The order of exercise matters when trying to complete Egoscue therapy. Learn about the importance of sequencing in your chronic pain treatment here!. Shoulder pain can put a huge damper on daily activities in your life. Learn how to relieve pain with these simple exercises from Egoscue today!. These 3 simple exercises you can do from home or the office can put an end to your knee pain! Learn how you can get knee pain relief using the Egoscue.

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Egoscue is a postural therapy designed to eliminate chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Founded by Pete Egoscue inthe Egoscue Method focuses on a series of gentle stretches and exercises to correct misalignments in the musculoskeletal system of the body.

The core belief behind Egoscue is that pain, whether acute or chronic, is the result of misalignment in the body as it loses its correct posture. When the body works with gravity to find realignment through Egoscue, comfort will increase and pain will decrease naturally.

Since the Egoscue Method was first founded by San Diego—based anatomical physiologist Pete Egoscue in the s, it has spread widely. Egoscue, pain is not something to be feared: It is something to be understood.

This leads to weight not being evenly distributed on our feet and our feet not pointing straight ahead. He advises that people should not to fear that pain, but rather listen to it and respond.

The body is intricately connected, so all of its systems and subsystems are interrelated and interdependent. When one part of the body is not working as it should, there can a domino effect in which other areas of the body are thrown off.

In addition, the internal organs rely on proper alignment and movement of the exercised system to function correctly and efficiently for us. For example, if exercies upper back is rounded, it can restrict the amount of oxygen taken in, which compromises the respiratory system. Another example of how musculoskeletal misalignment affects the organs is when the digestive system is compressed by the rib cage, which can result in the way we metabolize food being slowed down.

Pain is more likely to occur in an environment of misalignment and misuse. The body functions best when everything is aligned. Egoscue directly addresses misuse and misalignment of the body. As society has become more and more sedentary, there is a greater need and demand for Egoscue since a common result of a sedentary lifestyle is musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations.

A huge portion of this sedentary lifestyle and its ill effects can be attributed to the number of people who must eercises at a desk exercisez at a exercise for hours upon hours each day. Two of the most common upper-body issues associated with exfrcises users are protracted shoulders and a head that is too far forward. While a n ergonomic workplace can help with decreasing the negative affects of working at a desk, even ergonomics cannot decrease the hours many of us spend sitting or even standing exercised at a desk or yield carpal tunnel relief.

Egoscue can be helpful to exercisws with a sedentary occupation or lifestyle. Exercise for people today often tends to concentrate on specific athletic endeavors for a set amount of time rather than moving throughout the day. While daily exercise for specific time intervals each day is certainly beneficial to the body, incorporating movement, such as Egoscue exercises and exercise hacksthroughout the work day can reap even more full-body benefits.


Egoscue highly encourages a lifestyle that incorporates more movement into daily life.

Egoscue — Eliminate Pain with Postural Therapy?

By wearing light clothing, a practitioner can better exercisses your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, which will help to make a better assessment of your current alignment. After an Egoscue therapist conducts a thorough evaluation, including a postural assessment and gait analysis, the client then receives a series of stretches and exercises called E-cises that are chosen to correct the postural issues and any pain that has been resulting from those issues.

At times, eglscue can seem strangely chosen because they do not seem to relate directly to the area s exeercises pain. By addressing the muscles that are substituting or compensating for other muscles, they return to performing their egoscuw functions.

If pain is resulting from a postural or musculoskeletal misalignment, then Egoscue exercises help all the muscles to perform their appropriate functions and, in turn, relieve pain. During a session, an Egoscue therapist will coach a client through his or her personal menu of exercises, but a eexrcises to success with Egoscue is continuing to practice your menu on a daily basis. The time it takes to see results from Egoscue varies from person to person. Some clients often see improvement after just one session.

There is equipment that can purchased for Egoscue exercises, but most of the exercises can be performed using items found in the home such as a wall, pillow, etc. An example of someone who has benefited from Egoscue is Geoscue Hamiltonthe young surfing champion from Hawaii who lost her left arm in a tragic shark attack in Under the care of Dr.

Dustin DillbergHamilton was given a menu of Egoscue exercises to practice daily, which were designed to deal with the spinal misalignments and decrease of balance that resulted from the loss of her limb. This pose is held for two minutes. Egoscue can benefit anyone experiencing pain in the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle and foot.

Ideally everyone should have good posture without trying. In other words, our natural posture should be correct posture. By identifying the cause of the problem rather than just focusing on symptoms, Egoscue can quickly decrease acute or chronic pain and often end it all together.

When it comes to joint pain, joints do what muscles tell them to do — so when muscles become imbalanced through specific action or inaction, the joints become compromised and lose that full range of motion, often resulting in a loss of mobility and pain.

In general, Egoscue improves posture, which exercisss decrease pain throughout the body, especially the back. People who have success with Egoscue often avoid very costly surgery and a lengthy recovery process.

Specifically, back and knee surgery can be avoided by improving posture and alignment. For example, pr essure on your back can be increased exerciises 50 percent just from leaning over the sink incorrectly to brush your teeth.

By geoscue posture, pressure is taken off of the nerves in the back, which reduces back pain. Once pain is reduced or exerciaes, surgery is exercses longer needed. Another good reason to try Egoscue before surgery is that studies have shown that the outcomes of knee surgery are no better than those after a placebo procedure. Once correct alignment is achieved and an effort is made to continue exercises, improvements are very long lasting.


A body appropriately aligned is a body that is more likely to have all of its systems working optimally. Of course, the right diet and lifestyle are also key to success. With the appropriate nutrition, weight management, stress reduction, and elimination of unhealthy habits smoking, excessive alcohol intake, etc. Regardless of age or athletic ability, anyone can benefit from the postural improvements that come from a successful Egoscue protocol.

Egoscue exercises are relatively easy to remember and easy to practice at home or on the go.

There are also many exercises that can be practiced by disabled individuals. By restoring postural alignment and function, quality of life can improve for anyone practicing Egoscue.

3 Egoscue exercises to keep you running, walking and hiking pain free

Better posture equates to better balance, so there is a direct improvement in balance once posture is improved through Egoscue. Yogapilateschiropractic adjustments and massage therapy all share some similar principals with Egoscue and are very complimentary to Rgoscue exercises. Focusing on proper breathing while conducting Egoscue exercises is a key part of helping the body to realign. For example, geoscue t is extremely common for people to breath with their shoulders rather than with their diaphragm.

This type of breathing can create or increase misalignments in the body, so proper breath work goes xeercises with successful Egoscue treatment. If you are looking to try out Egoscue with a certified practitionerthere are many practitioners in the U.

When practicing Egoscue without a certified practitioner, one must be mindful to follow instructions carefully so that exercises are done in a way that promotes healing rather than creating further issues.

Most Egoscue exercises are easy to follow from written instructions or video format, but the specific positioning of the body for each exercise is absolutely key to receiving optimal results. As fgoscue any physical exercise, it is important to pay attention to how the body reacts so that pain is not encouraged or increased.

Egoscue is not designed to exercisse painful, but it is natural to feel some stiffness after some of the exercises and maybe even as you walk around the first few days, but that stiffness is most likely the result of reengaging long dormant muscles.

3 Egoscue exercises to keep you running, walking and hiking pain free – video dailymotion

If any pain worsens or persists after Egoscue exercises, consult a medical professional. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world More Natural Remedies Posts Dr. Axe on Facebook Dr. Axe on Twitter 45 Dr. Axe on Instagram Dr. Axe on Google Plus Dr.

Egoscue: Eliminate Pain with Postural Therapy? – Dr. Axe

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