Engineered Plumbing Design. Author, Alfred Steele. Edition, 2, illustrated. Publisher, Construction Industry Press, ISBN, , As Al Steele said in the preface to his second edition and which is equally Design of plumbing systems has become much less of an art and more of a science. High Rise Structures:Plumbing Design Guidelines. Uploaded by. shrikant. High Rise Plumbing Design & Engineered Plumbing Design. Alfred Steele. Uploaded .

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Engineering Plumbing Design – Steele

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Minimum search word length is 3 characters – maximum search word length is 84 characters. Here are my 2 cents. First, please let me say I am not being racist or off-color in anyway.

I am just answering with what came to my mind first. I know that answer is a toilet bowl versus toilet seat issue, but who knows, ebgineered it’s connected somehow.

Alfred Steele, rest his soul, was a pretty sharp plumbing guy. I’d say that is as engineeed a reason as any. Seems like it would be easier for all parties concerned. It makes one wonder why they even sell closed front elongated bowl seats The open front toilet seat was first designed for use by women. It was found that due to female biological construction, they tended to soil the front of a closed front toilet seat.


The excellent sanitary characteristics of the open front soon recommended its general use for all public toilets, male as well as female. One real possibility for the original design of the open front toilet seat is an increase in sanitation for the user. When people sit on the toilet, the open area is the area closest to the genitals. The open space keeps the genitals from easily making contact with the seat where disease is most likely to be spread.

While there is no information saying that this is the certain reason, it seems to make more sense than the others. Can anyone explain why the toilet seat in a public restroom has to have an open front? What is the reason for the open front toilet seat?

Does anyone have any code hearing text on this matter? Sign In or Register Steepe.

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Your account has been marked for password reset. Please change your password. Only registered ICC members have access to this article at this time. Plumging purpose do they serve? Login name Password Remember me Lost password? January 6, 9: Maybe it’s a Japanese thing.


I eengineered honestly seen more of these in Japan than anywhere else. The sanitation aspect is important. I am a guy Sometimes, if I sit down on a toilet with a alvred bowl, my So I’ve gotten in the habit of “holding my junk” up while I take care of business. December 2, December 1, 5: September 12, 4: While there is no information saying that this is the certain reason, it seems to make more sense than the others Read more: September 12, 9: The plumbing code requires elongated bowls.

September 11, 8: