Specifications. Dell Latitude E Processor. Intel Core iM. Graphics adapter. AMD Radeon HD M – MB, Core. The Latitude E guards your data with Latitude E to improve productivity whether in the office or on the go. . Starting weight: lbs / kg. : Dell Latitude E – Core i5 M / GHz – Windows 7 Pro 64 -bit – 4 GB RAM – GB HDD – DVD-Writer – 14″ Shipping Weight, 7 pounds.

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Reliability and security are probably the two most important things for business users. This should also apply for their notebooks, and Dell’s Latitude series earned a good reputation.

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The Dell Latitude E wants to continue this tradition — our review shows the strengths and weaknesses of the new model. For the original German review, see here. Dell’s Latitude 6-series is neither very thin nor especially light and does not win any design awards either.

But it does not have to — business devices have other priorities: Ports, stability, simple handling, performance and restrained design are much more spces for business customers. Dell built up quite a reputation in this area over the last couple of years and obviously wants to continue the success of the Latitude series.

Dell Latitude E [Specs and Benchmarks] –

The 6-series within the E640 range is in the upper range in terms of price and performance. Other manufacturers obviously also know that it is quite lucrative to supply companies with laptops for hundreds or thousands of employees, so the competition is quite big: We only reviewed the latter premium rival.

We already mentioned that the case of the Dell Latitude E is not going to win any design awards, but it will definitely work well in the workspace in return.

The mixture of an angular touchpad and the rounded shape of the keyboard and the case is also restrained, but appealing. The cover is made of anodized aluminum, the bottom is powder-coated and the palm rest is rubberized. Everything feels very sturdy, even though the Latitude E is not very light at 2. The stability of s;ecs base unit does not leave anything to be desired: Nothing can be pushed in or twisted; only the area of the right palm rest can be slightly pushed in with a lot of force.

The cover is very pressure slecs, but force on the e64440 frame creates visible picture interferences.

Dell Latitude E6440 – 14″ – Core i5 4300M – 8 GB RAM – 500 GB Hybrid Drive – English

All in speccs Dell’s Latitude E is visually restrained, has convenient haptics and a good chassis, which is also very sturdy. If you prefer the weight and dimensions of an ultrabook, you should have a look at the Latitude 7-series.

If you look at the sides of the notebook, you might be disappointed at first: Three USB ports are okay, but there are never enough. There are also ports at the back: The Latitude E is therefore very well equipped, especially if you consider the inch form factor. The port layout is somewhat impractical: The ports at the back are quite useful to improve the cable handling.


But why is the stereo jack so far at the back and also right next to the DVD drive?

You always have spexs pay attention not to clamp the cable and that it does not block the e64400. The large fan exhaust at the left side is not very convenient for left-handers when they use a mouse. The module also supports 2. The signal quality is very good: WWAN, the Internet via mobile networks, is available, but cannot be configured in the German online shop.

Other devices were quickly recognized and the connection was stable.

An indispensable spesc for companies is security — a maximum amount of protection is necessary e440 dozens of employees travel around the world with sensitive data w6440 use the Internet. Dell knows that and calls the Latitude E “The most secure inch notebook for companies”. It allows the connection with even more devices and you just have to insert the notebook to attach multiple accessories like displays and a mouse.

Perhaps a system administrator wants to replace a defective hard drive within the lifetime of the notebook, upgrade e640 memory or install a WWAN card. It is therefore an advantage if the system can easily be opened and all components are easily accessible.

Dell’s notebook is exemplary: The hard drive can be pulled out from the side so the case does not require dismantling. However, even that is not very complicated: Just remove the battery, loosen four screws and you can remove the bottom cover.

The memory modules can easily be replaced or upgraded. You also get an on-site service at the next business day. This support can be extended for another year for This service can also be extended to four or five years.

Still, this is not all: The only thing secs might miss is a numeric keypad as it is uncommon in the inch category. The stroke is smooth but still well defined so even fast writers will know if they hit the correct key. The layout is sophisticated as well. Screen and keyboard brightness can be controlled via the special functions of the arrow keys. The touchpad underneath the keyboard is slightly shifted to the left. You also get three dedicated mouse e644 below the space bar that are also easy to use.

The TrackPoint is an excellent and intuitive alternative to the touchpad and works very well with the Latitude E Overall, there is not a lot to be desired slecs Dell did a very good job with the input devices. Our review unit has the higher resolution screen.

Standard for business laptops: Basically, all devices here have one thing in common: You will need spfcs external display if you require a high color accuracy.

We use the software CalMAN and a colorimeter for the further color analysis. The results are once again sobering: Not one single e64440 manages to stay below the green line that indicates a deviation of 3. This supports the results of the saturation sweeps: Blue colors are too saturated.

Outdoor usability benefits from the anti-reflective display and the decent brightness. That works well in practice: There are only limitations if you use the screen under direct sunlight.


However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for a business notebook: The person next to you cannot see your display content, but there are also special solutions in the form of privacy shields.

We will have a closer look at spces in the storage section. The Latitude E cannot maintain the maximum Turbo clock of 3.

Both cores quickly drop to 2. Multiple applications at the same time are no problem for the notebook in practice: The dedicated GPU is also optional. Processor, memory equipment and the graphics card work well together and will not affect the performance of the other parts. This is also supported by the S6440 benchmarks that assess the whole system: Dell’s decision in terms of storage is rather unusual: Frequently used data are stored on the flash storage with a low access time.

Is it the perfect compromise of storage capacity, price and performance?

Well, the review unit could not really benefit from the flash storage in the first couple of days. A reason for this is that the sspecs drive has to learn which data you frequently use at first, before sprcs can be stored on the flash part. Even though the spes felt snappy and applications launched quickly, the hybrid drive cannot compete with the SSD inside the MacBook Pro Moreover, comparison with the conventional hard drive equipped competition only shows better results in the PCMark benchmarks.

We will check the real world gaming performance in the next section. The advantage in the synthetic benchmarks is also perceptible in practice: You will obviously need a more powerful system if you want to play Crysis 3but it is sufficient for Diablo III or Tomb Raider with medium settings. Not bad for a business notebook. A noisy fan can be really annoying during meetings or in the workspace. The fan control is well balanced and turns the fan off if possible.

There is no sudden speed increase or pulsating. The fan is still pretty restrained under load with secs to 44 dB A and a conveniently quiet murmur.

Dell Latitude E6440

All in all the Latitude E is very restrained and well suited for the office. Speca to that, you can comfortably use the Latitude E on your lap without it becoming uncomfortable. Since the maximum temperature during idle is a much lower We use a stress test running FurMark and Prime95 simultaneously for a couple of hours to torture the system.

This affects the GPU performance under maximum load. Temperatures on the other hand are more worrying: Should this temperature be real and not caused by a faulty sensor it is not alarming right now — but the performance will be decreased when the cooling performance gets worse in the future dirt, fluff. A 3DMark run after the stress test shows a slightly reduced result of 8, points compared to a run after an idle period.