All of the core classes from have their appropriate equivalents in Pathfinder. All of the core races from Pathfinder ( humans, elves, dwarves, etc) are. An unofficial conversion. Home · Index; Links This work assumes that you possess a copy of Eberron Campaign Setting , as well as the Pathfinder rules (most of which is available at ). Eberron material which is.

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Similar to other spellcasters, artificers get additional infusions per day based on their Intelligence attribute and regain their infusions per day after a normal 8 hours of rest and 15 minutes of concentration. The list of artificer infusions is intentionally very short, compared to other spontaneous casters. Arcana, they are considered to have a working knowledge of all 0th arcane spells from any arcane spell list.

Psionics and 0th level psionic powers from any coonversion list. For warforged, see the Armor Master and Unbreakable fighter archetypes and the Divine Defender archetype for paladins.

Wberron the artificer can use the charge, using the same rules as using a wand or dorje, but he does not need to make a Use Magic Device check to activate it. Also, despite the similarities with regular spells, the infusions on this list do not qualify for spells or powers needed to create magical items.

While not exclusive to Eberron, the following are races that have appeared in my campaign. He does not need to qualify for the specified feats listed, but does for any bonus feat he gets to choose.


An artificer automatically knows all 0-level infusions that appear on the infusion list, but unlike normal infusions, they do not require spell slots and can all be used repeatedly.

At 6th level, an artificer can apply any one metamagic or metapsionic feat he knows to a spell or power cast from a spell or power trigger item that could not normally be augmented in this way, such as a wand or dorje. As mentioned eeberron, artificers are not arcane spellcasters. For clarification, I do not claim, in any manner, shape, form or context, that I own either the Eberron campaign pathfinver, the d20 v3. Racial Substitution levels have been replaced with Archetypes.

The artificer must spend one ingenuity point per 10, gp of the intended item’s price. As an artificer progresses in level, he gains the following feats as bonus feats.

The duplication lasts for a number of minutes equal to the artificer’s Intelligence modifier, at which point, it reverts back to its original state.

One new base class — this requires the most adjustment. Like spells, infusions are identified using Spellcraft checks with same DCs. I paghfinder some fan conversions that I did here.

Introduction – Eberron in Pathfinder

For each additional two ranks placed into a given skill, the working knowledge convegsion the pathfindet spell or power list increases by one level, to a maximum of 9th level spells or powers at 19 ebreron. In any case, the artificer must have a working knowledge, as per Artificer’s Knowledge, of the highest spell or power that the item can generate in order to recharge it. This work assumes that you possess a copy of Eberron Campaign Setting 3.

While they are not incredibly suited for front-line combat, given the proper time to prepare, an artificer’s infusions can easily turn the rest of the party into a tailor-made fighting force against their chosen foe. Pathfider question appears to be off-topic. Kalashtar can choose alternate powers in place of mindlink. Any attempt to create a construct larger than Small size or with more HD then his artificer level minus 2 still requires the normal Craft Construct feat. In all other aspects, they act as normal infusions.


The Story So Far Doppelgreener Are you certain about the last edit? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Feats If the feat refers to skills in any way, such as in the prerequisites or benefit line, make sure that the skill in question has not changed names or been removed from the game. The artificer conversoon his caster level as either the caster level or manifester level for comparing to the item’s requirements.

The Case for Eberron, Itself

However, given how limited his selection is, he automatically knows all infusions on the infusion list of any level he is capable of casting. Until ebefron Mythic material is presented by Dreamscarred Press, I am presenting the following material. Staves and psicrowns are not considered the same as psicrowns take up the head slot while staves do not.

Eight new prestige classes — these can be used as-is, with the usual adjustments to skill rank requirements 1.