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Pogreska sigurnosti

After starting X Plane 11 and selecting the FlightFactor Airbus A you will have to activate the plugin as described in egb manual. There is a checkbox in the configuration for the airplane “Start with engines running”. You should disable this checkbox for this addon. It will show “Available”.

Press it to connect the GPU. In the same panel, you may wish to switch on BAT 1 and 2. Go to the control and display unit MCDU and enter the license key. Press the lowest right line key RK6 for this and enter the -. I had no problems with the activation. This is not the recommended way, however.

It is much better to press the red buttonon the stick in the virtual cockpit to disconnect the auto pilot, and the red button on vefd thrust lever to deactivate auto thrust.

But it is possible to get along without this as follows. This is a demanding aircraft. You should consider reducing your graphics settings. To get things into perspective, here are my specs: I have a Fujitsu tower with a Core I7 processor at 3.


This is a rather good system on the processor side, and a mediocre Efv. I fly either full screen in x resolution, or in a window sized approximately x, and consider more than 30 FPS okay. I consider everything below 25 barely acceptable. Moreover, I am using this Frame Rate Control script to reduce the radius for loading objects and the cloud size in case the frame rate drops.

As another means to get better frame rates in clouds I am using this Mod Script. Both scripts are based on the work of other guys. To turn off or on the so-called hyper threading in the BIOS is an ongoing discussion. I have it on after observing that the second virtual processor is at idle anyways.

So the first processor delivers all its power for X Plane. The other three physical processors are separated into six virtual processors which are active. That is the way it should be. Use “Maximal” for flight simulation.

The Google API key for the map display can be ver as described in the manual. Enter this key in the EFB settings.

There is also a browser, but I do not use it. This is a well-known nuisance in X Plane. You can save and load situations. But this will include your current position. The plane does not yet have cockpit states too. To start the plane in a turn-around mode you can edit the plane in the X Plane 11 configuration to start with engines running.

Pogreska sigurnosti – Prirodoslovno – matematički fakultet

This is more close to real life. FlightFactor A X Plane The FlightFactor Airbus Ultimate is still in beta. There are missing features and occasional vere. The most prominent omissions are fixes, holdings and the weather radar. But there are also numerous small deficiencies in the failure management. All in all, it is too much to call this Airbus “Ultimate”.


Thus, it is in beta.

We can just hope that it will be finished soon. The developers have not scheduled the final version yet. Many of the simmers that are not in the beta cycle complain about the waiting time. I bet that most of them have the JarDesign Airbus Neo.

So why not enjoy this addon until the ultimate Airbus is finished? This posting tries to encourage all efv that are not among the guinea pigs. The JarDesign can in fact be flown with a lot of pleasure. Vwrd is just a lot further away from the real thing. Let me summarize some facts about the JarDesign. It provides much better frame rates.

FlightFactor Airbus A – Configuration and Keys

As I read in the forums, there are many users that have better computers than mine, but complain about bad frame rates. To make sure we are talking about the same, I call bad frame rates anything below 25, and frame rates below 20 are unacceptable. The target frame rate for X Plane 11 is between 30 and 40 for non-VR flights.

The same numbers are also stated on the home page of the product. There are minimal requirements for a computer system that is to run X Plane You need at rfb a Core I5 at 3. This can work, but you may face thermal problems with noise and even thermal shutdowns. Another factor is a SSD which is strongly recommended for general computer speed and, in games, for the loa….