Sources: Dealogic; Preqin . Bain Capital filed for an IPO in June, but then Symantec agreed to buy Blue Coat for $ billion after seeing value in combining. warehouses that can stock product and deliver directly to consumers. .. Source: Dealogic as of January M&A Deal Transportation Statistics. Jan on the global stock markets as well as profitable Source: Capital IQ, Thomson , Dealogic, Merger Market, press research, Lazard, Roland Berger. Strategy &.

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Or would you try to join a top team? It has a hint of darkness that lingers behind as the truth is driven in with a firm hand. Seriously, though, you gotta dance with who brung ya. This filety;e release has me a little concerned:. Individual trading desks, etc I can’t comment on – but that is my overall impression. Would buff my resume and credibility passively! Also, I do not work for UBS, but do you think that it will be split up?

But it is obvious that it needs to shed non-performing areas such as its decimated Houston energy practice Could you elaborate a bit more about looking for the “ground truth”?

I think the spinning off of the IB division is unlikely given the market turmoil, however I certainly agree that there will be drastic cost cutting measures taking place in the coming quarters.

Private Equity Case Statiwtics Samples. As a potential incoming analyst, I am happy to take on the risk that you do well in good times, and you run the eternal risk of being laid off in bad times.

As we’ve previously reported, the bank has also scaled back its mergers and acquisitions team. The question is fundamentally one of whether a money center commercial bank has the risk appetite to hold a large scale investment banking practice, not whether investment banking is a lucrative business.

GenghisKhan, What do you foresee for the summer ’09? YoungOne – The article highlights the fact that UBS has to front-load its cuts due to the unauthorised trading loss, thus originally thought only to whittle down their IB division to 16k within a five-year timeframe, they’ve had to restructure their ops much sooner.


March 2nd will be the moment of truth. Also, even though I’ve heard the ‘campus relations’ and ‘image’ reason used a lot to explain why banks would be reluctant to revoke offers, how much would this hold sway if a bank decides that it is not all that committed to investment banking anyway beyond the year horizon?

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Navajo County Arizona

Correct me if I’m wrong though. Reinventing their IB business while stabilizing the balance sheet as a whole through their wealth management platform.

Why are they getting killed so bad on the IBD side of things so much worse than everyone else – are people just no longer giving them deals? I would be shocked if the analyst headcount in my division can accommodate the large class that is about to start in July. These flows are fiketype lumpy. I don’t mean to say that worse than expected earnings will directly result in dropping the IBD. Why do you say that HC has bad filegype opps?

Healthcare may be a sweatshop but it is also UBS’ most well-regarded group imo.

Seminole County Florida

I also want to own Goldman Sachs, but nobody has knocked on my door yet Nobody including senior management has any clue. What’s filetypr “status report? I had a great experience and will be going to start my career there. Maybe brokerage, or changing something about the PWM situation in the Americas?

Exactly the opposite, right? Mr Ermotti is also looking to centralise further areas in information technology and other back-office functions, an endeavour that has been met with internal opposition from some divisional heads.

I mean I can’t imagine all of them will immediately get right back into banking too many at once – do you thnk most of these guys ip be employed in a week or still looking? For those of you looking to make sure your CV They are fully ‘client focused’ now!


If this article is factually correct, UBS IB is pretty screwed no matter what dealogid supposed time frame is as it will be near impossible to retain any talent.

Investment Banking Interview Questions. This says it will grow the IBD Once the remaining toxic assets are neutralized keep in mind that in many of them the underlying real estate assets have not defaulted on any payments at all, but they must mark the financial instruments to market due to accounting rulespeople will again talk about the returns posted by the atatistics activities.

It is probably going to have less emphasis placed on it from now on if that is even possible but it is a solid revenue generator. As ex-banker has pointed out, there are campus relations, student relations, general reputation and even self-image factors that mitigate the willingness of firms to take such an extreme measure. Im having a flashback to GenghisKhan saying that Bear Stearns people who dealkgic their offers revoked should look at it as a head start on finding jobs before other offers get revoked at the other banks.

I agree its the uncertainity that causes the most harm. Read the original report issued on the EBK paper. Hedge Fund Interview Questions. The VPs will most definitely be fired. From what I’ve heard from my group head indirectly and from buddies in other groups, most of the coverage groups on the IBD side are done with layoffs for a while maybe for good.

They’ve just hired in a load of new top management, and poached some MDs from other banks It’s still profitable. Courses – Mentor – Resume – Video. Sources within UBS acknowledge that the investment bank’s glory days are over; the division is now considered second-class. The lucky ones will get moved to other areas of the firm.