Elaine de Beauport is the author of Three Faces of Mind ( avg rating, 14 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Las tres caras de la mente ( avg ra. Elaine Austin de Beauport is a teacher, researcher, and educational innovator. Her long standing interest in human and spiritual development led her to one. Read more about The Three Faces Of Mind: Developing Your Mental, Emotional, And Behavioral Intelligences and other books by Elaine De Beauport.

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Books by Elaine De Beauport and Complete Book Reviews

This issue featuring the Mead School was the. Elaine in her early days not long after the Mead School was founded.

Here’s how Mead remembers Elaine on their website: Her teaching career in independent schools led Elaine to deconstruct the educational norm and envision meaningful education for all students. When she and her colleagues began The Mead School, they were a small but dedicated group of educators asking questions still debated by educators today. How can teachers fully engage students in the learning process?

Celebrating Elaine : THE SCHOOLS SHE CREATED

These questions have been essential elements of program development and work with children from the day Mead welcomed its first students in the fall of The vision for the Mead School began in the late s when Dr.


Elaine de Beauport was a teacher and researcher at Rosemary Hall. She observed that while she had the brightest students in her classes, they were very passive learners, lacking a real connection or passion for what they were learning.

She believed they needed a much more experiential environment to inspire them and to engage their curiosity so they would become active learners Through elaihe research, Dr. She observed that students could become passionately engaged with learning if they were allowed to access and develop their particular learning styles.

Her research showed that children were driven to learn and would thrive in a learning flaine that tapped into their individual curiosities and passions. Maxfield shared a dream of starting a school dedicated to life-long learning.

The Mead School opened its doors in with 80 students attending kindergarten through fourth grade. Innursery and pre-K and the fifth grade were added, with sixth grade added in InMead opened the Child Care Program and an after school program, known as Sundial, to help meet the needs of working parents and guardians.


Today, the school has over students in Child Care, preschool and grades K through 8th. After she started the Mead School for children, she realized she had to reach the adults to have the whole system work.

With this in mind, in she established the Mead Institute to promote innovative education for adults by beauoprt concepts of the New Physics, Human Development, and Dr. From onward, Elaine evolved and cultivated an adult curriculum of courses of innovative education for adults offered to small groups, organizations and corporations with appreciable success. From onward Elaine developed the same innovative adult education system in CaracasVenezuela.

She and her staff also trained 64 facilitators elakne give this course in other universities and in community organizations in VenezuelaEcuador and Colombia.

A Mead School artist. Elaine on her birthday in Elaine with adult students in Caracas.