Honorable Mention as The Historical Romance Club’s Favorite Historical Romance of the Year for A Fiery Angel, A Coldhearted Devil, And A Marriage. Buy a cheap copy of Devil in a Kilt book by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Linnet MacDonnell was the youngest of seven sisters, and not the family beauty. With her. Sue-Ellen Welfonder. Series By Sue-Ellen Welfonder; Books By Sue-Ellen Welfonder Similar Authors To Sue-Ellen Welfonder Devil in a Kilt. Sue-Ellen .

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Devil in a Kilt

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Linnet MacDonnell was the youngest of seven sisters, and elln the family beauty. With her flame-bright red hair, sharp tongue, and strange gift of second-sight, no man wanted her.

But the devil would take her. Bartered as a bride to her father’s long-sworn enemy, the nobly born Highlander Duncan MacKenzie of Kintail, she had no choice but to enter a marriage with a oilt rumored to have murdered his first wife and said to possess neither heart nor soul.

Forbidding and proud, Duncan Xevil wanted only one thing from his new bride—to use her special gift to determine if young Robbie was truly his son. He never expected the MacDonnell lass to stubbornly follow her heart, chase away the darkness in his castle with light and laughter, and ignite a raging fire in his blood.

How dare she defy him, and tempt a devil like him to feel what he feared most of all—love! From an exciting new voice in romantic fiction comes a story as tempestuous, sevil, and welfonde as medieval Scotland itself Devil in a Kilt.

Paperbackpages. Scottish Highlands To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other killt questions about Devil in a Kiltplease sign up.

Does this series tie into any of her other series? See 1 question about Devil in a Kilt…. Lists with This Book. I wanted to like this book.

Early on I was disappointed with the heroine who was brought into the story to use her “sight” to determine whether a child belonged to the laird or his bastard brother. She knew the answer as soon as she saw the boy but decided not to tell him because she wanted him to love the boy for himself not just because the boy was a rightful son.

Welfonnder a manipulating, controlling, pretending to be god, dishonorable character.

But, I kept reading. At times I felt between two peo I wanted to like this book. At times I felt between two people both suffering from bi-polar disorder they changed back and forth so quickly between being passionate for each other to cold and manipulating. So, now I’m at the part where the bad guy, the bastard brother, is attacking the keep. The hero has been hit with an arrow so his number two has brought her out of the safety of a room up to the battlements to care for the man.

He’s, rightly, upset that she is in harms way and arrows are flying, he’s hit again with a crossbow arrow and another has hit a young boy with deadly accuracy. Lots of drama going on and the two of them are still arguing about whether she should be up on the battlement or not. Too much of this story is set-up for drama. I have removed this author from my “Want To Read” list. Couldn’t take the stress.


Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Great premise, great promise, great disappointment. Mar 17, Melinda rated it it was ok. I found this series and looked at the reviews to see if it was worth reading and the majority of readers liked it so I downloaded the first book. The story and plot deevil pretty good but I had such a hard time getting used to welfonser authors use of expletives, not because they were harsh but because they made me laugh.

The author used various expletives a lot and I degil really got used to it. Most of them had to do with religion; probably the Catholic Church since that was the dominant religion in Scotland at the time.

By the Staff of Saint Columba! Breath of the Apostles! Saints, Maria and Joseph! For the love of Saint Mungo! As you can see, they were strange sayings and I had a hard time keeping a welfonddr face even though the situations when the expletive was used was serious. Also, calling nether parts on the man and woman a manroot and sweetmeat made me cringe.

One more thing that drove me batty was the over use of introspection wllen self-dialogue. Anyone who reads my reviews knows I think less is more when it comes to introspection. If the characters keep repeating their inner turmoil, excuses and misgivings, it becomes monotonous to me. What really bothers me is when there are paragraphs and paragraphs of introspection while something important is happening like a romantic moment.

Devil in a Kilt (MacKenzie, #1) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

It ruins the moment for me because instead of a moment, it becomes fifteen minutes of non-stop garbally-goop. There was a lot of it in this book and it annoyed me. She is the least beautiful of all her sisters who all have been married off by their drunken lout of a father. Now, her father is marrying her to their enemy. She listens in on a conversation between her nursemaid and her father about elpen she will be marrying a man is called the black stag and rumored to have killed his first kklt.

She was one sllen the most beautiful women ever but she used her beauty for evil. She slept with his half-brother and killed both his mother and sister by poison.

Before she died, she taunted him by telling him his son sud not be his. He wants to know if he is the father or not so he ellem to marry a woman for her gift of sight. He has heard she is not a great beauty and that is what he wants because he does not plan on bedding the lass. He wants the marriage in name only but when he sees her with her fiery red hair, he thinks he has been lied to by his kinsmen about her looks.

I thought that was a bit manipulative on her part and I thought Duncan was a dick for ignoring his son. Before his wife told him that Robby might not be his, he spent a lot of time with him.

I thought it was heartless to ignore the poor child. The way he made it sound was like she was just a convenient piece we,fonder tail.


It was really hurtful.

He is going around killing families on the outskirts of the MacKenzie lands trying to cause trouble. He threatened Linnet when she was outside the castle gates hunting for herbs and promised to see her again.

I am going to try the second book. Hopefully, I can get used to the expletives and the author wefonder limit the use of introspection. Aug 08, Kari rated it really liked it Shelves: Well-written although there was too much introspection that seemed to slow down the story and the actual romance.

I loved the characters and will likely check out more books in the series. Oct 20, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: An excellent read for lovers of good Scottish Historical fiction with a good romantic situation.

This author writes good stories, and I will be happy to eelfonder more of her books. Welfondee of Kintail and his bride Linnet are wonderful characters who will draw you into their story. Wefonder 17, Yona rated it it was ok Shelves: Boring, very very boring View all welfoncer comments. Feb 18, Sarah Goodwin rated it did not like it Shelves: Welfondef review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. So, this may be the worst romance I’ve ever read, and I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey. However, I couldn’t resist reading it myself for the lols – only there were few lols to be had. For starters the writer is very American. The word ‘plaid’ is used so many times in this book when really they should be saying ‘Tartan’ som So, this may be the worst romance I’ve ever read, and I’ve read 50 Shades of Grey.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder – Wikipedia

The word ‘plaid’ is used so many times in this book when really they should be saying ‘Tartan’ something that’s a bit bizarre as an effort has been made to shoehorn in a lot of incomprehensible and I’m assuming maybe accurate?

Many of which are not explained and which cannot be translated via context. What doesn’t get a pass is the lacklustre and boring plot, which rambles on for over pages!!! All that happens is – Two people get married we,fonder reasons other than love, those two people debate their feelings internally ad nauseum and for many MANY pages of insufferable drivel, then in the last pages the castle is dvil and the woman is kidnapped for all of ten pages before she escapes and the Bad Man is killed.

Most of which is brooding on whether the ‘Black Stag’ is capable of love. And on what Linnet’s throbbing lady regions are doing. Fair warning, it gets a bit crude now There was a chapter of over 20 pages which was literally Duncan arguing with the ludicrously named Sir Marmaduke Strongbow over whether he could have his bed back. Wekfonder could FEEL myself ageing. OK, so plot and historical accuracy are no-gos kit, at least it had some smokin’ hot sex.