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Communication and understanding Royal Institute of Philosophy lectures, volume 10, Human Settlements in the Arctic. The European Image of God and Man: A Contribution to the Debate on Human Rights.

Nautical Calculation Companion – Alastair Buchan

The case against religion and for humanism. God’s Strategy in Human History.

Roger Forster, Paul Marston. Bloodline of the Gods: Saving the Planet in the Age of Humans.


Historia Naval de España. » Biografía de don Lope de Hoces y Córdova

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The Foundations of Mormon Thought: Giorgio de Santillana, Hertha von Dechen. Of medicines and markets: Food of the Gods: Seeking Asylum in Australia. Evolution and Belief in Human Affairs. Human values Royal Institute of Philosophy lectures, Edited by Godfrey Vesey.

Homer on the Gods and Human Virtue: Creating the Foundations of Classical Civilization. God Is Watching You: Animals, Gods and Humans: In the Light of Philosophy Caesar: Hendricks, Hannes Leitgeb eds.

The emergence of the modern literary persona Spicer, Paul – Musculoskeletal Imaging: A Core Review Matthew S. Davenport – Genitourinary Imaging: