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A look inside our UV curing oven is just mesmerising M2M – Phased Array. This is why some ndt specialist don’t need a gym.

Underground there’s still work to be done. Photo by hamidmollamohammadi Phased array ultrasonic test. Los arreglos de fase pueden reducir los. True joy can develop from a multitude of things. Today I was working with our apprentice on Conventional Ultrasonic Testing and decided to get our Phased Array unit out for some practice time. The unit fired up, I selected the operations file and l. Sera hombre o mujer? The eddyfi ectane and m2m gekko working together for aluminium ingot inspection phasedarray ultrasound eddycurrent eddycurrenttesting ect eddycurrentarray eca nondestructivetesting controlenondestructif.

We have our booth setup and ready to see everyone at 5 tonight!

Check it out below. The opportunity to do some quick cleaning was taken. I’ll spare you the images of fly tape that was full of flies: Come see the future of Phased Array pipe inspection! Brought to you by phtool and hollowayndtthis revolutionary set of blocks will forever change how you calibrate.


Visit us in Houston at the asntannual Conference next week to get a first look!

Conference & Proceedings

Aca haciendo phasedarray como un campeon! Para apaciguar a las masas un poco de magia. Este lo aprendi de bonomagic siganlon. I am still in my training hours so please be gentle in your critique as I have a bit to go yet to feel comfortable running it. I give that caveat so it’s clear that I am not presenting to be an expert. Late-night Com-Sat design engineering aerospace plopar phasedarray mtu. En el proyecto PHAM, iniciando las inspecciones phasedarray. Ultrasonido por arreglo de fases: De esta manera solddura verificar solxadura eficiencia de la soldadura y realizar un control de la calidad con defecologia.

Technical day on pipeline repair and ndt inspection is on! Join us on our stand for at question on our NDT device and solutions.

defectokogia Last week was awesome. Inspecting welds from the inside of this crane. Tomorrow up on a boom for the outside. Go to Broad Street and have a few drinks!! Did you miss the free webinar on ADT. Recorded Webinar – https: It’s named after dragon fruit, it’s the Red Pitaya! A single board computer that is lightweight and capable of sampling soldaxura magnetic loop antenna that our summer student Adam has built, following work done on the project. I guess we won’t be buying any Perrier here.

Today we cleaned up our radar shack, took a much needed inventory of every spar.

Exploració per autor “Olivé Llavallol, Marc”

We are nearing the woldadura of our most important tasks here. All the bolts have been tightened, all the holes drilled, the transmitters have been calibrated they behave pretty well for running continuously. Today we spent some time. This happens every time we visit Clyde River, fog rolls in and out of this area very quickly, but mostly around flight times.

  IEC 62108 PDF

The first two pictures were taken minutes apart.

Today we tested electronics, picked up any garbage found. You know all those little tasks you save up? Well we did a bunch of those today. Cable management, filter cleaning and replacement, removing old and unused equipment, fixing some rust on the roof of one of our seacans, etc The Clyde River site has plenty.

It’s the youngest site in the Canadian network, having been commissioned by a team of 4 in the summer and fall of right around the time the Ssoldadura rover Curiosity began so,dadura e. Day 3 at Rankin Inlet “deep water Inlet” the sun was shining, the lemmings were frolicking, trying to sneak into our radar shack and scare Marci, and the ravens were circling Kevin as he climbed up to the top of several towers. All InstagramTM logos and trademarks displayed on this application are property of Instagram.