Bestselling Author of Thrilling, Dark Books for Teens & Adults. Series Reading Order: Otherkin. This is the reading order for the Otherkin series by Eve Silver: Sins of the Heart; *Sin’s Daughter ยท Sins of the. The Otherkin book series by Eve Silver includes books Sins of the Heart, Sins of the Soul, Sins of the Flesh, and several more. See the complete Otherkin series.

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Dagan has four immortal, half human sons h Sins of the Heart was a deliciously fun read. Sutekh is the Lord of Chaos and is feared by all. Contact Eve through her website at http: I fve her character even more when she said that and I loved how Dagan reacted to that.

But in this one, we get the HFN we need and I love Dagan’s choiceRoxy’s response, and how it ends – even as the last line before the epilogue cracked me up before launching into the next part of the tale.

He set his teeth against the lollipop, sheared off a shard of candy and ground it between his molars. Theirs is an attraction between two venerable and distant people who are just right together. That’s what it had been all along.

Sin’s Daughter – Kindle edition by Eve Silver. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

Not to mention, I really want to find out about the kid, and Lokan! And I’m happy to share that I found out the Otherkin books will not end with this trilogy, that Eve has two more books planned for the Otherkin world.


I oyherkin so much fun reading this one again, checking out the changes and new material, and enjoying the trip down memory lane. Roxy and Dagan have an intense and sensual relationship, and both are extremely likeable. It felt realistic, even though there were parts where it got very cheesy.

A lot of the information given about each will probably become even more relevant as the trilogy develops.

I highly recommend it to those who want to get out of a reading slump or for those who want to read a unique book with amazing characters. He tries to forget about her. Their attraction never waned. Their bond and love for each other is unbreakable and I enjoyed reading every scene they were in together. Going to listen to book 2 next. Maybe I am just in the mood to be generous, but there are times when I do like short and sweet stories.

Ward’s vee helped me adapt.

Sins of the Heart

It’s a cliffhanger penalty. The brothers bonded and become very close. Listened to this on audible.

He strides in and viciously attacks the other one. Dagan Krayl, the Underworld’s most powerful soul reaper, is the demigod son of the evil god Sutekh.

They seemed far too modern. I say all this to assure you This story was so good that I read it with the background noise of a heart monitor and doctors trying to figure out how I was walking around with siver blood pressure in stratosphere.

The story line of Sins Of The Heart was great but at times confusing. ebe

The nurses began to ask what I was reading and soon got into the story. But I give it 4 stars for the world building which is slver but enjoyable nonetheless. Daegan Krayle is a soul reaper. There are cultists “Topworld” and their minor supernatural helpers.


I’ll admit it bogged down in the middle with a little too much inner monologue non-action, but outside of that things were pretty snappy. Othfrkin opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.

Sin’s Daughter (Otherkin) by Eve Silver

Dagan is one of four brother Sutekh bred with human women and raised all of them apart, Dagan the only one raised in the Underworlds. I think most changed their mind after seeing my dedication. I’ve always vividly remembered the part where Roxy and Dagan Dae for short met under less than ideal conditions which is putting it mildly.

Or to have their loyalties tested as they struggle against treachery, betrayal and the potent desire that threatens to consume them both. When they finally come face to face again he knows that she is his and he will do everything ev protect her and I felt Roxy truly deserved to have that kind of love and devotion.

Published first sjlver July 20th The pacing of this book was amazing, it wasn’t too fast or too slow. Nothing gets me like a great sibling relationship especially between brothers. The plot line for this series is better developed and much more important than is usual for SMR series. Books by Eve Silver.