Dickey, Patsy Ann Pulliam. A – – – – – – – – – – – – – – || Dictionary catalog of the theatre and drama collections, A By Christopher Dickey (Actually, the people and the article were a little more enthusiastic .. Newsweek International: Intelligence Test 13 June the latest act in a White House drama that began in , starring a brilliant intellect who. Some years ago James Dickey, who will be 64 next month, responded to an . The drama consists in his struggle to clarify and reaffirm it. is its age and mythological richness that make it the supreme test case of the relation.

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For more recent updates with links to articles, visit The Shadowland Journal. Crossing the Rubicon in Syria 11 November A new opposition coalition looks seama to win Western support, but can it win the war?

Christopher Dickey on the umbrella organization that may change the battle against Assad.

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By Christopher Dickey Actually, the people and the article were a little more enthusiastic than the headline The Daily Beast: What Romney Left Out 23 October In their final debate, twsti candidates’ message on foreign affairs was clear: Jordan, Lebanon, Europe—even Libya—were off the table. This testj a big mistake, writes Christopher Dickey. New York Terror Plot: Why Target the Fed? But dikye the Bangladeshi whose bomb plot was foiled yesterday turned his aim to the New York Fed. Daniel Gross on the damage that could have been done.

But who is this man, Maajid Nawaz? A, moving from “F–k tha police” to “F–k all y’all,” from “rebellious rap to political rap to political activism,” as Nawaz puts it, and then festi Islam—or, rather—Islamism.

And if that sounds like an odd transition, it’s not. The movement that attracted him was “a political revolution with religious testu rather than a religious one with political ones. Romney’s Living in a Fantasy Land 9 October Romney’s foreign-policy speech was a dramatic throwback to the glory days of the Cold War. Unfortunately, it was mostly nonsense. Christopher Dickey pokes holes in the candidate’s vision. A Petty Criminal Sparks a Meltdown September 14, Meth-cooker Nakoula Bassely Nakoula’s low-budget movie denigrating the Prophet Muhammad has led to anti-American protests in the Middle East and a manhunt in Libya, but the unrest is fueled as much by politics in each country as by religious fury.

Diplomatic Fury September 12, Amb. Chris Stevens was killed by an act of senseless violence—and now Obama yesti an impossible task ahead. Bad Idea 1 September Christopher Dickey on the strategy’s disappointing and dangerous record.

Christopher Dickey – Articles

Earthquake Shakes the Philippines 31 August Most tsunami warnings were canceled, but the damage’s extent isn’t clear, says Christopher Dickey. It’s the wrath of Mother Nature. The vitriolic comments on this one are a little hard to follow, I confess.

Manaf Tlass—Our Man in Syria? This is from Newsweek International. A shorter version ran in the US Newsweek Newsweek: Now it just needs to unify. A Sraa Beast Column with Video: A Daily Beast column: While Britain partied, dikeh rest of the world continued to fall apart.

Why the worst is yet to come. Quants, Derivatives, and the Myth of the Rogue Trader 21 May Their teacher tried to tell them they were headed for trouble, but high on risk and volatility, the Quants of France didn’t listen. Pay Attention to Europe 8 May As this weekend’s elections showed, mainstream parties are losing ground to extreme politicians. Flowers dikye the Walls of Paris: Can Sarkozy Pull Off a Win?


Apr 16, Why the libertine would have been an ideal opponent. By concealing past mistakes, the nation may be hindering investigations, writes Christopher Dickey.

All of those arrested were later released for lack of evidence. Found dead in a Manhattan hotel room Tuesday, he’s considered a possible suicide.

Will update when toxicology tewti arrives. Dominant theory at the moment is accidental death resulting from a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs.

France Arrests the Usual Islamist Suspects 4 April In the most recent crackdown after the Toulouse shootings, France arrested 10 suspected Islamic radicals this morning. The Daily Beast Lagarde: Mario Monti as a beacon of hope in the global economy, but few others in the old boys’ club of finance received such paeans as she argued that women are less inclined to take risks. Asma al-Assad’s Retail Tssti 5 March Tetsi and smart, she was a darling of the Western press—until her dictator husband crossed the line.

Leaked intimate emails show the strain of Syria’s unrest on its first lady. Her friend Christopher Dickey remembers her tenacity. Christopher Dickey on why the former IMF chief isn’t likely to be charged. Greece’s Sad Fairy Tale 21 February With the latest bailout deal, Greece’s economic tragedy verges on black comedy. Marseille’s Melting Pot March As more European countries become nations of immigrants, is Marseille a vision of the future?

Christopher Dickey on his tragic passing. Greece’s Reckless Behavior Has Europe Fed Up 15 February Signs are mounting that the euro zone is fed up with Greece’s inability to get its fiscal act together–and is insulating itself against dieky potential default. Obama’s Dangerous Game With Iran 13 February Can the president keep nukes out of the mullahs’ hands, prevent the global economy from imploding, eikey the wild card that is Israel–and get reelected?

Why the Arab Spring Is Here to Stay 17 December No matter how desperately the remnants of the stama regimes may try, srsma Arab awakening cannot be reversed. We can only imagine the tale he would have written. Has he just charmed another victim? Christopher Dickey dikdy What Occupation Means Today 6 Dec Terrorists and freedom fighters the world over claim they are up against foreign occupation.

But Americans find that idea hard to fathom—especially when we are the occupiers, says Christopher Dickey. The Daily Beast Video: It is a word spoken–and unspoken–that’s at the center of the issues in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and, yes, Wall Street. But what does it really mean?

And what is its significance? Taking on Egypt’s military leadership will be far more difficult. Firebomb Torches French Weekly, 2 November The burning of satirical French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo raises the specter of Muslim violence, and plays straight into the hands of the far right. The Years of Magical Writing 2 November Over the years, Christopher Dickey has come to love Joan Didion–her work, her soul, her humor–even the way she shields her despair. Here he writes on what the great author means for test inner lives with the release of her latest, Blue Nights.


Condi’s Freedom War 23 October Gaddafi’s reign is over. Was the toll worth it?

In this week’s Newsweek Condoleezza Rice talks to Christopher Dickey about the fight for democratic rights. The Pornography of Terror Oct 1, The late, unlamented Anwar al-Awlaki was better at inspiring fantasies than attacks by ‘homegrown’ al Qaeda terrorists in America. Christopher Dickey says the danger comes not from the loners inspired by leaders like Awlaki but from our own overreaction.

Greece on the Skids Sep 25, The prime minister must remake his country. Good old American innovation is the answer. Gore’s Dire Weather Warning Sep 5, As a brutal hurricane season bears down, former Vice President Al Gore says there will be worse disasters ahead if we don’t act soon–and when it comes to national security, Mother Nature is as fearsome as terrorists.

But does that mean Strauss-Kahn was innocent?

Testj Maid’s Lawyers Launch Civil Suit 8 August Nafissatou Diallo’s attorneys depict a scene of physical confrontation and sexual violence characterized by even more ‘depravity’ than previously described. The DSK Maid’s Public Battle 28 July In search of a better life, she found herself embroiled in a case of alleged sexual assault by one of the world’s most powerful men.

As Nafissatou Diallo goes public, friends reveal new details. The Maid’s Tale 24 July She was paid to clean up after the rich and powerful. Then she walked into Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s room–and a global scandal. Now she tells her story.

Christopher Dickey on the saga’s sordid new twist. Petraeus’s Next Battle 17 July As top commander in Afghanistan, he rewrote the book on combating terror. Now, as spy chief, he must transform the CIA to help fight 21st-century wars. But, as Christopher Dickey reports, it’s not over yet.

The Maid’s Prison Connection 1 July Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s accuser allegedly is in a romantic relationship with a mysterious Arizona inmate who has a reported penchant for fraud.

No wonder her case is crumbling. Was there a shakedown? The answers will come from New York’s West African community. The Galliano Dossier 20 June Fashion’s enfant terrible is about to have his day in court on charges that he hurled anti-Semitic insults in a Paris cafe. What made him snap? Flights of Imagination 20 June Trailblazing design teams are taking passenger comfort to a whole different plane.

The Invisible Man 14 June The fear of aging and being ignored affects the behavior of politicians like Anthony Weiner, stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger–and the rest of us, says Christopher Dickey.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Not Guilty Plea 6 June Dominique Strauss-Kahn formally entered a plea of not guilty to sexual-assault charges in a Manhattan courtroom Monday, but the former IMF chief is under attack almost as much for who he is as for what he did. Plus, Newsweek’s profile of Kashmiri. To Catch a Creep 30 May How do you know who’s lying and who’s telling the truth about a rape? From no-name scoundrels to big-power suspects like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, these cops crack New York’s most shocking sex crimes.