View and Download Eumig MARK D user manual online. DUAL BSILENT PROJECTOR. MARK D Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Mark d. Eumig MARK D Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eumig MARK D User Manual. Eumig Mark D dual Super Regular 8 silent movie projector withinstruction manual andbag in tested working order. A new EFP bulb has been installed.

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Email this page to someone! Eumig mark D help. Menno Rietveld Junior Posts: Utrecht, Marl Netherlands Registered: I recently got my hands on an Eumig D projector and most everything seems to be in good working condition except for one quirk.

Eumig MARK 610D User Manual

During the auto threading and forward with lamp modes, both the spindle on the reel arm and the takeup-reel spindle start spinning. The reel arm spindle, with the full film reel on it, spins quite fast, faster than the projector takes in the film, and as such it causes the film to wind off the reel, creating quite a mess. To my knowledge which is fairly limitedonly the takeup-reel spindle should be spinning in auto thread and forward modes and the spindle on the reel arm should only be be spinning while reversing.

Perhaps I’m just overlooking something in my ignorance, but I hope some of you guys can maybe shed some light on why this would happen and help me out.

If you need some pictures or video for clarification, let me know. Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark Registered: Congratulation on your purchase. This problem is new to me!!! Take a look behind the black cover. On the front arm clutch.

Where the arm is attached to the “body” of the projector Originaly it has been mounted and ” fixed” with grey or black laquier. If not, adjust so it looks like the clutch on the take up arm. The “pull” on the clutch is normaly adjusted with special tools, you probaly havent got.


You have to adjust I have opened up the back, but I’m not exactly sure of what I should be looking for or adjusting. I’m very new to the whole 8mm thing. I have taken some pictures of the insides as well as some videos while operating.

Hopefully these clarify the issue. I just had a lokk at my own Eumig. It seems to me that your machine has been adjusted incorrectly. Picture 2 eumi 3: Unscrew anti clockwise nuts with grey laquier so there is approx. When your machine is fixed. Remember to seal with laquier or paint. To keep the adjustment right. Janice Glesser Film Goddess Posts: Turn this nut to adjust the tension on the supply reel.

There is also another nut on the other side to adjust the takeup reel. If that doesn’t help, You also might want to check the belt and the gears on the supply reel arm itself. If you would like a PDF of the D service manual I have fiddled around with the nuts a bit and got it working.

Eumig Mark D, Film Projectors – Spare Parts and Information Van Eck Video Services

I will have to tweak it a bit more and probably give it a clean so it works smoothly in all modes and directions, but threading and playing forward no longer results in a mess, so thanks a lot!

The D when running well is a little work-horse projector. Looks 60d you are on your way to getting the tension problem solved and I’ll send the repair manual off to you shortly. Penny Woodcock Junior Posts: This is the fault: I have done what Janice Glesser suggested about adjusting the tension on the supply reel amrk the takeup reel but sadly that has not had any effect. Could I ask you to explain in matk detail about checking the gears on the supply reel arm itself. Our supply reel is definitely spinning much too fast for the projector to take in the film.

  ASTM D3611 PDF

Eumig Projector

I can send some photos of my projector if that would help you. I would really appreciate your advice if you can help in any way and if you are able to send the service manual PDF format that would be excellent.

I look forward to hearing from you. Franco Consales Junior Posts: Have you managed to find solution?

I will post some photos of my projector. Many Many many thanks for your help! I have eukig changed the tension as you explained in the picture. Glad it worked for you. Enjoy your films now Janice “I’m having a very good day!

Unfortunately I have updates. When I decrease the tension of knob the “forward mode” works well but the “rewind mode” not. The film is not rewinded properly.

If I increase the tension of knob the “rewind mode” works well but the “forward mode” not. So basically I struggle to find a balance. I am starting to think if maybe there is some problem on the small arm of the front. Has someone experienced that? Could you please send me a pdf of the Technical Manual? All times are Central.

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