Stage to Lordsburg (Fantasy and Horror Classics) [Ernest Haycox] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ernest Haycox was a prolific writer of . ERNEST HAYCOX, “LAST STAGE TO LORDSBURG”. CHARACTERS. The characters–flat, stock figures–are characterized primarily by their response to. Ernest Haycox was a prolific writer of Western fiction, and a best-selling author of the early 20th century. His story, ‘Stage to Lordsburg’, was adapted two.

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Also available cheaply in e-book. No Monument Valley scenario.

Furthermore, several of stwge characters remain shadowy and do not emerge as people; some are not even named. Of course, you can do a lot with a visual, dialogue-filled 96 minutes of film, especially if well written and directed, whereas your canvas in a word short story is necessarily smaller.


Haycox was a master — a master of subtlety and the implied rather than the stated. He could even give Jane Austen a run for her money in that regard, a race I for one would pay to see. Tp Haycox – For example, Henriette the Claire Trevor part of Dallas is clearly what would these days be called a sex worker but Haycox would never use any word as crude as whore loedsburg prostitute.

He implies her profession and social status in a number of clever ways: Source of the source. As with the films, however, Henriette and lordssburg gunman admirer are the most sympathetic characters aboard the stage. Fascinating to see a MS page.

Inside, we have a central, backless bench between the seats, as was often the case in reality. At one point haycos stage crashes but they right it and carry on.

Inside, the gambler is a casualty. Once at Lordsburg, Stgae has his run-in with Plummer but there is no Fordian action climax: This is in keeping with the understated and allusive style of the whole piece.


Jeff Arnold’s West: Stage to Lordsburg by Ernest Haycox

Short, sensitive, subtle, xtage is like the pencil sketch of a fine artist. And a great Western. Posted by Jeff Arnold’s West at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.