The Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaners are one of the most versatile on the market in their price range. Here’s an ultrasonic cleaner that can “think for itself” by. The new Elmasonic S units are available in 16 different sizes ranging from litres to 90 litres. State-of-the art microprocessor controlled ultrasonic cleaning. The Elmasonic S Series has extra ultrasonic power for faster Sweep mode cleaning and versatile settings.

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The Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaners are one of the most versatile on the market in their price range.

Check out the control panel. LED lights show ss the set and actual cleaning solution temperature and the set and current cleaning time.

In the meantime your Elmasonic S cleaner delivers perfect cleaning results every time.


The Elmasonic S is ideal for cleaning medical instruments and machined parts, or for general laboratory uses. Questions about which Elma Ultrasonic cleaner is right for you? Elmaonic experts are ready to help.

Step Up to S Series. Elmasonic S Series Features. Extra power for fast and thorough cleaning Convenient LED display of time and temperature Three operating modes for different tasks Sweep: Safely clean metal, glass, electronic, and plastic parts Degas: Rapidly remove gasses from liquids Normal: Dissolve, homogenize, disperse, mix and emulsify lab samples 13 tank sizes — one is right for you Durable lid helps reduce sound and solution evaporation; serves as a drip-off tray Cavitation resistant stainless steel tank Ergonomic handles 1 gallon elmaslnic larger for easy positioning Side-mounted drain valve and rear drain port 1 gallon and larger to remove spent solution Superior Flmasonic engineering supports the 2-year warranty Practical optional accessories for special tasks.

Available Elmasonic S Series Models. Continuous slight variation of ultrasonic frequency to ensure uniform cleaning throughout the bath.


Intermittent operation of ultrasonic power for rapid removal of dissolved and entrained gas from liquids. Operates at fixed ultrasonic frequency for mixing, dissolving, and dispersing samples.

Elmasonic S – Elma Schmidbauer GmbH

Program cleaning up to 30 minutes or continuous with manual shutoff. Auto-shutoff after 12 hours of continuous operation. Contact us at Extra Power for Cleaning, Mixing, and Degassing.