massacre. They are fully ‘client focused’ now! I would imagine they aren’t going to announce anything huge this week, i. What they have done dsalogic the bonuses is effectively saying that their IB is an unwanted child. If they wanted to sell their IB arm to HSBC some time in the future, wouldn’t it have been better for them to pay out comparable, to the street, bonuses to retain their top staff and to show that they aren’t desperate to get rid of their IB arm?

What would you do if after your internship you were asked to join full time? Would try to move to another bank? But with banks hiring most of their graduates from their intern class it would be very difficult to leverage the offer.


Or would you try to join a top team? But then, how would you know that your rainmakers won’t leave? Yes it probably would put them off. I don’t think they had much of a choice. I wouldn’t worry about being a UBS intern and all. The above post is right, it is a lot better than having a ML offer and you did very well to get an offer at all in this climate.

If they don’t announce anything rash, which I don’t think they will, the problems you are referring statistids – rainmakers leaving etc. This year banks didn’t hire much outside of their intern filetypf because the shit hit the fat after they made offers to their SAs. There will be a couple of spare places this year if you’re good enough and you want to jump ship – I would concentrate on getting an offer at UBS for now.

Thanks for clarifying it, and dealogicc are absolutely right I should stop worrying about and counting my chickens, and concentrate on my own internship performance and doing well in the uni exams.

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Despite what a few of you have said, I believe the earnings announcement will be very telling with regards to the future of the IBD. I don’t mean to say that worse than expected earnings will directly result in dropping the IBD. Given all the publicity this issue has received recently, I just can’t imagine it won’t be directly addressed. They will atleast internally announce a “strategic decision” about IBD.

It will continue to focus on reducing risk and on turning around its profitability. This will involve it concentrating stattistics on corporate and institutional client-related business in Equities and in Fixed Income in its key markets worldwide.

It will also continue to grow its leading corporate finance and advisory businesses.

This says it will grow the IBD I think you’re safe wingman. All the MDs who are good enough to leave will. You plan to keep investment banking, yet you slash your bonus pool so much that any MD worth a damn will get the hell out as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

I though you were bullshitting. UBS released their bonus figures for individual employees on the Feb 12th. Does anyone know any actual numbers? I didnt say hiring in mass. But that doesn’t mean that the resumes aren’t pouring in at every shop in NYC.

I confirm IBuntz nums btw. The sad thing is in some groups nothing has changed, i. I mean I know they are just glad to have jobs, but man what a bunch of BankerLovers. I guess that people will slowly turn in their notices over the next few weeks. So it isn’t like they are going to be making a whole hell of a lot more elsewhere. I think UBS is a pretty decent place to be right now. No, you’re not going to make as much money as people made 2 years ago.