AMDUAT Book of What is in the Duat This book is the pinnacle of Ancient Egyptian state-funded research into the workings of the netherworld or “Duat”. it is an abbreviated version of the Book of Amduat, copies of which were frequently Wallis Budge (), the former Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian. , English, Egyptian, Book, Illustrated edition: The Egyptian Amduat: the book of the hidden chamber / translated by David Warburton ; revised and edited by.

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The Egyptian Amduat – The Book of the Hidden Chamber

Inarchaeologist Howard Carter discovered the long buried tomb of King Tutankhamun. How to do battle with his greatest enemies there and most importantly how to emerge victorious in the form of the sunrise in the morning.

Ancient Egyprian belief systems held that the entire fate of the world depended on the sunrise for the successful re-emergence of the ordering principle into the world. Program Offerings Courses Arabian Nights: Fairy Tale with Gray Heroes and Heroines!

The Epic of Gilgamesh Hey! An exploration of the many ways we experience the divine nature of Love The Weavings of Odysseus: The most beautiful love story ever written The Egyptian Amduat: Easing the time of dying qmduat those you love End of Life Dreams: An examination of the relationship between the sleeping body, the amdaut mind, and the end of life Sermons The Courage to Witness: Easing the time of dying for those you love The Courage to Witness: Exploring times of personal transition Workshops focused on times of transition Exploring Old and New Testament: Delving more deeply into times of transition in your life Publications Illuminating the Twilight: Images of Compassion The Iliad of Egjptian When everything goes dark: The life of the Pharaoh has come to an end.


The Egyptian Amduat – The Book of the Hidden Chamber – The Living Human Heritage Project

His body, soul, and spirit must travel the 12 dark hours of the night, to rise in the morning with the sun lest political instability and chaos take over the land. The walls of his tomb are covered with instructions to guide him on egyptiwn perilous journey through the Netherworld, through the Am-Duat.

Instructed by his father the Sungodthe deceased must learn deep magic in order to rise again.

At the darkest hour, he must do battle with his fiercest enemy, Apopis, the serpent that threatens his resurrection. To insure his resurrection, he must constantly rely on others around him as well as the bounty from the day world to aid him on egyptizn journey.

This series explores the Egyptian Journey into the Underworld imaged in the tombs of pharaohs for over years. The Netherworld journey, or Am-Duat is a great way to introduce Egyptian Myth to those who are curious but have found it a daunting task. Many in my classes have seen many exhibits of Egyptian history, images of pyramids and the sarcophagus or mummified remains of the Pharaohs.


This course gives the participant a way to decode and begin to lend meaning to what he or she is seeing. Join us as together we explore the deep wisdom to be found in this text.