The ENSONIQ serial number label must appear on the outside of the Unit or tho ENSONIQ warranty is void. •ENSONIQ, ESQ 1, Mirage and MASOS are. Ensoniq ESQ-1 () Synthesizer 61 keys: 8 voices, short spectral PCM wavetable and analog filters. Listen to audio demos manual, demo, video, comments. As with every ENSONIQ product, all ESQ-1 service will be handled through the ENSONIQ The ESQ-1 Service manual is divided into four different sections and .

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Also note that the Level parameters can be positive or negative. Each contains the Fundamental and certain specific harmonics in equal amounts. You can move the Data Entry Sfider up and down to scroll through the available characters, or step through them one at a time with the Up and Down Arrow buttons.

ESQ-1 Digital Wave Synthesizer – Ensoniq – Encyclotronic

Or better yet, photocopy the Track Sheet at the back of this Manual and fill it out it for each Sequence or group of related Sequences you record. The Modulators selected on this page affect only thejjj lc h of the Oscillator. On the other hand, don’t let the Names alone limit what you try fn terms of being creative.

I have a enosniq model.

This is a constant reminder that something in the Program has been changed. Use this page to: This is a bright Bass Waveform, full of interesting harmonics, which, depending on the Program, makes a great regular or synth-type Bass.


Ensoniq Corporation – ESQ-1 – Musician’s Manual

Before saving Data to Tape, it is a good idea eqs-1 go through the procedure once without Starting the Tape Deckjust to get your Record levels properly adjusted. This function Transposes raises or manuak the the pitch of all the notes in a Track, by as much as one octave up or down.

Has a frequency peak centered around 1 khz. Selecting them will let you play the ESQ 1 only.

In case you wish to make a written record of the settings for a particular Program, you will find a blank Program Parameter Sheet in the back of this Manual. What this means is that instead of having a separate knob or Slider for each function, you have one master Data Entry Slider, and two buttons, which adjust the value of whichever parameter you select.

This function is useful if you want to Edit the Program that is on a Track, and then hear the Track with the Edited Program.

For example, if you start with a Piano Program, and then Layer that with a String Program, you can now save the new Layered combination in a new Location — the original String and Piano Sounds will remain intact in their original locations. Each Envelope will start its cycle at its present level, regardless of what that level is, when the same note is played again.

The Modulators selected on this page attect only th e pitch of the Oscillator. Up to 99 repetitions can be programmed for each Step. On this setting, a minimum of force is required to reach the maximum level of any Velocity-controlled parameter.


Priority is given to the fast note played – even if another note is being held down, eaq-1 most recent note you play will sound.

Not all of these locations necessarily ensniq a Sequence or Song at a given time. The Program you chose is now on the selected Track.

Transferring Sequencer Data is covered in the Sequencer half of this Manual. Repeat this procedure until the display shows the name you have chosen. Make sure the power is off and the power cable is disconnected! To Select an Internal Sound: The Split Program will be Layered will play simultaneously with the Program whose name enoniq to the right of this control 3.

Let the Song or Sequence run its full length.

ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Musician’s Manual

This enables you to combine sequenced and recorded Data, to increase the capabilities of a small or large multrtrack set-up. Higher notes will therefore decay faster than lower ones. The Envelopes will pass through their full cycles every time a key is struck. You can’t totally Erase the last Sequence. Switch the audio system On, and mmanual the amplifier volume for normal listening levels.